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Whether you’re already a Blackbaud user or are considering becoming one, you likely want to learn more about how Blackbaud’s CRMs can be customized for your organization’s needs. 

The short answer is that there are lots of ways to customize your technology through the many Blackbaud integrations offered by their partners. To help you get started, we’re going to explain how Blackbaud and integrations work and share our top five recommendations, from DonorSearch’s prospect research tool to mobile giving integrations and more. Here’s what we’ll cover: 

Incorporating integrations into the Blackbaud products you use can make a huge difference in streamlining your organization’s processes and opening you up to new capabilities. Ready to learn more? Let’s begin.

Learn more about Blackbaud and how it can help your organization.

What is Blackbaud?

Blackbaud is a software company that provides a wide range of products and services for nonprofit organizations. The full Blackbaud ecosystem includes solutions for data management and analytics, financial management, fundraising, relationship management, grant management, marketing, and more. 

Currently, Blackbaud offers four different CRM solutions that range from simple to incredibly robust for nonprofit organizations of varying sizes. Some are ready for use immediately while others are highly customizable but require more support to set up. 

Let’s take a quick look at Blackbaud’s CRM offerings: 

  • eTapestry: Starting with their solution for smaller organizations, eTapestry has the lowest price point and offers essential fundraising and donor management tools. While this tool is not very customizable, it is very user-friendly and easy to set up. 
  • Raiser’s Edge NXT: This popular CRM is more suitable for mid-sized and large organizations that are looking for a more robust solution than eTapestry. Raiser’s Edge is a scalable and fully functional solution that is still user-friendly but is not Blackbaud’s most technically customizable tool. 
  • Blackbaud CRM: Their most highly customizable offering is Blackbaud CRM, which is most suitable for enterprise-level organizations that are looking to unite large, multi-faceted datasets in one solution. Since it is the most customizable of any of their CRM offerings, you’ll need to work with a partner to build out the solution to meet your needs when getting started. 
  • Blackbaud Altru: Lastly, their most recent offering is Blackbaud Altru, which was launched with cultural organizations like zoos, museums, and aquariums in mind. What makes this membership management software different from the other three is that it combines ticketing for events to give its users a full view of their supporters by putting admissions, fundraising, and member management all in one cloud-based system.

Understanding the different CRMs that Blackbaud offers is only the first step before learning about its many integrations that can elevate what any particular platform can do for your organization.

What is a Blackbaud Integration?

Blackbaud integrations are pre-built or custom-built connections between a Blackbaud platform and any other piece of software. They allow for the smooth flow of data between platforms. For example, an integration can ensure that your email marketing tools can easily pull contact information from your database, which will then receive an automatic flow of incoming data as supporters engage with emails.

Blackbaud Partners build integrations and provide additional solutions and services that help build out the functionality of the Blackbaud suite of tools. Partners can offer add-ons for Blackbaud products, consultation services, or custom integrations. The integrations that we’re covering all bring the services of their own tools into Blackbaud’s CRMs to help you easily combine your different systems. 

The Blackbaud Partner Marketplace is a centralized resource for finding Blackbaud Partners whose services can be integrated into Blackbaud products. The Marketplace should be your main resource when it comes to finding the right expert or add-on tool for your Blackbaud toolkit.

These top 5 Blackbaud integrations can make your organization more efficient - find out how.

5 Top Blackbaud Integrations

There are so many different ways to customize Blackbaud and so many different products to integrate. It can be a little overwhelming! To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite ones that we think will be most useful.

Find out why the DonorSearch Blackbaud integration stands out.

DonorSearch: Top Blackbaud Integration for Wealth Screening

The Basics

DonorSearch’s integration for Blackbaud enables you to use their wealth screening tools directly within your CRM for maximum efficiency. As a subset of prospect research, wealth screening can identify top indicators of wealth like real estate ownership, business affiliations, and stock holdings among your existing donor base. This easy-to-access data can then serve as an invaluable resource for your team during major campaigns and ongoing development initiatives.

This integration pulls philanthropic data and analytics from the DonorSearch database to give you the most comprehensive information about your donors. Not only does DonorSearch identify all of this information and make it accessible to you, but it also manually verifies the information before you receive it and accurately determines both prospects’ capacity and propensity to give.

