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Increase your university fundraising with prospect research! Get 200 alumni wealth screened for FREE.

From campus restorations and scholarships to supporting arts and athletics, your university is bound to need some help when balancing multiple fundraising projects.

Thankfully, there are countless higher education fundraising software available to help take some weight off your development team’s shoulders.

Whether you’re advocating for a capital campaign or annual funding, these certified tools are guaranteed to help your college plan, promote, and execute five-star fundraising goals from start to finish.

Not only have we assembled the top higher education fundraising software for you, but we’ve also identified each one’s standout purpose for university fundraising:

  1. DonorSearch — Best for Prospect Research
  2. Double the Donation — Best for Matching Gifts
  3. OmegaFi — Best for Greek Organization Fundraising
  4. OneCause — Best for Fundraising Events
  5. Qgiv – Best for All-in-One Fundraising Software
  6. DipJar — Best for Giving Kiosks

With these software solutions at your fingertips, your college will have no problem engaging alumni, faculty, and other supporters with your fundraising projects.



DonorSearch's prospect research tools are our favorite higher education fundraising software solution.

1. DonorSearch — Best Higher Education Software for Prospect Research

University Fundraising Platform Overview

DonorSearch is the ideal prospect research tool for universities and colleges. Using our online giving search tool and charitable giving database, your institution can develop in-depth profiles for alumni, faculty, staff, parent, and student donors within your CRM.

These tools successfully pinpoint eligible donors’ top giving factors, fundraising histories, and personal connections to your university. As such, DonorSearch is instrumental in enhancing your university’s in-house prospect research.

Grade-A Features

DonorSearch’s prospect research services include:

  • Online giving search tool
  • Charitable giving database
  • Prospect profile templates
  • Wealth screening
  • Bulk screening
DonorSearch higher education fundraising software top features.

Why this Higher Education Software Benefits Universities

With DonorSearch’s prospect research tools, your university can better manage your alumni and other potential donors with up-to-date prospect profiles.

Our profiles can help your fundraising team analyze giving patterns, generate new prospects, and categorize prospects for major, planned, and capital campaign gifts.

As a result, your university can tailor solicitation strategies to select prospects based on factors like location, giving history, favorite causes, and preferred communication method.

Learn more about DonorSearch's higher education fundraising software.


Double the Donation's higher education fundraising software provides matching gift solutions.

2. Double the Donation — Best Higher Education Software for Matching Gifts

University Fundraising Platform Overview

Double the Donation’s higher education fundraising software is specifically designed to find and follow through with alumni matching gifts. Universities with matching gift policies allow alumni to have their employer double or even triple their online contributions through a corporate matching gift program.

Double the Donation’s matching gift software is ideal for small to medium-sized nonprofits and colleges and can be built right into your university online donation forms.


Grade-A Features

Double the Donation offer universities the following matching gift services:

  • University matching gift pages on Double the Donation’s website
  • A matching gift search tool to embed in online donation forms
  • Full matching gift automation for larger universities
Double the Donation higher education fundraising software top features.

Why this Higher Education Software Benefits Universities

For universities looking to engage alumni in an effortless fashion, incorporating Double the Donation’s simplified matching gift solutions can be a surefire tactic. For starters, colleges can host personalized matching gift pages on Double the Donation’s website to provide clear policy information and links to employer matching gift guidelines.

However, their matching gift search tool is by far the best investment a university can make to enhance matching gift responses. This plugin tool can be added to your website or online donation forms to help donors check if they’re eligible for matching gifts in minutes.

Learn more about Double the Donation's higher education fundraising software.
OmegaFi is the higher education fundraising software best for Greek organizations.

3. OmegaFi — Best for Greek Organization Fundraising

University Fundraising Platform Overview

OmegaFi offers a suite of software solutions designed to help Greek organizations in several phases of their operation. In addition to financial management services to help with fundraising, OmegaFi offers membership, and communication services, making it a great all-in-one tool set for fraternities and sororities.

These services can consolidate many facets of Greek organization operation into one place for improved efficiency.

