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By DonorSearch

This year’s #Giving Tuesday is December 1st. It’s the biggest digital fundraising event of the year, and this year is predicted to pass last year’s total of $511M by 18%.*

George Weiner and Kariesha Martinez of Whole Whale, experts in digital fundraising, shared 5 Things You MUST do for #Giving Tuesday to kick off your 20-21 giving season in a recent Masterminds Series webinar:

Choose the Campaign

Find a story that matches value to purpose, and set a goal.

Test the tools

Make sure your donation page works–on desktop and mobile.

Messaging & Tactics

Decide what you’re going to say based on your target audiences, matching the message to the medium (channel). And plan how you’ll measure success (hint:  Analytics)!

Plan [to place] Ads

Facebook ads get higher responses than mentions, shares, etc.

Thank Donors 4--or more--Times

Thank them immediately and meaningfully (match to the message audience).  Thank them with a ‘Give-a-versary’ message.


5 Things You Must Do For #GivingTuesday 2020