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With more and more donations being given online, nonprofits have more options than ever before when it comes to conducting online giving. There’s no right or wrong way to accept online gifts, but you should make sure your fundraising solution is the right fit for your organization’s unique needs (before you buy!).

This guide will help you navigate the waters of online giving tools so you can choose the best option for your organization.

To make this guide easy to navigate, each suggestion has been sorted into one of the following categories:

  1. All-in-One Fundraising Software
  2. Donation Forms
  3. Silent or Online Auction Tools
  4. Crowdfunding Tools
  5. Matching Gift Tools
Learn about three online giving tools with all-in-one fundraising software.

All-in-One Fundraising Software

While fundraising tools can help your nonprofit raise significant funds on their own, comprehensive all-in-one fundraising platforms can be even more powerful.

By combining fundraising tools with your CRM, you’ll have everything you need to supercharge your fundraising all in one place. That means less time spent on manual data entry, less chance for human error, and more time for you to focus on fulfilling your fundraising goals.

These providers are some of the best around for all-in-one fundraising software.

1. Salsa

About the tool:

Salsa makes it easier for your organization to engage with communities, raise funds, and rally supporters. Plus, Salsa offers an extensive set of software solutions, including nonprofit CRM software, peer-to-peer fundraising software, and other types of fundraising software.

Salsa is an online giving tools with comprehensive fundraising software.

Main features:

If you’re interested in Salsa’s online donation software, some of their features include:

  • User-friendly form builder. With Salsa’s drag and drop donation form builder, you can easily lay out what fields you want.
  • Many ways to publish your forms. Your nonprofit can choose if you want to embed forms on landing pages or use a lightbox.
  • Granular donation management tools. If you need a donation form that accepts recurring gifts, sponsorships, or gifts in memoriam or honorarium, Salsa can do it.

Why we love it:

Salsa integrates with DonorSearch! You won’t have to worry about having segmented donor information when you use Salsa.

In addition to their robust CRM, Salsa offers a variety of add-ons to further maximize your fundraising potential. With Salsa, you’ll never run out of options for online giving and donor engagement!


Salsa’s CRM packages start at $249 per month. The plan includes unlimited online donation forms, automated acknowledgment emails, and payment processing.

For more information on Salsa, check out them out here.

Learn more about Salsa's online giving tool on the website.

2. Raiser’s Edge

About the tool:

Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge is an end-to-end fundraising and donor management solution designed to help nonprofits streamline their operations and bring in more donations for their cause.

For more insight into this stellar product, check out DNL OmniMedia’s Before-You-Buy Guide to Raiser’s Edge! As nonprofit technology consultants, DNL knows exactly how to optimize the Raiser’s Edge experience, so you’ll be learning from the best.

Raiser's Edge from Blackbaud is an all-in-one fundraising platform for nonprofits.

Main features:

Raiser’s Edge is one of the most multifaceted fundraising and donor management platforms around, with killer features such as:

  • Unlimited online donation forms. Customize the giving experience for your donors by building out unlimited forms, complete with your own branding and custom fields. You can also create event registration or membership application forms using the same tool!
  • Fundraising appeal and acknowledgement templates. Don’t waste time mulling over what to say when you ask your supporters for donations or thank them for giving. Instead, take advantage of a full library of appealing templates that you can customize to fit your needs.
  • Mobile payment options. Blackbaud Merchant Services gives your donors a diverse array of donation options, including mobile payment processing for on-the-go gifts. Of course, whether your donors give online or via mobile device, their transactions are always secure and PCI-compliant.

Why we love it:

Raiser’s Edge is highly customizable, so your organization can develop a truly unique fundraising platform that responds to your organization’s goals and needs. By working with a developer or nonprofit consultant, you’ll have no problem scaling your platform to build an all-inclusive donor management and fundraising solution.


Contact Blackbaud for your custom Raiser’s Edge quote!

Learn more about the online fundraising tools available with Raiser's Edge.

3. DonorPerfect

About the tool:

DonorPerfect allows you to manage your donor information and collect online donations, process pledges, and accept recurring giving—all in one centralized location!

Plus, you’ll be able to run all types of fundraising activities, from grant tracking to volunteer and constituent management.

DonorPerfect is an online giving tool with fundraising software.

