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Mega Donors: Find Them – Cultivate Them – Keep Them

Air Date: December 2018

More than likely, mega donors are already donors to your organization right now, you just don’t know it yet. What does it take to identify those who are interested, or could become even more interested, in making a significant investment in your organization? And once you know who they are, how do you go about building deep, mutually-beneficial relationships that allow mega donors to become part of the solution? The time to answer these questions is now, before the next potential $10 million or $100 million donor walks through your doors. Leveraging nearly 40 years in philanthropy and fundraising, Bob Carter will guide participants through a methodical, donor-centered approach to position your organization for the future. Ensure you are ready for mega donors by learning from one of the best in our profession.


[VIDEO] Mega Donors: Find Them – Cultivate Them – Keep Them