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Each year, the fundraising landscape seems to change, and many nonprofit professionals turn to online webinars to help determine what the current best strategies and tactics are. Nonprofit webinar series are usually hosted by thought leaders in the nonprofit space for others to learn from and enjoy. These are either live streamed or are pre-recorded and posted online.

With a global pandemic forcing the majority of us to stay at home, nonprofit webinars are now in higher demand than ever. Here at DonorSearch, we recommend everyone to stay safe and follow along with the most recent CDC guidelines. As we all practice safe social distancing, you’re probably wondering what the best next steps are for your nonprofit organization. What are other fundraisers doing? What are the best strategies to implement during this time?

To help you navigate this new normal, we’ve put together this resource of top nonprofit webinar series in 2020. It’s always a good idea to stay educated on best practices and stay up-to-date on the latest news. Let’s get started.

The Need for Nonprofit Webinar Series

A webinar is usually a meeting or presentation that is hosted entirely online, whether it’s live or not. Many nonprofits and related organizations or businesses host webinars to talk about topics like fundraising strategies or new advancements in the field.

Let's learn about the benefits of nonprofit webinars.

With a global pandemic keeping us at home, now is a great chance for you to brush up on some fundraising topics and participate in nonprofit webinars. Best of all, many of them are free!

Participating in online webinars is also a great way to spend your quarantine if you are finding yourself with extra free time. You can still engage in fundraising efforts and engage with other professionals in the field despite social distancing guidelines. After all, one of the main features of a live webinar is its interactivity! In the comments section, audience members can discuss what they’re watching with others and even ask questions.

With nonprofit webinars, you can learn from home on your own time and still intake valuable information and pointers from the top experts in the industry.

Top Webinar Series for Nonprofits

Nonprofit webinar series have been popular for a while now. Right now, they’re in greater demand than ever before. With more people staying home and many fundraising professionals unsure of how to continue regular engagements and maintain revenue, digital guidance from experts is highly valuable.

Read on to explore the top nonprofit webinars in 2020:

DonorSearch Webinar Series: Top Nonprofit Webinars

Learn about DonorSearch's nonprofit webinars and how they can help you.

Overview of this Nonprofit Webinar

DonorSearch has a variety of webinar series that people can take advantage of. Along with our Masterminds Series and Flash Classes, one of our current offerings is a series created for new users of the DonorSearch tool— or anyone who wants to refresh their knowledge with a recommended training program. 

The webinar consists of multiple sessions, but you don’t necessarily have to take them in order to gain the full benefits. While DonorSearch’s webinars are hosted in real-time, they can also be accessed after the fact. This is helpful for both those who missed the session and those who want to reference it again in the future. DonorSearch also provides a quiz that you can take once you’ve completed the webinar series to test your knowledge.

All of DonorSearch’s webinar series are free to access Learn more and check out their event calendar here.

DonorSearch Masterminds Series: Top Nonprofit Webinars

Learn more about DonorSearch's webinar series: Masterminds

Overview of this Nonprofit Webinar

The DonorSearch Masterminds Series is a nonprofit webinar that helps leaders all over in various topics of social good. Each week, DonorSearch features another thought leader, innovator, or change-maker in the nonprofit sector.

Not only does the Mastermind Series consist of video broadcasts and CFRE-certified webinars, DonorSearch also posts original writing from the speakers, live interviews, and even a deep dive podcast exploring what’s new in fundraising, philanthropy, and civil society.

The Mastermind Series is free to sign up for, and each one is also recorded and posted on the DonorSearch website for future reference.

Virtuous Webinar: Top Nonprofit WebinarsVirtuous has a variety of nonprofit webinars that you can explore.

Overview of this Nonprofit Webinar

Virtuous is a software company dedicated to helping nonprofits build relationships and maximize fundraising. On top of being a nonprofit CRM & marketing automation platform that aims to help organizations better engage their donors, Virtuous also offers free resources like webinars to help others navigate the fundraising landscape.

Virtuous hosts multiple webinar series that you can take advantage of, with topics ranging from charitable giving in the U.S. to strategies for maximizing year-end giving. Most recently they have been hosting a spring 2020 webinar series with brand new videos created by leading nonprofit fundraisers and partners.

It’s free to sign up for a webinar, so check out the full page here.

Andar Software Webinar: Top Nonprofit Webinars

Andar Software's nonprofit webinars range from general fundraising tips to COVID-19 specific ones, read on to learn more.

Overview of this Nonprofit Webinar

Andar Software is a company that aims to help nonprofits improve their fundraising campaigns. They help run workplace campaigns, handle pledges, manage memberships, improve your relationships, and provide valuable insights through analytics. On top of that, Andar Software hosts a variety of webinars and other resources for nonprofit leaders like you.

Their webinars focus on fundraising strategies and tips as well as more timely topics, such as setting up an emergency relief fund during COVID-19. Andar Software features different guests in the nonprofit field who lead the webinars and answer audience questions in an interactive Q&A format. For those who couldn’t make the live event, you can also submit your email to get a recording.

All of Andar Software’s additional resources, including webinars, are free to access. Check out their offerings here.

Arreva’s Webinar: Top Nonprofit Webinars

Learn more about Arreva's nonprofit webinars.

