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By Ryan Ponzurick

A Bold New Look

It might only be January, but a lot has changed in the New Year. As a company, we are setting even more ambitious goals for 2019 in order to raise the benchmark for fundraising tools. While our mission and values remain the same, we are setting the bar even higher for ourselves, so we can provide you with groundbreaking technology and information that will help your organization take your fundraising to the next level.

This year, we have a new logo to help encapsulate the commitment we have to innovation. Each part of our logo was carefully constructed and represents a significant meaning and purpose to the DonorSearch brand.

DonorSearch: One Word

DonorSearch Prospect Research

In creating our new look, we wanted to make sure we united the two parts of our name to reflect everything we are and aim to accomplish. DonorSearch has been, and continues to be, a family-owned company that extends beyond those who share the same last name. Our team of more than fifty employees aim to create the same environment of unity and cohesiveness for our partners, clients, and colleagues on a daily basis. By holding each other accountable and always placing our mission as a company first and foremost, we continually strive to achieve and provide better fundraising, data, and outreach results.

Three Data Points

Prospect Research Data Blocks

In our logo, there are three data points attached. Each point stands for values and standards we set for the data we provide.

The first data point represents Opportunity.

DonorSearch is continuously seeking opportunities to provide new tools that will have a more meaningful impact on your organization’s fundraising results. By listening to our clients’ needs, we are able to provide innovative solutions that help organizations achieve positive fundraising outcomes.   

The second data point represents Enhancement.

DonorSearch currently provides access to over 25 different datasets. As time goes on, new information from these data sets become available. By placing an emphasis on keeping our databases updated in a timely manner, we are committed to ensuring our clients have access to the most up-to-date and relevant information that is available.   

The third data point is Precision.

While adding new data sets and updating existing datasets are important, providing accurate data is crucial. DonorSearch not only qualifies information collected internally as well as data provided by third parties, but we also invest in a team of in-house prospect researchers to perform hand-checked assessments to ensure that what we provide you is reliable and precise.

The Donor Pyramid

Prospect Research Pyramid

One aspect of our new logo might look familiar, and that’s because we still kept the presence of a triangle or more familiarly, a donor pyramid. Why is the pyramid important? Because without the collection of data, one cannot identify their major gift prospects. Some may be familiar with the major gifts pyramid, and this is our homage to showing it remains an integral part of our mission. We strive to help organizations improve their fundraising results. This includes identifying major gift opportunities, revealing potential bequests, as well as identifying new annual fund donors with whom relationships can be nurtured. All of these donors can have a lasting impact on an organization’s success, so being able to help identify these prospects remains within DonorSearch’s core competencies.

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of everything we do or strive to provide it is a foundation for what we believe in and represent.