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What if you knew the steps to pivot off the spin-cycle of small gifts and start securing larger donations on a regular basis? Seriously! You – knowing exactly how to secure 50-75% of the funding you need each year by leading your top 30 donors to their best gift.

This is doable – and learning how to do this is crucial for small nonprofits who want to grow. So, what’s the problem, then? Well, these days there are a good amount of quick-fix fundraising approaches available that want to convince you that the answer to finding donors is writing the right social media post, designing a viral campaign, or hosting a jaw-dropping paddle raise at your event.

Fundraising is that simple, right? I wish. I talk to Executive Directors all the time who have tried every single way of quick-fix fundraising and can’t figure out why it didn’t result in the donors and gift sizes they were hoping for.

Here’s the tough love: this type of fundraising is probably not going to work. And it certainly isn’t the approach that will fully fund your mission year after year.

That’s because transactional fundraising doesn’t work when you are trying to attract and retain donors who will give large gifts – those donors who you will look back upon and see how their support changed the trajectory of your organization.

Then, what does work?

Actual disciplined relationship building followed by intentional solicitations. You must learn WHAT your donors need to hear and see from you every month, every quarter, and every year. You must follow this system so that you can receive their best gift this year.

There’s no trendy substitute.

The proof is in the numbers. The Urban Institute’s Center on Nonprofits & Philanthropy (2018) says that 77% of nonprofits will never reach $1M of annual revenue.

This statistic drives my entire business on a daily basis – I am determined to help organizations scale this statistic because I know the amazing work small nonprofits are doing every single day.

So, what’s the most common thing I see that’s keeping small nonprofits from pushing up and over that elusive $1M mark?


Here's what I hear from nonprofit leaders all over the country every day:

“I hate fundraising.”
“I don’t have enough time in the day to fundraise.”
“What would I even say to that big donor if I got a meeting with them?”
“I feel like I’m begging for money.”
“Fundraising is hard for us because my Board isn’t engaged”
“My mission isn’t interesting or urgent enough to fund.”
“My nonprofit is too small for a major-gifts strategy.”

But here's the truth:

These statements are rooted in the belief that you are bad at fundraising. You might even dread it – which leads to avoiding it. But you aren’t bad at fundraising. (I promise)

You probably never had to do it in your previous career, and you’ve never been taught to do it because . . . well, you haven’t need to know how to fundraise up to this point.

But, hear me say this: 

When you plan in advance where you’re going to lead your donors, then you can secure larger donations with confidence and ease.

I see it all the time. You must have a step-by-step plan in place to shift your time from the fundraising activities that lead to only small gifts.

Securing larger, investment-level gifts is about getting super clear on HOW to ask, WHAT you needed in-hand in an ask, & the CONFIDENCE that comes when you know the exact steps.

That’s precisely what you’re going to be learning on Tuesday, March 3rd (12:00 CT) when we’ll look at the steps you need to lead your donors through to secure their best gift. I’ll also share a few things you might be doing that’s keeping your funding from growing. See you there!

Join me: Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020 at 1 PM EST (12 PM CT)
How To: Confidently Ask a Donor for a Large Gift (Even If You Hate Fundraising)


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Sherry Qualm Taylor

Sherry Quam Taylor teaches nonprofit leaders how to pivot from small-dollar donations to securing larger, investment-level donations so they can finally fund their missions. The leaders she works with are experts in their field, but when it comes to individual donor fundraising, they’ve simply never been trained on how to do it, so it feels uncomfortable and frustrating. She helps them learn the exact steps to launch a mid- and major level gift program that feels comfortable, involves less dread, and fully funds their mission for the long-haul. She does this nationally through her private coaching and her 90-day LET’S GROW fundraising accelerator.


How To: Confidently Ask a Donor for a Large Gift | The Masterminds Blogs