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All Aboard: Steps to Keep Your Strategic Plan on Track with Michel Hudson

Air Date: November 2019

You came back from your strategic planning retreat and your team was all pumped up, but it’s a month later and your plan is “sitting on a shelf” or buried in your computer files while you desperately try to work through all the day-to-day issues that keep coming along. Sound familiar?

Sadly, the majority of organizations with strategic plans fail to fully implement them. Executing the plan is just as important – if not more so – than coming up with the strategies. Even a good strategy will fail without effective implementation, leaving your team frustrated and disheartened, and your organization stagnating.
This session will speak to how you can be more successful with your execution process so that you turn your strategies and plans into actions and accomplish your goals.

We’ll cover roles and responsibilities, measurements and accountability, and more. Most important of all, we’ll discuss how critical actions can move your plan from a static document to actions that will drive your organization to a greater impact.


[VIDEO] All Aboard: Steps to Keep Your Strategic Plan on Track