Overview of this Nonprofit Webinar

Arreva is an all-in-one fundraising and donor management software company that many nonprofits can take advantage of. Along with their tools, Arreva also has a collection of virtual events for leaders and professionals to learn from.

Arreva hosts a variety of online nonprofit webinars, from demos for partner tools to panel discussions with a collection of speakers and leaders. Additionally, each of Arreva’s webinars is free to watch in real-time! All you have to do is explore their page and register. Arreva also offers recordings of each one for later viewing.

DonorPerfect: Top Nonprofit WebinarsCheck out DonorPerfect's nonprofit webinars! They're free to explore and view.

Overview of this Nonprofit Webinar

As a comprehensive donor management and fundraising platform, DonorPerfect is a thought leader in the nonprofit space. On top of helping organizations better reach their supporters, DonorPerfect also hosts Expert Webcasts to share fundraising tips and insights with those who seek it.

DonorPerfect’s Expert Webcasts help fundraisers at all stages. This includes more general nonprofit topics like how to use donor data to more software-specific webcasts helping nonprofits make the most of their DonorPerfect platform.

DonorPerfect’s nonprofit webinars are free to sign up for and are uploaded to their website here.

Kindful: Top Nonprofit Webinars

Read on to explore more of Kindful's nonprofit webinars.

Overview of this Nonprofit Webinar

Kindful is a company made up of a team of former fundraisers, board members, consultants, and nonprofit employees. They aim to help organizations spend less time on data and software and more time on their mission. Along with its tools, Kindful also hosts nonprofit webinars on a variety of topics.

Since 2017, Kindful has been hosting online webinars, helping other fundraising professionals navigate new trends and explore novel strategies. Each webinar is also recorded so anyone can access it whenever they can and wherever they are. Check out all their previous webinars on this page.

ResultsPlus: Top Nonprofit Webinars

Read on to learn about ResultsPlus Nonprofit webinars.

Overview of this Nonprofit Webinar

ResultsPlus is a donor management software solution that’s dedicated to helping nonprofits improve their constituent relationships. ResultsPlus also offers online webinar events to further help organizations make a difference.

Right now, ResultsPlus is advertising a nonprofit webinar to help those who are using its software to learn the best ways to leverage its tools. To learn more about if this webinar might be right for your organization, check out their webinar events page.

Staupell Analytics Group: Top Nonprofit Webinars

Staupell Analytics Group is a nonprofit consulting team that also hosts nonprofit webinars.

Overview of this Nonprofit Webinar

Staupell is a group made up of analytic experts who help nonprofits improve their fundraising and their efficiency in data processing. Staupell partners with your prospects, pipeline managers, and business staff to strengthen your access and use of nonprofit data.

Staupell Analytics Group also hosts webinars for their clients and others who might benefit. They have upcoming webinars in May as well as recorded content from past ones on their website here.

CCS Fundraising: Top Nonprofit Webinars

CCS Fundraising is a group of nonprofit consultants that have also put together a resource of nonprofit webinars.

Overview of this Nonprofit Webinar

CCS Fundraising is a group of nonprofit consulting leaders that helps others with campaign and development strategies. They’ve been aiding nonprofits all over the world for more than 70 years.

Along with consulting nonprofits, CCS Fundraising also hosts a variety of nonprofit webinar series. One of their most recent and relevant series focused entirely on COVID-19 and how your nonprofit can effectively respond to it. You can either sign up for free or watch their recorded content on their website.

Changing Our World: Top Nonprofit WebinarsNot only is Changing Our World a top notch nonprofit consulting team, they also host nonprofit webinars.

Overview of this Nonprofit Webinar

Changing Our World is a consulting team dedicated to helping nonprofits develop their fundraising strategies, respond to emergency situations, better analyze their data, and more! As COVID-19 continues to impact how nonprofits fundraise, Changing Our World has also been hosting a collection of nonprofit webinars to help organizations cope.

Changing Our World has a collection of webinar series which you can register for free. If you can’t make the live event, you can still watch the recordings that are on their website. They also have an abundance of other resources for nonprofits to take advantage of, from essays to other publications.

JGA Consulting: Top Nonprofit Webinars

Learn more about JGA Consulting's free webinars.

Overview of this Nonprofit Webinar

JGA Consulting is a consulting group that helps both nonprofits and foundations in their philanthropic efforts. JGA understands the needs of its clients and customizes their services to always meet their unique needs.

JGA also occasionally hosts free nonprofit webinars where they share their knowledge on a variety of topics related to effective fundraising. Because they often work with nonprofits to help maximize their success, they have an ample amount of experience under their belt. Register for one of their webinars on this page or watch a past recording!


As the fundraising landscape continues to change, it’s important that you keep yourself educated and take advantage of the resources that are available to you. Nonprofit webinar series are a great example of a virtual experience that other fundraisers and nonprofit professionals are hosting and participating in.

While nonprofit webinars are especially attractive as we are all quarantining at home, they’re great tools to take advantage of even in the future. This digital alternative can be just as engaging and valuable as an in-person learning session.

To explore more virtual offerings for your nonprofit, check out our pages for Top Virtual Trainings and Virtual Fundraising Conferences.

Best Webinar Series for Nonprofits in 2020