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Looking for donor stewardship strategies? NonProfitEasy has put together a list of stewardship advice featuring Bill Tedesco, CEO of DonorSearch, among 28 other nonprofit experts. Bill emphasizes the importance of engaging donors of all levels, advising that: “Prospect research can help your front-line fundraisers identify which donors have the capacity to give a major gift and a history of past philanthropy. This will enable your development team to ensure that those major donors receive excellent stewardship to keep them engaged for years to come!” Just like Bill, the other 28 experts quoted offered some invaluable insights.  Here are two of many highlights: Marc Pitman, Fundraising Coach at The Nonprofit Academy, says: “One of the most important things to do in donor stewardship is connect the donor to the mission.  We need to bring donors into what my friend, Shannon Doolittle, calls these ‘mission moments.’  We often overlook these because they’re things our nonprofit is doing on a regular basis.  But these are exactly what the donor is investing in.  And since they’re happening on a regular basis, it doesn’t take a lot of programming or organizational inconvenience to bring donors in. The best part?  When non-fundraising staff see donors get excited about their work, the non-fundraising staff start willingly helping with the fundraising!” Craig Linton, Founder of Fundraising Detective, says: “Never miss an opportunity to get feedback from your donors.  Not only does it strengthen your relationship, but it can  identify common problems that you can solve to improve your donor experience.” Make sure the advice doesn’t stop here!  Read the full compilation on NonProfitEasy’s blog post. Related Posts:
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Donor Stewardship Expert Advice Featuring Bill!