Why This Blackbaud Integration Stands Out

DonorSearch uses 60 high-match quality data points for measuring philanthropic capacity and inclination inside of the Blackbaud CRM including:

  • Amounts and recipient causes of individual charitable gifts
  • Summary fields showing amount and frequency of giving to specific causes
  • Wealth rankings to show capacity
  • Real estate ownership
  • SEC insider stock details
  • Business titles, revenue, and sales volumes
  • Foundation and nonprofit affiliations

If your nonprofit uses or is considering a Blackbaud CRM platform, this integration offers high-quality and accurate information that will be incredibly useful for increasing donations to your organization.

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Find out why we recommend the 360MatchPro Blackbaud integration.


The Basics

Matching gifts can significantly increase your nonprofit’s funding, but many donors aren’t aware of their employers’ matching programs. With the 360MatchPro integration for Raiser’s Edge NXT, you’ll be able to automatically identify which donors may be eligible for matching. Not only can you automatically identify them, but you can also automate communications to notify them and urge them to take advantage of their matching gift program. 

Why This Blackbaud Integration Stands Out

360MatchPro has made it incredibly easy to identify and act on possible matching gift opportunities. Identification, notification, and next steps are all automated to take the burden off of your team. These three features they offer will be game-changers: 

  • Donors are automatically notified of employer gift matching
  • A link and simple next steps to get gifts matched are sent to donors.
  • All matching gift info is store in easy to navigate constituent profiles

Automating the match process with 360MatchPro to increase funds without more work for your team is a no-brainer. 

Check out 360MatchPro's integration for Blackbaud.

Snowball is one of 5 top Blackbaud integrations we recommend - find out why.


The Basics

It’s no secret that mobile giving and mobile-friendly pages are increasingly important for nonprofit fundraising. Updating your strategy to involve mobile giving can seem daunting, but with Snowball’s integration for Blackbaud, you’ll be able to easily set up mobile donation pages, email buttons, and text-to-give. Integrating these features with Blackbaud will allow you to store valuable mobile gift data directly into your Blackbaud database.

Why This Blackbaud Integration Stands Out

Snowball already makes it easy to get set up with mobile giving and to capture mobile gift data in the Blackbaud database. On top of that, they don’t impose restrictions that make their features hard to use. Some of the benefits you’ll get access to with this Blackbaud integration are: 

  • Unlimited online donation pages 
  • Recurring gift capabilities
  • No limit on users 
  • Fundraising event thermometers

All of these features together will supercharge your mobile fundraising capabilities — all with one integration!

Check out Snowball's integration for Blackbaud.

Learn more about what makes DNL OmniMedia a great Blackbaud integration.

DNL OmniMedia

The Basics

DNL OmniMedia is an official Blackbaud partner and full-service technology consulting firm for nonprofits. They specialize in Blackbaud platforms and offer a variety of services to help you configure and make the most of your technology. From consulting to web design, strategy planning, and custom integration development, they can help with many different needs. If you’re looking for customization, DNL OmniMedia is a great choice.

Why This Blackbaud Integration Stands Out

They do custom development, like integrating multiple systems and developing custom websites that report data directly to your central database. Because they offer several consulting services and custom development, they’ll be able to help set you up the way you want and integrate several different systems to make things run as smoothly as possible. 

They make it much simpler to customize Blackbaud for your organization! 

Check out DNL OmniMedia's integration for Blackbaud.

Learn about why we recommend CallHub as a top 5 Blackbaud integration.


The Basics

CallHub offers mobile communication tools for nonprofits that make it simple to launch mobile-based outreach campaigns to drive engagement. For legacy users, this ready-to-use integration works with Luminate Online, Blackbaud’s digital marketing platform. With CallHub, it’s easy to communicate with your supporters directly through their smartphones and get them more engaged.

Why This Blackbaud Integration Stands Out

The ability to easily transfer tags and contacts without extra hassle is one of the biggest benefits of this integration. With CallHub you’ll be able to: 

  • Sync Tags from calling and texting campaigns as Interests in Luminate Online.
  • Create new constituent profiles based on text interactions
  • Easily import new contact data into your CRM

CallHub is a top choice for Blackbaud Luminate users who want to stay ahead with mobile communication. 

Check out CallHub's integration for Blackbaud.

Customizing your toolkit can be done in so many different ways and can make a real difference in the value that your team gets out of Blackbaud products. Especially if you’re heavily investing in a Blackbaud platform anyway, taking steps to truly make it as valuable as possible for your team will safeguard your investment.

If you want to learn more about these Blackbaud integrations or other options that exist, we’ve included some additional resources for further reading:

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