The Strongest Indicator of Future Giving is Past Giving

DonorSearch uses 100 million donor records in their charitable giving database.

Curious how we know?

We know past giving’s role in predicting future giving because we have back tested our predictive models against $5 billion in known giving. That $5 billion came from 2 million donors to 400 fundraising organizations.

Look at these statistics:

  • A donor who has made a gift of $100k+ to a nonprofit organization is 32 times as likely to donate charitably as an average person is.
  • A donor who has made a gift between $50k – $100k to a nonprofit organization is 25 times as likely to donate charitably as an average person is.
  • A donor who has made a gift between $10k – $25k to a nonprofit organization is 10 times as likely to donate charitably as an average person is.
  • A donor who has made a gift between $5k – $10k to a nonprofit organization is 5 times as likely to donate charitably as an average person is.

These convincing numbers come from our proprietary charitable giving database.

What is DonorSearch’s charitable giving database?

Thanks for asking. Let me tell you!

Our charitable giving database is one of the fastest growing and largest databases of philanthropy in the country.

The proprietary database contains a combination of:

  • Annual reports curated from a bevy of nonprofit websites.
  • Print references that are otherwise challenging to uncover.

DonorSearch collects charitable giving data on major donations, listing key information like the donor, source, donation amount, type of donation, year the gift was given, and organization that received the gift.

With our charitable giving database, organizations can search for key potential contributors to learn more about that donor’s giving behavior.

Additionally, the charitable giving database features plenty of details that were once publicly available on the internet and have since been removed. In other words, the philanthropy database is filled with information you won’t find elsewhere.

What are the important statistics regarding DonorSearch’s charitable giving database?

This extensive philanthropy database boasts a wealth of impressive statistics, including:

  • 100+ million records!
  • A growth rate of 500,000-700,000 records per week.

With that many gift records in one place and the numbers only growing, we have the resources to give you the data you need to make informed and strategic plans for cultivating new donors.

These records tell you a prospect’s giving history, which is the most important piece of prospect research a fundraiser can have.

When you know a prospect’s giving history, you can better determine what types of giving they are good candidates for, such as:

How do you use the charitable giving database?

Organizations can use our DS Giving charitable giving database for free.

You can fill in all the relevant details you need to effectively acquire donations using DonorSearch’s philanthropy database in conjunction with the various other databases we have access to, such as:

  • Annual Reports Charitable Donations Database
  • FEC & State Political Giving Databases
  • Wealth X Database
  • DonorSearch Real Estate Database
  • Database USA
  • OpenCorporates
  • Crunchbase
  • And many more!

We also provide donors with our free DS Giving search tool. This tool allows nonprofits to search for a person or business, filtering by state and type of gift. The DS Giving search tool gives organizations a full profile of the prospect along with recent charitable donations.

Prospect research gives you the information you need to succeed when cultivating your donors, so start your search with charitable giving and work your way to other topics like business affiliations and stock ownership.

Other Nonprofit Database Solutions

Take a look at how Salsa CRM can help your nonprofit.

Donor Management

Salsa offers modern, data-driven tools to help your nonprofit manage and engage supporters.

The Salsa SmartEngagement platform is built to unify and elevate your fundraising and outreach efforts. By combining embedded best practices with industry-leading automation and machine learning technology, Salsa empowers your team to make better decisions and grow your mission.

Salsa’s features include:

  • Rich, customizable donor profiles
  • Online and offline donation processing
  • Marketing automation for email, social media, texting, and more
  • Performance dashboards and intelligent reporting
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Multi-channel advocacy campaigns

In addition to these features, you can even integrate DonorSearch to take your donor management to the next level.

Check out 360MatchPro's matching gifts software.

Matching Gifts

If your nonprofit is interested in working with matching gifts, 360MatchPro is the software for you! Their software is designed to help you:

  • find your donors’ eligible employers quickly
  • easily track interactions
  • automation outreach

You’ll be able to instantly identify matching gift donors when they donate with their corporate emails and trigger automated emails to send them!

Take a look at Fonteva Events software for fundraising events.

Event Management

Events are a crucial element for any nonprofit’s success. If you’re looking for an event management software, check out Fonteva Events! Their program will help:

  • develop registration flows
  • organize your speakers, vendors, and venues

In addition, it’s built on Salesforce for flawless integration to your existing software, making Fonteva Events even easier to use.

Additional Charitable Giving Data Resources

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Major Donor Fundraising Strategies

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Planned Giving Guide

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Learn about creating a nonprofit annual report with charitable giving data.

Annual Report Best Practices

An annual report details your organization’s accomplishments and can be used as a tool to cultivate relationships with major donors. Plus, the information you compile into your report helps fill DonorSearch’s charitable giving database with more useful information.

Learn more about the benefits of annual reports and get inspired by our amazing examples!