By DonorSearch

How You Can Optimize Your Recurring Giving Program

Air Date: September 2018

Recurring donors can be 5.4x more valuable than one-time donors (or more) but do you spend 5.4x more time on your recurring giving program? If you’re like most nonprofits, the answer is probably not. We wanted to better understand how recurring giving programs were being done but from a donor’s perspective so we made recurring donations to 115 organizations across 9 different verticals and captured the process and analyzed the communications along the way. In this webinar presented by Brady Josephson, you’ll get key findings in three key areas: What does the donation process look like? What does the communication with recurring donors look like? How do organizations handle lost, stolen, and canceled credit cards? You’ll get ideas to try for yourself and insights into real experiments that have worked for other organizations to grow their recurring giving program.


[VIDEO] How You Can Optimize Your Recurring Giving Program