Main features:

In addition to enabling online giving, DonorPerfect has an extensive set of features to streamline your fundraising efforts, including:

  • Targeted communications. With DonorPerfect, you’ll be able to automate emails to large groups of supporters and easily send more personalized communications as well.
  • Event management. Hosting a fundraiser has never been easier with DonorPerfect’s set of event planning tools. You’ll be able to track expenses, manage invited guests, arrange seats and so much more.
  • DonorSearch integration. DonorPerfect uses DonorSearch’s simple wealth screening tools. Quickly research donor assets to segment your list and complete prospect research.

Why we love it:

For a truly comprehensive set of fundraising tools and features, DonorPerfect is hard to beat. Their software comes with a host of planning, management, and tracking features that assist your organization at every stage of the game.


DonorPerfect offers three packages at different price points, depending on your nonprofit’s needs. These prices range from $159 per month for the most basic software, to $459 per month for their premier package.

To learn more about DonorPerfect, check out their website.

Learn more about DonorPerfect's online giving tools on the website.
Check out three online giving tools with top-notch donation forms.

Donation Forms

The staple of online giving, donation forms let supporters give on their computers or mobile phones. With a powerful donation form, your nonprofit can provide donors with a simple and quick giving process.

While there are plenty of online forms that allow you to accept donations, not all of them are made specifically for nonprofits. For example, PayPal is a widely used tool, but their tools don’t come with the features—recurring gifts, donation buttons, event registration, etc.—that other alternatives provide.

That’s why its so crucial for nonprofits to look for vendors that cater to nonprofits. Here are three different software providers that offer online donation forms:

4. Qgiv

About the tool:

Qgiv enables nonprofit, faith-based, and political organizations to build fully customizable, easy-to-use donation pages. Their donation pages are simple and create a meaningful experience for the donor.

In addition to donation pages, Qgiv offers other fundraising tools, such as peer-to-peer software, mobile giving, and fundraising kiosks.

Qgiv is an online giving tool with easy-to-use online donation forms.

Main features:

With Qgiv, your organization will have access to features such as:

  • Mobile-ready donation pages. Your donation page will be built to fit any size screen, which means your donors will have access no matter what device they use.
  • Integration with your site’s existing brand. Qgiv gives you full control over how your donation form looks. You can create a custom layout that is unique to your nonprofit.
  • Event management. Looking to run your next event? You can create online forms that let donors register for events, sponsorships, and other packages.

Why we love it:

Qgiv integrates with your website to provide donors with a seamless donation experience that they can complete without leaving your domain. Plus, the software is very user-friendly; you don’t need to know HTML or CSS to create a form.


Your nonprofit can start using Qgiv’s software for free with a transaction fee of 3.95% +$0.30 per transaction. If you want additional features, the price starts at $49 and could go up depending on the capabilities you want.
For more information on Qgiv, check out their website.

Find out more about Qgiv's online giving tools on the website.

5. Fundly Pro

About the tool:

With Fundly, your nonprofit can start a crowdfunding campaign and set up custom donation pages in just a few easy steps.
Customize your page by adding images, videos, and other content to make your campaign stand out, and then share your fundraiser with world thanks to Fundly’s simple social media integration.

Fundly is an online giving tool that is affordable for all nonprofits.

Main features:

Fundly has a ton of great features for your nonprofit, and here are just a few:

  • Multiple giving options. Fundly makes giving on the go simple. Donors can access your page on their mobile devices through a browser or the Fundly crowdfunding app.
  • Valuable resources. With packages like their paid VIP Campaign packages, Fundly can help you lay the groundwork and make the most out of your campaign.
  • Freedom to create any campaign. Fundly’s platform is flexible enough to accommodate any nonprofit, so you can raise money for virtually any cause or project.

Why we love it:

Fundly is a leader in crowdfunding, but their services don’t stop there. Fundly Pro offers a full suite of services including CRM software, event registration tools, membership management, and more.

Start with donation pages or crowdfunding campaigns and see where Fundly Pro can take you!


To get started, your nonprofit won’t have to pay any upfront costs. Once you start receiving funds, you’ll pay a 4.9% platform fee and a credit card processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

For more information on Fundly, check out them out here.

Check out the online giving tools available on Fundly's website.

6. @Pay

About the tool:

@Pay strives to make the online donation process easy for donors. They provide faith-based organizations and nonprofits with a process that can help reduce your donor abandonment rates.

@Pay is an online giving tool that offers quick and simple donation forms.

Main features:

Here are just some of the features that you can expect from @Pay:

  • Text-to-give. Aside from accepting gifts on mobile donation pages, with @Pay, your supporters have the option to give via text message.
  • 2-click donation forms. @Pay reduced the giving process down to just two steps. When a donor gives, they can complete the process in a matter of minutes.
  • No account set-up. Instead of having donors create an account for future contributions, @Pay uses special technology to save your donors’ information.

