Exclusive List of Landowners Who are Receiving Mineral Rights Checks


Over 5,000 landowners in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia are receiving checks for the natural gas and oil deposits that are being extracted from layers of shale under their land.

Another 125,000 have signed leases with energy companies, and many will be receiving checks.

These are the new shale wealth philanthropists: people who suddenly have much more money than they’ve ever had before. Many of them will become or already are major philanthropists.

These are the people with whom you want to build relationships now.

And DonorSearch is the only prospect research firm with this data.

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4 ways to use shale wealth data

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has four ways you can use our exclusive list of new shale wealth philanthropists.

  1. DonorSearch clients will see shale wealth data in profiles for all 130,000 current and potential recipients
  2. You can purchase a mailing list of all 130,000 landowners that includes name, address, county acreage, well identification, energy company, producing vs non producing, lease term, unit name, royalty %, monies received
  3. You can purchase a mailing list of the 5,000 landowners currently receiving checks with all of the data as the larger list, as well as projected future royalties, email addresses and phone numbers
  4. DonorSearch can screen your donor/prospect list against the 130,000 names to find the shale wealth philanthropists already in your database

Contact us to find the new philanthropists

If you’re an organization in Pennsylvania, Ohio or West Virginia, or a national organization with donors in those states, DonorSearch’s exclusive shale wealth data can help you uncover new and potential supporters. Call or email Patrick Slouck, 410-670-8573.