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By DonorSearch

If the Research office were a restaurant, the prospect profile would be the highest priced dish on the menu.

If done right, a profile will give the fundraiser a solid picture of the capacity and character of the prospect and supply timely talking points for the next move(s) of your nonprofit’s solicitation strategy.


The work involved includes intelligence gathering from many sources, review of previous contact reports, and consultation with key stakeholders–it takes an average of 8 hours of solid effort. It’s for this reason that profiles are used sparingly. Many research offices will set high engagement standards for profile requests–the prospect must be well-past the qualification stage and close to serious discussions of amount and purpose before you get a profile.

The key elements that inform and guide action are:

  • Prospect Connection and Importance: Relationship to the nonprofit, past giving to the mission, potential impact their next gift will make.
  • Gift Potential: How much they can give with the right cultivation–Their wealth, their position.
  • Inclination and Passion: Their known philanthropy–to you, and to like causes.
  • Talking Points: Your organization’s end-game–critical factors and actions that will culminate in the ask.


One good profile can act as a guide for a successful and coordinated solicitation that taps a prospect’s potential–both financially and emotionally. What’s there must be concise and strategic. If only it COULD BE a push-button task.

We know it can. Yes, you read it right. We’re introducing DS Profile Builder.

A tool that gives you the power to combine the critical intelligence you’ve gained from a DonorSearch screening and your own research with your strategic information–organized, edited, and formatted in line with how you fundraise at your nonprofit. Save your layout as a template, and you’ve got push-button power to produce a vital fundraising instrument every time, in less time, with less effort.

Profiles. NECESSARY, but NOT (necessarily) hard.

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Prospect Profiles: Hard but Necessary