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Prospect research is more than just screening, and DonorSearch provides more data than mere wealth. Our services are designed to meet the specific needs of your organization and to solve problems according to your schedule.

Online Tools

DonorSearch offers a suite of online tools to support your prospect research needs. Whether you’re conducting a grateful patient program, pledge drive, or other fundraising campaign, DonorSearch provides the tools you need when you need them.


ProspectView Plus

Get the most detailed wealth and philanthropic profiles in the industry for every prospect you search. Filter searches to zone in on the best prospects. Perform searches on your mobile device. Our thorough reports detail:

  • Traditional wealth markers to predict a prospect’s giving capacity
  • Prior philanthropic giving, including year, amount, type, recipient, and other data in order to predict a prospect’s inclination to give
  • Nonprofit affiliations

Profile with PSP

Integrated Search

Enter identifying information to receive data-rich comprehensive reports on prospects in mere moments.

Intergrated Search user fields Integrated Search allows you to:

  • Search common nicknames to increase both the accuracy and amount of data that a screening returns
  • Add your own information to increase the accuracy of results
  • View new and prior searches at a glance

The tool provides outlines on important wealth and philanthropic information, including real estate, relationships with other nonprofits and companies, stock transactions, and more. You can view interactive donor profiles, like the pie chart above, at any time. This brings the Excel spreadsheets that you receive from bulk screenings to life.

Gift Search

Sometimes the donors you want are hiding in plain sight. Search for all gifts given by an individual, couple, foundation, or organization. Gift Search lets you:

  • View the types of causes and organizations that donors support
  • Analyze giving patterns
  • Filter donations according to year, amount, state, and other criteria
  • Cross-research both donors and gift recipients
  • Access annual reports where donations are named
  • Use the annual reports feature to discover names of supporters who will help you to make connections with new donors

Gift search table

My Portfolio

Sort and analyze your data with this powerful reporting tool. Each researched prospect is automatically added to your portfolio for the convenient retrieval of information.

Example of My Portfolio summary data tab

My Portfolio allows you to:

  • Display an unlimited number of records
  • Customize your search with an array of filters
  • Experience fast searches and loading times to receive data when you need it

Your list of donors can be sorted and filtered according to various categories of information, as well as exported for further reporting and analysis. Links allow you to view individualized reports, such as those returned by Integrated Search, so you can pinpoint the data you need in seconds.

Prospect Generator

Comedian and actor Milton Berle once said, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” We say build a new batch of prospects. Discover new prospects on the donation lists of similar organizations. Organizations can be similar in mission, location, or other factors.

Prospect Generator

In addition to identifying the loyal donors of other nonprofits, you can:

  • Research fundraising efforts by other organizations both to see how you compare and to complete a strategic review of your development goals.
  • Find out more about a specific donation or organization.
  • Research and export data for further analysis or reporting.
  • Search by zip code and distance.
  • Receive income and asset information for organizations.
  • Use advanced search to search by year(s).

Executive Analysis

The amount of data provided by prospect research can be overwhelming, but this visualization tool makes it easy to understand your prospects at a glance without sacrificing important details.

Executive analysis pie chart

Executive Analysis delivers visualized summaries of your prospect list as a whole, according to loyalty, philanthropy, and wealth, so you’ll see:

  • Giving potential of your donor list
  • How much giving you’re capturing from that list
  • Organizations and causes that your donors support
  • Political causes supported by donors
  • Likelihood of giving a major gift
  • Other information, depending on your development strategy

From pie charts to bar graphs, Executive Analysis makes it simple to understand your donors as a group, so you can make better-informed fundraising decisions.

Philanthropy and Wealth Bulk Screening Services

Thanks to our proprietary philanthropy database, DonorSearch provides the best bulk screening services in the industry. Our bulk screening services are comprehensive and timely, so you can efficiently identify the donors you need and focus on fundraising efforts.

Batch Screening

Submit lists of prospects to receive detailed and accurate wealth and philanthropic profiles. This dual-screening approach allows you to predict both the capacities and inclinations to give of your current donors. Send us lists, as big or small as you’d like, and choose the schedule that works for you. Prospects can be screened monthly, weekly, and daily.

The screening service comes with a free manual review of your top prospects. In-house prospect research specialists manually verify information, which raises the accuracy to an industry-best 90%. This saves your development team valuable time during the qualification phase, so they can more quickly move into the cultivation stage with your top prospects. The screening results are returned to you via DonorSearch’s online tool, and can be imported into any major donor management system. This integration allows you to better analyze your data and easily apply it to your fundraising efforts.

Planned Giving Screening

Finding major gift donors and planned giving donors are two different tasks. Surveys reveal that 40% of planned giving donations come from donors who have not given large gifts in the past and are unknown to the organization’s development officers. Planned Giving Prospect Identification (PGID) uses sophisticated modeling and analytics to identify donors who are most likely to support your organization with a substantial legacy gift. When back-testing a pool of 14,000 known donors, PGID identified 84% of the known planned donors. DonorSearch’s PGID rating indicates the likelihood to give a bequest on a scale from most to least likely.

Daily Patient Screening

A tool for healthcare organizations that screens new patients as they come in. Send DonorSearch your patients’ names to receive comprehensive donor profiles as soon as the next morning. These profiles include:

  • Prior philanthropic activity
  • Causes and organizations supported
  • Real estate ownership

Daily Patient Screening works great with established grateful patient programs. Armed with prospect research, your healthcare organization can establish relationships with both current and recent patients who are grateful and likely to give large charitable donations.

Live Audience Analytics (LAA)

Public broadcasting teams can screen prospects in real time to identify the donors who will keep their stations up and running. LAA screening:

  • Identifies the giving potential of your audience by recommending a cultivation strategy for each supporter, member, and listener
  • Returns screening results daily or weekly, according to your schedule

LAA lets your fundraising team make sound decisions and focus on the best prospects.


Use the people you know to reach the people you want to know. The best people to introduce you to prospective donors are your management, board, and most loyal supporters. Thanks to this dedicated screening, along with a detailed philanthropy and wealth analysis, you receive a list of highly qualified prospects who you can be introduced to through the personal connection of a current supporter.

Additional Services

Basic Training

It’s critical to know how to leverage our services and use our array of online tools. Our client support team offers unlimited training sessions to teach you how to use our products with no additional costs. Training is personalized to the areas you want to cover and to answer your individual questions.

Advanced Training

Advanced Training provides a deeper understanding of our tools and their features.

Advanced Training helps you to:

  • Segment prospective donors by giving potential
  • Analyze giving likelihood and capacity
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your prospect pool
  • Allocate development resources more efficiently

Data Appends

Stale bread doesn’t do anyone any good, and neither does an outdated donor database. With data appends, fill in missing or old information, such as:

  • National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • Date of Birth (DOB)/Age
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number (landline and/or cellphone)
  • Skip Tracing

So many services! DonorSearch can do a lot for your organization and save both valuable time and a lot of prospect-research-induced headaches.

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