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Build a solid foundation for your healthcare fundraising with a FREE wealth screening demo from DonorSearch! One of the most popular ways for nonprofits to raise money these days is through crowdfunding. With these social fundraising campaigns, organizations like yours can tap into the giving power of your supporters’ personal networks and spread your campaign far and wide over the internet. In a crowdfunding campaign, nonprofits launch short-term fundraisers and call on many supporters to donate small amounts so they can quickly reach their goal. Crowdfunding thrives on social media sites like Facebook because it’s easy for campaigns to spread to a large audience in just a few shares. Since successful crowdfunding is so intrinsically related to social media, it’s no surprise that applying tried-and-true social media best practices can help get your next crowdfunding campaign over the finish line. Check out our favorite ways to make your crowdfunding efforts stand out on social media:
  1. Choose the right platform for your crowdfunding campaign
  2. Make giving to your crowdfunding campaign easy for mobile donors
  3. Leverage social media tools for more effective fundraising
  4. Launch team crowdfunding campaigns to boost engagement
  5. Grow your community with informative supporter data
Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

1. Choose the right platform for your crowdfunding campaign

Getting your crowdfunding campaign right depends upon choosing the right platform for your fundraiser. Successful social media fundraising is already dependent on having accessible giving pages ready for your supporters, and this becomes even more crucial when your crowdfunding campaign comes into the mix. When picking a crowdfunding platform, be sure your host offers fully customizable giving pages to your team. The more your crowdfunding page aligns with your social media identify, the more likely it is donors will give to your campaign. This means your crowdfunding page should feature:
  • Your nonprofit’s logo
  • Your branded color scheme
  • Photos and videos of your community at work
Additionally, the perfect crowdfunding platform will also let your nonprofit offer fundraising incentives and donation levels, as these features can incentivize your donors to give. Providing perks can also lead to a larger social media presence. Think about: if you offer supporters a t-shirt in return for their donation, they can share pictures of them wearing your appear to their social networks, which can draw even more awareness to your campaign. Most of all? You want your crowdfunding platform to offer your team flexible social sharing features. Your crowdfunding platform should offer:
  • Automated social share buttons that prompt donors to spread the word after they give
  • Thank-you pages that appear after a donation is made that are customized to your campaign
  • Branded hashtags that are unique to your crowdfunding campaign
Since successful crowdfunding campaigns need to be far reaching, your platform should make it as easy as possible for supporters to see your message. Bonus! Ready to find the right crowdfunding platform for your nonprofit? Check out Double the Donation’s list of the top crowdfunding websites to find the one that’s right for your organization.

2. Make giving to your crowdfunding campaign easy for mobile donors

Since nearly 80% of all social media activity happens on smartphones, you want your crowdfunding campaign to be easily accessed on mobile devices. This means that if your team wants to make a big splash on social media, your crowdfunding campaign should be designed with mobile users in mind. You can start this process by enabling text-to-donate giving for your supporters. With text-to-donate, motivated supporters simply send a branded keyword to a pre-set phone number. In an instant, they are sent back the link to your mobile crowdfunding page and can make a donation. Many of your supporters might not know about text-to-donate fundraising, so you can leverage your social media real estate to educate them on the process. Consider trying some of these compelling call to action ideas:
  • Recruit social media influencers to promote your text-to-donate campaign
  • Post easy how-to videos promoting text-to-donate for your crowdfunder
  • Share your crowdfunder’s fundraising thermometer with your text-to-donate information front-and-center
No matter what, you want it to be loud and clear to anyone who interacts with your nonprofit on social sites that they can give to your crowdfunder in just a few clicks using their smartphone.

3. Leverage social media tools for more effective fundraising

One of the downsides of trying to tap into social media fundraising? There are a lot of other nonprofits out there leveraging social strategies to boost the reach of their crowdfunding campaigns. This can make it hard to get noticed and easy for your crowdfunder to fall by the digital wayside. Want to ensure your crowdfunding campaign gets the support it deserves? Put into practice some of these social media fundraising strategies to help get your campaign out there:
  • Facebook giving. Did you know that your supporters can give to your campaign directly through Facebook? With the right online giving software, your nonprofit can embed your giving form directly into your Facebook profile. This means your supporters can easily donate within Facebook, making giving online more convenient than ever.
  • Automatic sharing. After your supporters donate, you can set up sharing buttons to automatically appear along with a thank-you message. This way, you can call your supporters to action to spread the word about your crowdfunding campaign. Remind them to include your campaign’s hashtag for an added signal boost!
  • Campaign videos. Be sure to post lots of videos on social media promoting your crowdfunding campaign. Not only will these videos help amplify your message, but because many social media sites favor videos in their newsfeed algorithms, this content is more likely to be viewed by supporters – which is why your video marketing strategy should be a high priority. 
By leveraging all these social media tools at your disposal, you can meet donors where they already are and ensure that contributing to your crowdfunding campaign is a breeze. Bonus! Excited to start crowdfunding? Check Crowd101’s tips and advice from 33 experts to give your next online fundraiser an extra kick!

4. Launch team crowdfunding campaigns to boost engagement

Crowdfunding and social media engagement go hand-in-hand because of the highly social nature of this fundraising strategy. Since crowdfunding campaigns rely on many small donations from large group of supporters, it’s no wonder that they work so well online. However, you can take the social nature of your crowdfunding campaign to the next level by launching team crowdfunding for your followers. Team crowdfunding is a type of fundraising where a nonprofit allows fundraising teams to launch crowdfunding campaigns of their own on the organization’s online fundraising platform. Teams can be made up of:
  • Dedicated volunteers
  • Past donors
  • Staff members
  • Individuals affected by your mission
  • And more!
Team crowdfunding is a great way to rally the support of your followers while maximizing the reach of your campaign. Think of it as a super-charged version of peer-to-peer fundraising. Because team crowdfunders are putting their own face on your fundraising efforts, their social networks will be more inclined to make a gift. As your crowdfunding teams grow, so does your pool of possible donors! Be sure to let your teams customize their pages with personal photos and videos, as well as update their progress with a live fundraising thermometer. This way, their networks can get excited by seeing how much of an impact their friend, family member, or coworker has had on your organization.

5. Grow your community with informative supporter data

Another reason why smart social media strategies can take your crowdfunding campaign up a notch is by using the platform to learn more about your supporters. The more you know about your donors and volunteers, the better your team will be able to tailor your crowdfunding efforts to them. What’s great about social media is that it gives your nonprofit access to so much donor information that you might not yet have on file. For example, a quick look at a supporter’s profile can reveal:
  • Their age, gender, and marital status
  • Their likes, dislikes, and hobbies
  • The company that they work for
  • Other nonprofits they are affiliated with
  • And more!
Think of these indicators as a kind of prospect research for your crowdfunding campaign. The more you know about your online supporters, the better equipped you’ll be to connect with them on social media. Even better? By tracking engagement with your crowdfunding campaign, your social media team can learn about your supporters’ engagement habits online. For example, you can collect data that reveals which crowdfunding posts are the most popular with supporters, the best time of day to make a call to action, and the kinds of videos your supporters are most likely to share with friends. Your team can then analyze and import this data into your CRM. When you’re planning your next crowdfunding campaign (or adjusting your strategy for one that’s already launched), you can reference this information to figure out better ways to market your campaign.
Crowdfunding is driven by social media, so it makes sense to lean on proven social media strategies to give your campaign the boost it needs. With these tips in mind, you’re ready to start fundraising!

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