By Kristine Holferty

DonorSearch Launches DonorSearch Aristotle for Higher Education 

Revolutionary AI-Powered Custom Predictive Scoring and Data Visualization to drive unparalleled results for Higher Education fundraising.

Marriottsville, Maryland: DonorSearch today announced DonorSearch Aristotle for Higher Education, a donor prospect analytics solution that will revolutionize fundraising for Higher Education through the power of AI/Machine Learning.

DonorSearch Aristotle for Higher Education leverages the continuous learning capacity of AI/Machine Learning to produce custom scores and a suite of data visualization reports that accurately predict major donor generosity and drive decisive action. As a result, DonorSearch Aristotle for Higher Education gives Higher Education fundraising organizations the power to quickly and precisely engage their most generous alumni. 

DonorSearch Aristotle for Higher Education puts the predictive precision of AI-powered analytics in the hands of universities and colleges, giving them the most direct route to unparalleled fundraising results. This marriage of innovation and intelligence makes my vision for DonorSearch’s contribution to fundraising a reality .

Bill TeDesco

Features and benefits of DonorSearch Aristotle for Higher Education include:

  • Comprehensive, custom, and highly predictive prospect generosity scores effectively designate prospects for specific fundraising efforts and prioritize action.
  • Data Visualization reports with drill-down and configuration capabilities to inform prospect management strategies and tactics.
  • Dynamic re-scoring through the regular refresh of client data for the length of their subscription, using AI/Machine Learning to enhance predictiveness and precision of engagement.

DonorSearch Aristotle for Higher Education brings the unparalleled processing power of Artificial Intelligence to Higher Education fundraising. It transforms the vast amounts of alumni experience, demographic, wealth, and giving data that Universities collect into highly predictive and actionable insights. Higher Education fundraising now has the extraordinary power to target and inspire their most generous alumni.

Nathan Chappell

Connect Giving Aspiration with Capacity.

For more information on how DonorSearch Aristotle for Higher Education can transform your fundraising efforts, visit here.


At DonorSearch, we know that philanthropy markers connect what is in someone’s heart – their aspirations in life – to their capacity to give to a nonprofit organization. Likewise, we believe that donor prospecting tools should help you connect your cause to more incredible people who can give to the mission. Founded in 2007 and built upon years of experience in philanthropy, our purpose is to provide nonprofits with actionable data and insights that help fundraisers connect more deeply with the right donors. With DonorSearch, identify your best donors, expand your donor pool, predict a donor’s capacity to give, and connect at the right time. Our platform empowers fundraisers and takes the guesswork out of donor prospecting so that you can focus your time on relationship building.

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Press Release: Introducing DonorSearch Aristotle for Higher Education