Annual Giving: Prospects and Approaches

For most nonprofits, annual giving campaigns generate the highest number of gifts, through major giving campaigns can provide more total revenue. Annual giving campaign can generate loyalty as well as revenue, and are flexible and relatively cost-effective.

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Major Giving: Prospects and Approaches

Past philanthropy is the strongest indicator of future philanthropy. Although traditional wealth markers, such as real estate holdings, correlate with philanthropy, past philanthropy is a more accurate predictor of future giving.

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Planned Giving: Identifying Prospects

Planned giving prospects demonstrate significantly different wealth and philanthropy characteristics from major gift prospects. Traditional wealth markers, such as value of real-estate, are not accurate indicators of planned giving.

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Grateful Patient Program: Best Practices

DonorSearch’s Daily Patient Screening helps you identify the best prospective donors at the perfect time to begin a relationship: while they are still in your facility, or while their positive experiences are fresh in their minds and they feel grateful towards your organization.

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Prospect Research: Importance and Impact

With more information publicly available than ever before, prospect research is becoming an increasingly popular tool for nonprofit organizations to increase their fundraising capabilities. Sophisticated analysis now makes it possible to identify an organization’s best prospective donors, as well as better understand how to approach each one and what size donations to request.

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