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The nifty guide to prospect research and major giving

Executive Summary

Back testing over 2 million donor records showed a strong correlation between specific philanthropy and wealth markers and future philanthropy. Unlike traditional wealth analysis, which has long been the standard for donor prediction in the industry, past philanthropy proved to be a much more accurate indicator of future philanthropy.

Wealth, particularly as evidenced by the value of real estate owned by the prospect, correlated with both the inclination to give and the capacity to give. However, stronger predictors of future philanthropy were past giving to the nonprofit, past giving to other nonprofits, political giving, and other factors.

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3 Donor Acquisition Tips (Hint: Prospect Research Can Help)

Guest Post by Gretchen Barry, Director of Marketing at NonProfitEasy

Imagine you’re having a birthday party.

You have spent all month planning. The balloons are inflated. The cake is frosted. The piñata is stuffed. The big day finally arrives and no one comes. You forgot to send out the invitations!

Like a party with no guests, a nonprofit without donors won’t succeed.

Donor acquisition is a key component of a thriving nonprofit. Organizations rely on the money they have raised in order to carry out their missions. In 2013, $335.17 billion was donated to US-based charitable causes.

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2 Types of Donor Data Your Nonprofit Needs

With the rise of the internet and social media, it’s possible to find information about almost everybody and everything. Whether you’re collecting data on a new renter, a potential employee or a prospective donor, knowing which information to use is important.

Fundraisers have an array of tasks, but learning all they can about their donors in order to build and cultivate relationships is among the most vital. From their home address to their financial investments, collecting important data about donors can help nonprofits build rapport, as well as discover their next major gift donors.

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9 Rules for Ethical Prospect Research

From social media to blogs to 24/7 news services, there is more information on people available than ever before. You just have to know how to look for it.

Some people know how to block their online profiles from public view or limit the exposure of any online content about them. This is less a problem of making friends than it is a conundrum for prospect researchers who are trying to learn as much as they can about potential donors. Should nonprofits seek ways to obtain the purposefully hidden information? What are the limits to any workarounds?

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Donor Stewardship Expert Advice Featuring Bill!

Looking for donor stewardship strategies?

NonProfitEasy has put together a list of stewardship advice featuring Bill Tedesco, CEO of DonorSearch, among 28 other nonprofit experts.

Bill emphasizes the importance of engaging donors of all levels, advising that:

“Prospect research can help your front-line fundraisers identify which donors have the capacity to give a major gift and a history of past philanthropy.

This will enable your development team to ensure that those major donors receive excellent stewardship to keep them engaged for years to come!”

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Annual Giving: Prospects and Approaches

For most nonprofits, annual giving campaigns generate the highest number of gifts though major giving campaigns can provide more total revenue. Annual giving campaigns can generate loyalty as well as revenue, and are flexible and relatively cost-effective.

Certain philanthropy and wealth markers can predict the best prospects for annual giving campaigns, including previous giving, giving to other nonprofits, high dollar real estate ownership, and other factors.

Because annual giving and major giving campaigns have different goals, strategies, and resources, both can be managed concurrently:

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5 Common Mistakes Major Gift Officers Make (And How to Avoid Them)

At DonorSearch, we love providing useful fundraising tips for major gift officers through our blog. So we asked our friends at DoJiggy to share some common major gift officer mistakes and how organizations can avoid them. 

In the world of fundraising, major gifts can be transformational for an organization. Many nonprofit organizations realize that major gifts often require substantial cultivation but are very high value and crucial for the organization’s cause.

This is where major gift officers play a critical role. A major gift officer specializes in cultivating successful relationships with these high-level donors over an extended period of time. However, there are plenty of common mistakes that can harm the success of the relationship your team is trying to cultivate.

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Prospect Research for Religious Organizations

Fundraising is not a passive activity. Just like any other nonprofit, religious organizations need to get active and call prospects, host events, and engage donors in order to raise the funds that allow them to operate at full capacity.

To boost your church fundraising efforts, we’ll answer:

  1. Why do faith-based organizations need prospect research?
  2. How is prospect screening unique for faith-based organizations?
  3. Who should you focus on?
  4. When should you screen?
  5. Where to do screenings?
  6. What are the benefits of screening?

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Why do faith-based organizations need prospect research?

Religiously affiliated schools, churches, synagogues, mosques, and mission-based organizations all have expenses. From facilities to employees to charitable projects, religious organizations require fundraising in order to deliver for the communities they serve.

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