By Jennifer Liu-Cooper



Millennials, (those born from 1981-1996) are the future—and current—generation of philanthropists.  As the current major gift prospect population of Baby Boomers retire, Millennials will advance into leadership roles across businesses, governments, and the social sector.

Fact:  Millennials are now the largest living generation (75 million strong)—their income and giving power is only going to grow in the coming decades.  The ability to channel their financial, social, and political power will determine which organizations thrive and fail. 

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By donorsearch

K-12 Fundraising: 6 Fun and Easy Ideas for Every School

Looking for a new quick and easy fundraiser for your school programs that the students will think is fun? Fundraising for school programs is no easy feat and requires a lot of thought and effort—so why not do everything possible to ensure your fundraiser is a success without piling on more stress? Your kids and students have so many activities that they want to participate in, and they should be able to. But there needs to be a source of funds for every event you support. Students, therefore, if they want to participate in the event, should be involved in the fundraising efforts. Fundraising doesn’t have to bring with it a dark cloud of stress and challenges that you can’t see through. Fundraising can be fun and enjoyable for everyone involved, including the students who participate. Your fundraising ideas should be specifically geared toward student participation so some of the weight can be lifted off of your shoulders. As you consider your upcoming fundraising campaign strategies, you should aim to give the students a unique opportunity to have a hand in working to support the programs they love. Fun events for your students to help lead to success include:
  1. Hosting a walk-a-thon.
  2. Selling merchandise.
  3. Holding a charity auction.
  4. Organizing a school carnival.
  5. Producing a talent show.
  6. Supporting a read-a-thon.
Utilize one of these awesome school fundraising ideas during your next fundraising campaign and you will be sure to boost your fundraising revenue and increase your student’s interest in raising money for their favorite programs. Let’s dive in and prepare you for an epic school fundraising season.

1. Hosting a walk-a-thon.

Schools have long been taking advantage of walk-a-thons because they are a tried-and-true, effective way of raising money for schools. They allow students to be the driving factor behind the fundraiser and have a role in supporting their own program. If you are unfamiliar with how walk-a-thons work, the process is simple:
  • Step 1: The school plans where and when the event will take place.
  • Step 2: Students promote the event.
  • Step 3: Friends and family of the students donate or pledge money to the student’s individual fundraising campaign.
  • Step 4: The walk-a-thon occurs (Make sure to keep track of distances walked by each student).
  • Step 5: The event organizer determines how much the pledgors owe to each student’s campaign.
  • Step 6: Collect the money and put it toward your school program!

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