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At DonorSearch, we’re proud to share our prospect research knowledge through our blog, but our word is far from the final word on the prospect research world. There are plenty of other blogs that give us inspiration and share even more necessary information on this expansive fundraising topic. We’ve gathered our favorite prospect research blogs to share with you. We hope that you enjoy reading them a little less than you love reading ours, but that you gain value from them all the same.

Aspire Research

General Review: A blog brimming with the writer’s idiosyncratic personality, Aspire covers topics ranging from data scraping to CRM success to any and all questions facing the prospect research world. The articles are well-researched and take about 5-10 minutes to read, which will be time well spent. Link:

Inforich Group

General Review: Through no-nonsense writing, Inforich provides content to help you better understand your prospects. They’ve written on topics such as political giving, nonprofit metrics, and philanthropy indicators. Link:

Helen Brown Group

General Review: One word comes to mind when thinking of the Helen Brown Group’s Intelligent Edge: comprehensive. Her articles on topics ranging from international prospect research to fundraising ethics to prospect identification are complex enough for seasoned prospect research pros and explanatory enough for those who are newer to the field. Link:

Bentz Whaley Flessner

General Review: Bentz Whaley Flessner’s blog is more of a conglomeration of numerous blogs all under the category of News and Resources on their website. Sub-blogs include: the Alumni Engagement Blog, the DonorCast Blog, the Philanthropy News Blog, the Social Philanthropy Blog, and the Targeting Fundraising Talent Blog. The posts are largely related to nonprofit news. For example, a recent article is titled “Buffett Donates Record $2.84 Billion to Gates, Family Charities.” Link: Interested in learning more about prospect research? Check out our prospect research white papers!

Brian Lacy and Associates

General Review: A Fundraiser’s Friend, Brian Lacy and Associates’ blog, provides a large selection of the top online content regarding the nonprofit sector. The content is expertly curated by Brian Lacy, who has decades of experience in the field. Head over to the blog for reliable, vetted coverage of all the hot topics in the world of fundraising and prospect research. Link:


General Review: If you’re looking for top-notch content on planned giving, MarketSmart’s Smart Ideas blog is the perfect place to start reading. The posts have a fun and personable tone without sacrificing any quality on the educational content front. The topics don’t stop at planned giving either! You’ll find first-rate posts on subjects like major giving and digital marketing, just to name a few. Link:

CoolData blog

General Review: CoolData focuses on data mining and predictive modeling with attention to higher education advancement. It has an inside baseball feel. It is informative, detail-oriented, and technical. It is not a nonprofit data beginner’s blog, but it does provide a fascinating and analytical look at the topics featured for those invested in the field. Link:

Fundraising Nerd

General Review: Run by the Fundraising Nerd Principal, Amanda Jarman, the blog is eloquently written. The topics are not necessarily introductory, but rather, for professionals already within the nonprofit field. For example, a series of posts were live-blogged by Jarman during sessions at the Association of Advancement Services Professionals Summit (AASP) — a great resource for those unable to attend AASP. Link: Interested in learning more about prospect research? Check out our prospect research white papers!


General Review: Simply put, Philanthrodata’s blog, the Fundraising Back-Office, is a good read. The posts that appear on this blog are engaging. Usually opened with a smart analogy, they find a nice balance between informative and entertaining. The blog has a strong focus on prospect research but also covers topics like mentoring and stewardship. Link:

Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt

General Review: Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt offers nonprofit consulting services. Its blog provides another resource to consult. The content is well-written and clearly executed with reader accessibility in mind. A recent highlight from the blog is “Positioning Your Organization for Growth Post-Recession,” which analyzes the implications of a survey’s findings that giving reached a new high in 2014. Link:

CSS Fundraising

General Review: CSS Fundraising’s blog, CSS Philanthropy 360, consists of posts spanning a large spectrum of fundraising topics. It is relatively common to see a post that takes a popular subject in the nonprofit community, like storytelling, and discusses it in a highly specific context, like the article, “So What’s Your Story? Three Ways to Leverage Effective Storytelling in Higher Education.” The combination makes for interesting and engaging articles. Link:

Grassroots Fundraising Journal

General Review: The Grassroots Fundraising Journal is put together by the Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training. Published every two months, the journal features writing on donor relations, nonprofit budgeting, and online fundraising to name a few of its popular topics. Interested readers can subscribe to receive access to their current issue and complete archive or purchase the most recent issue. Link:

Fired-Up Fundraising

General Review: Gail Perry’s Fired-Up Fundraising is informative and brimming with personality. She provides innovative insights into the world of fundraising and especially likes to focus on advice related to nonprofit boards. The blog itself is filled with posts on all the fundraising topics you could think of, from donor-centered appeal letters to year-end campaigns. Link: These blogs help us learn and grow, and we hope they’ll do the same for you! Prospect Research Whitepaper Downloadable Guide    
Our Favorite Prospect Research Blogs