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5 Ways to Reach Donors Likely to Give

This article comes to us from Eileen Blake, Marketing Manager of AlumniFinder.

After hours of careful effort and planning, your donation campaign has been sent! You can’t wait to sit back and see the donations rolling in, but as they do you start to realize with a sinking feeling that you’re not getting what you expected.

The results of all your hard work are going to be much lower than anticipated.

This is obviously the last thing that any sane person who works in development ever wants to experience. At the heart of any solid fundraising effort, you need to know that you’re going to reach the right people. But, who are the “right” people? Reaching the right group of potential donors who are likely to give is not as tough as it might sound.

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The Top 7 Expert Nonprofit Web Design Firms You Should Know

It’s no secret that nonprofit web design can be challenging. There are a million little details that nonprofits have to think about to create a website that’s not only modern and professional, but that also converts donations and other supporter actions.

Not to mention, putting these little details into practice often requires knowledge of tricky coding or a level of tech savvy that many organizations simply don’t possess. Between worrying about prospecting, donor stewardship, fundraising campaigns, and other important day-to-day efforts, it’s understandable that many nonprofits don’t have the expertise and resources required to build the most successful websites possible.

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Donor Recognition Policies: A How-To Overview

To launch a successful fundraising program, an organization should have created a number of documents, including the Case for Support, Gift Acceptance Policies and Procedures, and a Donor Recognition Policy.

The Case explains “why” you are raising money, the Gift Acceptance Policies delineate what constitutes an acceptable gift and under what circumstances your organization will accept the donation, and the Donor Recognition Policy explains how you will express gratitude to the donor.

The purpose of the Donor Recognition Policy is to ensure that those who support the organization through donations receive recognition that is appropriate, equitable, and consistent. The Policy is developed with the attitude that all gifts are important; that nurturing each donor is the business of the organization; and that a monetary gift is never more important than individual relationships.

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Major Gift Fundraising: 13 Expert Tips (Nonprofit Tech Carnival)

This month’s Fundraising Strategies & Nonprofit Tech Carnival is all about one thing: major gifts.

At DonorSearch, we’ve written extensively about major gift fundraising and the various elements that go into the entire process, from prospect identification all the way through to post-gift stewardship and ongoing retention. 

But, you can never learn too much about the major gift process; it is just that important.

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Fundraising Strategies & Nonprofit Tech Carnival: Theme Announcement

We have an announcement to make!

DonorSearch is hosting this month’s Fundraising Strategies & Nonprofit Tech Carnival.

With one carnival already up and running, it’s time to open the floor for submissions for the next round. And we’re happy to announce that DonorSearch is hosting this time.

Fundraising Strategies & Nonprofit Tech is a recently launched carnival with one mission — collect top-notch educational resources, thought-provoking blog articles, and other types of web-based content that can help our readers capitalize on the many assets of fundraising technology.

Nonprofit technology is an ever-growing and evolving field, and we want to stay at its forefront by gathering the most helpful resources possible in one singular location: this carnival.

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Charity Auctions: 9 Targeted Tips for Fundraising Success

Charity auctions can be some of the most lucrative events for nonprofit organizations, but they can also be some of the most difficult to plan.

Between soliciting auction items, booking an event space, recruiting a team of volunteers, and more, there are many logistics that nonprofits must consider when hosting an auction.

Luckily there are few tricks that will make the process run a little more smoothly and that will help you ensure your auction is a success!

The tips we’ll cover here are:

  1. Use auction software.
  2. Choose your items wisely.
  3. Recruit an experienced team of volunteers.
  4. Keep detailed records.
  5. Advertise your items.
  6. Make your items the star.
  7. Be strategic with the auction item order.
  8. Make bidding convenient.
  9. Gamify your auction.

Whether you’re hosting an auction as the kick-off to your capital campaign or making it a staple of your annual fund, these tips are sure to make all of that planning pay off!

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Women’s Philanthropy: 12 Key Insights

12 Insights into Women’s Philanthropy

by Angela E. White, CFRE, Senior Consultant and CEO, Johnson, Grossnickle and Associates

[Excerpt: Helpful tips to engage women in support of your nonprofit]

I often speak passionately about the importance of broadening our philanthropic initiatives to include women philanthropists and I’d like to share with you what I think are some very important insights into Women’s Philanthropy.

Over the years, my colleagues and I at Johnson, Grossnickle and Associates have developed significant expertise in Women’s Philanthropy issues through our work with the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy in addition to our extensive work with clients.

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Turning Events Attendees and Volunteers into Major Donors: 8 Strategies

In the first place, planning and pulling off a successful fundraising event is challenging for all nonprofits, regardless of size or status.

But for those nonprofits who are looking to procure major gifts from their event attendees and volunteers, the process can be even more involved.

That’s precisely why we’ve compiled 8 of the top strategies for identifying prospects and cultivating major gifts from your event attendees.

If you’re curious about the specific tactics we’ll be exploring, you can go ahead and check out this short table of contents:

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