Why we love it:

@Pay equips you with uncomplicated, user-friendly donation forms. With such a simple giving process, donors are less likely to abandon their donation halfway through!


You can start using @Pay’s service for free with a transaction fee of 2.2.% +$0.30 per transaction.
Their basic plan gives you access to mobile giving pages, but if you want any additional features, the price starts at $299 a year with the same transaction fees.

For more information on @Pay, check out them out here.

Learn more about @Pay's online giving tools on the website.
Discover two online giving tools for silent and online auctions.

Silent or Online Auction Tools

Auction software refers to two main type of solutions:

  • Event planning software with specialized auction features, which helps organizations plan their auctions more efficiently and strategically. This software also includes features that enable organizations to run online auctions.
  • Mobile bidding, a silent auction bidding method that allows donors to bid from their cellphones.

Using technology during your next charity auction can help you raise more funds. In fact, a recent study showed that silent auctions with mobile bidding raise about three times more funds than auctions that use a paper bidding format.

We’ll cover two great charity auction software providers that offer online auction management and bidding tools:

7. BidPal

About the tool:

Planning an auction can be difficult, but with BidPal, your nonprofit can handle event management, item management, RSVP management, and all other event logistics in one platform. If you’re hosting a silent auction, you also have the option to add on mobile bidding features to provide your supporters with a convenient giving option.

BidPal is an online giving tools with mobile bidding options.

Main features:

Let’s take a look at some of the features BidPal provides.

  • Easy mobile bidding. Donors have the option to make bids using their mobile phones during your silent auction. Accept standard donations, securely process payments, and simplify event checkout!
  • Customizable scoreboards. Scoreboards let you and your supporters keep track of their bidding. You can make the event more engaging by adding a visual element your donors can refer to throughout the night.
  • Event management. Planning and hosting a charity auction is no easy task. With BidPal, you can keep track of solicitation letters, table assignments, RSVPs, and all other event logistics right in the platform to give you a holistic view of your event.

Why we love it:

We love BidPal because of its combination of planning and performance tracking. You can easily organize and host a charity auction or silent auction with their singular platform.


For an annual cost of $1,195, your nonprofit will have access to BidPal’s auction and event planning software. Mobile bidding capabilities come at an additional charge, so contact BidPal for a quote.
For more information on BidPal, check out them out here.

BidPal is an online giving tool with plenty of solutions for charity auctions.

8. Greater Giving

About the tool:

With Greater Giving’s event management and auction software, bidders can give before, during, and after your event to maximize your fundraising results.

Greater Giving is an online giving tool with charity auction software.

Main features:

If you’re interested in Greater Giving, take a look at some of their features:

  • Galleries for auction items. Your nonprofit can add multiple images for each item. With more images, your items will draw your supporters’ attention and get them bidding.
  • Unique auction site. Your nonprofit can set up its own online auction site, optimized for mobile viewers. Supporters can easily bid on items on their mobile phones.
  • Sponsor and leaderboard display. Display your sponsors on bidders’ screens to optimize your sponsorship opportunities. Keep donors updated on the bidding with leaderboards. Showing the bid activity can encourage donors to give more.

Why we love it:

Greater Giving provides a solution to nonprofits who to want to centralize their event-related data. Plus, DonorSearch is partnered with Greater Giving, so all your prospect research can integrate with your event planning.


Greater Giving’s auction software prices vary based on the custom needs of your nonprofit.
Learn more about Greater Giving here!

Learn more about the online giving tools available a Greater Giving.
Find out more about two recommended online giving tools for crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding Tools

Crowdfunding has the potential to increase your fundraising and attract new supporters. How? By allowing you to rally support through social media and your supporters’ recommendations.

The best crowdfunding platforms have social sharing buttons in prominent locations and provide users with other ways to keep their supporters engaged like crowdfunding updates, perks, and much more.

Here are two online donation tools that can help you create a crowdfunding campaign:

9. Booster

About the tool:

Booster offers nonprofits a risk-free way to crowdfund using apparel. If you want to create a Booster campaign, you just have to design your t-shirts, set up your page, and encourage donors to buy them. That’s it!

Booster is an online giving tool that offers crowdfunding tools.

