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By DonorSearch

Now, What? A Look at Post-Screening Projects to Squeeze Value

Air Date: October 2018

Often, after a screening, the Research team dives into the records one by one. Though this follow up is essential, there is a lot of information in a screening that can be reviewed right away and used in a variety of ways to forward an organization’s fundraising efforts, including: 1. Re-assessing an organization’s capacity ratings using asset details from the screening; 2. Getting an overview of the asset and income make up of an organization’s constituents 3. Segmenting the prospect pool based on overall results. Join Marianne Pelletier of Staupell, a DonorSearch partner company, to discover ways to reduce time spent reviewing records, re-use screening results for segmentation and constituency assessment, and recycle capacity ratings for better gift planning.


[VIDEO] A Look at Post-Screening Projects to Squeeze Value