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Top 10 Salesforce Apps and Integrations for Universities

  For many universities, Salesforce is the go-to CRM for managing student, alumni, and donor data. While Salesforce has plenty of standard constituent relationship management features to keep your university running smoothly, chances are, you’ll need to expand your CRM’s core functionality to truly encompass all of your operational, fundraising, and stewardship needs. That’s where the right apps and integrations come into play!  Not sure where to start when searching through the extensive Saleforce AppExchange? Never fear! In this post, we’ll run through our all-time favorite Salesforce solutions that can push your university to new levels.   Let’s take a look at each software in more detail to see how these platforms can boost your university fundraising potential, as well as other vital aspects of your institution.  

1. DonorSearch: Top Salesforce Integration for University Prospect Research

Salesforce Integration Overview

Prospect research is key to strategic university fundraising. Through prospect research, your development offices can identify vital information about your alumni and use that data to power more effective outreach and engagement tactics. With DonorSearch, you can conduct thorough prospect research and wealth screening to discover valuable insight into your alumni base. Using DonorSearch’s suite of tools, you’ll be able to identify:
  • Alumni’s giving history to your university as well as other philanthropic causes.
  • Alumni’s past political contributions.
  • Alumni’s real estate ownership.
  • Alumni’s business affiliations (as well as their spouses’).
With DonorSearch’s Salesforce integration, all of the information you glean from prospect research will flow into your Salesforce CRM for easy access. That means you’ll spend less time manually inputting data and more time actually using that data to inform your fundraising strategies—read on to learn how!

How to Use This Salesforce Integration at Your University

You can use your prospect data to segment your alumni into groups based on any number of metrics. Then, outline a communications and engagement plan that matches each segment. For example, alumni who have demonstrated major donor potential should receive donation solicitation letters that reflect their likelihood to give big. You’ll want to follow up with these alumni intentionally and personally, so consider giving them a call on the phone rather than sending weekly emails. A low- or mid-level donor, on the other hand, might be better off receiving more frequent solicitation letters that don’t ask for such a sizable contribution, but instead promote how easy it is to give on your online donation form. You might also prioritize sending them invitations to volunteer or attend fundraising events with moderate ticket prices.

2. Fonteva Events: Top Salesforce App for University Event Management

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What Software Does DonorSearch Integrate With?

DonorSearch offers software integrations with a wide range of technology companies, so you can use our comprehensive prospect research software in coordination with your other powerful tools. Below is a complete list of companies that we integrate with. They are organized into one of three categories according to how you access DonorSearch’s data:
  1. API Integration — Seamless integration at the click of a button. Use the information in your CRM to search for philanthropic and wealth data from DonorSearch and integrate this prospect data back into your database with ease.
  2. Custom Data Field Integration — DonorSearch is the CRM’s prospect data provider of choice, and the CRM provides fields specific to DonorSearch to house your prospect data.
  3. Manual Integration — You can import DonorSearch data into the CRM, but the fields are not customized for DonorSearch. Data must be exported in a CSV file and imported manually into the CRM.
The specifics vary between software options, but DonorSearch plays nice with all of these technology tools. With DonorSearch, you get more of the information you need when and where you need it. Keep in mind that you must be a registered DonorSearch user to receive technical integration support, and DonorSearch does not provide technical support for all integration software.  

API Integration

These companies let you access DonorSearch’s philanthropy and wealth data with the simple click of a button, so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting of importing the data yourself.


Agilon provides Agilon One, which is a modern fundraising and communication software for nonprofits ranging from healthcare to higher education to public radio. You want to develop, grow, and maintain relationships to support your institution, and Agilon wants to provide innovative solutions, problem analysis and correction, and on-demand reports and information.

Resources to Integrate

Agilon integration support Contact Agilon for more information Contact DonorSearch to learn how to integrate today  


Reach, engage, and retain the advocates you depend on to achieve your vision for a better world. Bloomerang has pooled together the latest in best practices for fundraising, loyalty, engagement, and retention to create a simple donor database solution that decreases donor attrition and increases nonprofit revenue.

Resources to Integrate

Contact Bloomerang for more information Contact DonorSearch to learn how to integrate today  


DonorPerfect provides one unified database to organize all of your constituent data. With straightforward constituent relationship tools, you can make smarter, timelier decisions to raise more money for your cause. DonorPerfect received the most ‘excellent ratings’ from the nonprofits N-TEN and Idealware in their donor management systems reports.

Resources to Integrate

Details of what you can do thanks to the integration Contact DonorPerfect for more information Contact DonorSearch to learn how to integrate today  

Little Green Light (LGL)

Founded in 2007, years of experience in web-based software, business development, and real-world fundraising experience allow Little Green Light to provide nonprofits with a 360-degree view of their constituents. LGL’s web-based donor management software provides a singular location to help nonprofits track details about volunteers, members to alumni, donations to events, mailings to campaigns, and all of their constituents.

Resources to Integrate

Slideshow about how to use DonorSearch for Little Green Light Contact LGL for more information Contact DonorSearch to learn how to integrate today  


Raise more revenue through automation and help staff streamline day-to-day processes within one truly connected platform with NeonCRM’s cloud database. NeonCRM empowers organizations by placing their most important information in one dedicated system that’s accessible from any internet connection. Online forms integrate easily with any website. Also, auto feed information to NeonCRM and allow for real-time processing and recurring payments.

Resources for Integration

Integration guide from NeonCRM Contact NeonCRM for more information Contact DonorSearch to learn how to integrate today  


Compass is OmegaFi’s data-rich, information integration product for national Greek foundations. Achieve your organization-wide business process goals with an assist from OmegaFi.

Resources to Integrate

Contact OmegaFi for more information at: Contact DonorSearch to learn how to integrate today  


The Patriot Version 2 system is designed for the headquarters staff of chapter-based fraternal organizations. Patriot V2 is the smart way to manage your data and complements your organization’s business model.

Resources to Integrate

Contact Patriot for more information Contact DonorSearch to learn how to integrate today  


ResultsPlus offers donor management software with none of the IT maintenance. Manage fundraising events and ensure both the accuracy and deliverability of your constituent mail and email address information with the tool that supports the way you work. ResultsPlus maximizes the time of both your staff and volunteers, so you can focus on what matters most: cultivating donor relationships and supporting your mission.

Resources to Integrate

Contact ResultsPlus for more information Contact DonorSearch to learn how to integrate today  


Salesforce1 for nonprofits provides a set of end-to-end solutions to make any nonprofit a better connected nonprofit. Your organization obtains a unified view of every interaction your organization has with clients, supporters, members, funders, volunteers, and affiliates.

Resources to Integrate

Contact DonorSearch to learn how to integrate today  

Custom Data Field Integration

With custom data fields specific to DonorSearch, importing your major gift prospect research is a breeze. Andar/360

Andar/360, a Helix Ltd. software product, has spent the past two decades establishing close relationships with their customers and has absorbed much of the United Way culture and unique business requirements. With over 450 years of United Way specific experience, the Andar/360 team speaks the United Way language and helps all departments work together in one collaborative platform that focuses your organization on your customer.

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