Main features:

To get a better idea of what Booster can offer your nonprofit, take a look at these features:

  • Additional donations. Though the majority of your donations will come from supporters purchasing apparel, Booster also accepts donations above the cost of the shirt.
  • Campaign tracking. Booster’s dashboard lets your organization track progress and communicate directly with all of your supporters.
  • Social sharing. The beauty of crowdfunding is in its social reach. Your fundraisers can share your page with their social networks, increasing your fundraising potential.

Why we love it:

Booster is a unique way for nonprofits or schools to raise funds, and the extra incentive of a t-shirt can motivate donors to give. Once your supporters have received their shirts, they can show their support for your cause every time they wear them!


For Booster campaigns, there are no up-front costs. Booster just subtracts the cost of the t-shirts from your donations.
For more information on Booster, check out them out here.

Learn more about the online giving tools available at Booster.

10. Kickstarter

About the tool:

Kickstarter is an crowdfunding platform that anyone can use to fund their creative projects. With Kickstarter, you only keep funds raised for fully funded projects, which means you’ll have to meet your goals within a deadline to receive your donations.

Kickstarter is an online giving tool that has great crowdfunding software.

Main features:

Here are three reasons why Kickstarter might work for your nonprofit:

  • All-or-nothing approach that leads to results. Although it may seem intimidating to raise money in a time crunch, Kickstarter’s deadline-oriented fundraising model can be a great motivator! If people want to see your project come to life, they’ll be willing to donate on the spot.
  • Rewards for different contribution levels. In addition to setting a goal, your nonprofit has to give rewards to your contributors. Better rewards at higher gift levels can encourage donors to give more.
  • Simple and quick set up. Every Kickstarter campaign follows the same layout, which means you can quickly set up a campaign. Upload a video, write a brief description of your project, and you’re ready to go!

Why we love it:

Kickstarter is open to any kind of project, so your nonprofit can get creative with your fundraising. Their unique approach to incentivized, all-or-nothing fundraising means you’ll raise money fast (and your donors will have a lot of fun supporting you!).


Kickstarter is free to set up, and you only pay a platform and processing fee if your goal is met. If you do reach your goal, you’ll pay a 5% fee plus a processing fee of 3% and $0.05 to $0.20 per transaction.

For more information on Kickstarter, check out them out here.

Learn more about the online giving tools available at Kickstarter.
Learn about our top recommended online giving tool for matching gifts.

Matching Gift Tools

Corporate giving is one of the most overlooked (yet astonishingly lucrative!) methods of raising money.

As “Corporate Matching Gifts: The Vital Tool to Double Donations” explains:

“…matching gift programs are created by companies to demonstrate their philanthropy to organizations that employees are passionate about. When an employee gives, they can have their gifts matched based on a ratio decided by the company. As a result, your nonprofit will receive double — and sometimes triple — the donations!

To truly make the most of online giving, you should incorporate a matching gift tool that will help donors determine if their employers have a matching gift program in place.

To get started with matching gifts, check out our favorite platform!

11. Double the Donation

About the tool:

Double the Donation is the leading matching gift software provider in the nonprofit space.

For those not familiar, matching gifts are essentially free money for your organization. Through matching gift programs, companies can double (or even triple) employee donations for eligible nonprofits.

Double the Donation is the best online giving tool for promoting matching gifts.

Main features:

  • Easy setup. Nonprofits can get up and running with Double the Donation’s software in a matter of minutes. Their embedded matching gift tool works on any donation page and doesn’t require IT support.
  • Industry-leading company database. Double the Donation has almost double the number of companies in their database compared to competitors. Additionally, they’ve got a staff of professionals with nonprofit experience that keep the information up to date.
  • Incredible customer service. Customers rave about Double the Donation’s speedy and friendly customer service team. Additionally, they’ve got a large library of educational information about everything you’d ever want to know about matching gifts (and virtually any other fundraising or nonprofit topic!).

Why we love it:

Double the Donation helps nonprofits identify additional sources of revenue that often go under utilized. They also have a ton of really high quality educational material to help nonprofits market matching gifts.


Double the Donation’s entry level product starts at $299 per year. They also offer an advanced matching gift product called 360MatchPro for large nonprofits and higher education institutions.

Click here for information on Double the Donation’s pricing.

Click here for more information on 360MatchPro’s pricing.

Place Double the Donation's matching gift tool on all of your online giving tools.

Now you’ve got more background on some of the top online giving tools. This guide should help you decide what online giving tools will work the best your nonprofit’s needs.

For more on online fundraising, check out these additional resources:


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