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By DonorSearch

Virtual conferences are a-plenty this Fall, as organizations pivot to internet-based gatherings. 

  1.  Shop for free or highly discounted options for the tried and true conferences you’ve gone to (or wanted to go to) in the past.  Limited staffing and/or budge dedicated to cyber security. Many of the professional membership organizations are offering their virtual conferences for less than normal or even free of charge (e.g., aasp and Apra,) to their members.
  2. Go Social.  Attend the networking lounges and chat spaces offered to conference participants. You’ll have many opportunities to connect with colleagues, share motivating ideas for surviving current conditions.
  3. Look for ‘Deep-Dive’ Workshops. Some organizations are offering intensive workshops that delve into important topics, where experts share valuable insights and innovative practices that adapt to current circumstances.
  4. Cover Collaboratively.  Encourage your whole team to participate in the conference, ‘assigning’ individuals to different sessions, to maximize the learning and networking opportunities.
  5. Fill Your War Chest.  Download recordings and handouts of sessions and vendor technology demonstrations so you can refer back to content, share with colleagues, and justify resource expenditures.
  6. Block Your Calendar.  Treat each conference or conference session, as if you’ve traveled to an in-person venue to learn, connect, and get your questions answered without distraction.


(Go) Virtual with Vigor: A Six-Point Strategy for Maximizing Virtual Conference