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By DonorSearch

MARRIOTTSVILLE, MD, June 29, 2020/PRNewswire/ – DonorSearch and Futurus Group today announced the launch of Intelligent Insights, a program that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to pinpoint a nonprofit’s best mid-level, or Annual Giving prospect segments without crunching the numbers.


DonorSearch Intelligent Insights will accelerate every nonprofit’s capacity to identify Mid-Level/Annual Giving prospects based on gratitude, predict fundraising potential, and take action with unprecedented speed—enabling them to value and prioritize prospects with extreme precision.


Intelligent Insights is powered by Futurus Group’s revolutionary Gratitude to Give (G2G) model, uses machine learning to continuously refine the relationship between hundreds of attributes (like consumer data, demographics, wealth, etc.) of millions of individuals with an ever-increasing pool of known philanthropic gifts to hundreds of nonprofits.  It ‘crunches the numbers’ to predict the likelihood to give in four categories:


Acquisition – New, engagement-ready donors most likely to give for the first time.

Retention – Donors who’ll keep on giving—for continued engagement and upgrade.

Upgrades – Donors who’ll make a minimum $250 gift and will likely give more.

Lifetime Value – Donors will have the greatest lifetime value.


With Intelligent Insights, Mid-Level or Annual Fundraising is fueled by the leading provider of AI-enabled fundraising analytics and the premier source of accurate wealth and philanthropic data.  Time-consuming research, analysis, and segmentation are eliminated—so fundraisers can focus on messaging and engagement.


Machine-Learning Environment Determines Accurate Measure of Gratitude and Likelihood.


Futurus’ Gratitude to Give (G2G) patent-pending algorithm is informed by hundreds of variables applied in a proprietary machine-learning, or AI environment–Artificial Intelligence learns from new data, improving the accuracy of predictive scores and producing results in real-time.  


This latest combination of DonorSearch’s robust data set–which includes the nation’s largest philanthropic database–and the AI-enabled predictive intelligence of Futurus’ G2G model makes Intelligent Insights the most accurate and efficient mid-level prospecting resource in the industry.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this first-of-many game-changing results of our unique partnership with Futurus Group. Intelligent Insights will provide our clients with a custom solution to instantly identify and segment Mid-Level prospects with greater precision than ever before.”

Bill TeDesco, CEO and Founder, DonorSearch.

Futurus Group couldn’t be more excited to launch the FIRST nationally based machine-learning algorithm that dynamically predicts giving likelihood and lifetime amounts for Mid-Level prospect populations.  Intelligent Insights leverages 1.5 billion+ data points and 4,000 calculations through DonorSearch’s massive data array–putting the power of Artificial Intelligence in the hands of the entire nonprofit community to support their important missions–transforming them from good to GREAT.

Nathan Chappell, President of Futurus Group


DonorSearch is based in Marriottsville, MD. The company’s business model is predicated on founder Bill TeDesco’s commitment to offer accessible, accurate, and affordable prospect intelligence.  Verified data and a focus on proven philanthropy shortens qualification time, informs strategy, and prioritization of action.  As a private company, DonorSearch has the agility to focus on new technology like what Futurus delivers.  DonorSearch has the most robust wealth and charitable giving data set in the industry.


Futurus is based in Irvine, CA.  Founded by Chad Gobel of the Gobel Group, the nation’s leading healthcare philanthropy consulting firm.  Futurus Group leverages machine-learning technologies through its patent-pending Gratitude to Give (G2G) product, the first and only artificially intelligent algorithm built specifically to predict gratitude for nonprofit organizations.

For more information on Intelligent Insights, go here.

DonorSearch-Futurus Partnership Produces AI-Driven Scoring to Transform Mid-Level Fundraising