Grade-A Features

With OmegaFi’s suite of fraternity and sorority services, you can:

  • Collect dues and other expenses from members
  • Budget, track spending, and pay bills
  • Manage events
  • Create and manage websites
  • Communicate with members conveniently and effectively

Why this Higher Education Software Benefits Universities

OmegaFi’s Vault and VaultPro services help organizations collect, track, and budget money. Plus, with VaultPro, your organization will be connected with your own accounting professional who actively manages your finances and consults with you on billing, budgeting, and tax payment.

Vault and VaultPro ensure your Greek organization will never be caught off guard by new expenses or complicated collection processes.

Learn more about MobileCause's higher education fundraising software.


OneCause is the best tool or fundraising events because it comes with event management and ticketing services.

4. OneCause — Best Higher Education Software for Fundraising Events

University Fundraising Platform Overview

When it comes to coordinating killer fundraising events, OneCause is your university’s new best friend. This higher education fundraising software is designed to help you organize big and small event details from one convenient platform.

In particular, their top-quality fundraising event websites provide your university with everything you need from branding and event registration to social media marketing and so much more.

Grade-A Features

OneCause fundraising event software accounts for:

  • Online ticket sales and event registration
  • Branding and event promotion
  • OneCause mobile bidding tool
  • Text2Give donation platform
  • Donor data coordination
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Salesforce integration
OneCause's higher education fundraising software comes with several features for nonprofits.

Why this Higher Education Software Benefits Universities

Alumni appreciation and other fundraising events are one of the most popular ways for your university to interact and bond in-person with your donor community.

On top of managing ticketing and seating, OneCause’s fundraising event software provides built-in auction software, donor data tracking, and simple payment processing. What’s more, your university can host multiple fundraising events at once for the same price.

Find out more about OneCause and their higher education fundraising software on the website.


University Fundraising Platform Overview

Qgiv’s fundraising software for education is perfect for all types of institutions. With a variety of features and an intuitive user interface, Qgiv is great for your higher education fundraising needs. You can easily engage alumni and even plan fundraising events all within Qgiv’s platform.

With Qgiv, you can better reach all of your constituents and increase your fundraising revenue!

Grade-A Features

Here are some of Qgiv’s top features:

  • Customize unlimited online donation forms.
  • Create unique forms for different departments or clubs.
  • Access peer-to-peer fundraising tools.
  • Host and manage events.
  • Offer restricted donation options so donors choose where their funds go.
  • Facilitate text-fundraising.

Why this Higher Education Software Benefits Universities

With Qgiv’s higher education fundraising software, you can handle all of your fundraising campaigns in one place. This way, you can explore different fundraising methods without having to continue adding to your tech stack. 

Use Qgiv to plan all of your fundraising events, host your online forms, and communicate with alumni!

Learn more about Qgiv’s higher education fundraising software on their website.
DipJar's giving kiosks are a higher education fundraising software that collects in-person credit card donations.

6. DipJar — Best Higher Education Software for Giving Kiosks

University Fundraising Platform Overview

DipJar’s portable giving kiosks can do wonders for building up your university’s annual fund on a daily basis. These compact donation devices allow universities to collect credit and debit card gifts in the moment instead of ushering donors to fill out an online donation form later.

Essentially, the DipJar donation process works like this:

  1. Plug in your giving kiosk in a public area with lots of foot traffic.
  2. Donor makes an in-person donation by inserting their debit or credit card in the giving kiosk.
  3. Your giving kiosk processes the credit card donation and records donor data.
  4. Your giving kiosk completes the transaction with an optional tax receipt and 3% +17 cent fee.

Grade-A Features

DipJar’s first-rate giving kiosks include:

  • Customizable colors and branding
  • Versatile on-site donation collections
  • PCI-compliant security
  • Portability around campus
  • Interactive elements like songs
  • Donor data and gift tracking
DipJar higher education fundraising software features.

Why this Higher Education Software Benefits Universities

Giving kiosks can be easily positioned around campus in public areas like student courtyards, dorms, or dining halls. By branding your giving kiosk and providing printed instructions close by, universities can personalize the giving experience and simplify the process.

Giving kiosks are also especially effective when paired with university fundraising events, cause marketing campaigns, and annual fundraising. You can even track donor information to improve your fundraising strategy.

Learn more about DipJar's higher education fundraising software.

After some trial and error, the right higher education fundraising software can save your university a world of stress by making your fundraising goals that much easier to achieve. Consider our top five options to ensure fluid university fundraising for years to come.

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