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7 things you may not have known about charitable giving

Nonprofits are in the game of giving, and when it comes to keeping your game sharp and strong, you’ll need to know all the charitable giving ins-and-outs.

The good news is that, according to a Giving USA report, 2015 was the most charitable year for Americans. 

The public is ready to give, and you’ll want to use all the information you can to reap the rewards of these increasingly generous people.

But with tons of data available about charitable giving, the process can be overwhelming.

That’s why DonorSearch is bringing you 7 statistics that will help illuminate your understanding of charitable giving.

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DonorSearch crosses the 100 million mark

Here at DonorSearch, we’ve hit 100 million records! Yes, that’s right. Not 1 million, not 10 million, but 100 million records in our charitable giving database.

We are incredibly excited to have reached this milestone. But what’s great for us is also great for you — because this gargantuan amount of records means that our philanthropic databases are chock full of information that your nonprofit can use.

Want to know more as we celebrate this achievement?

Below are the key insights that we’ve gathered from our charitable giving database. To start out, check out our highest categories for annual reports:

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DonorSearch Introduces New Website

DonorSearch has experienced a lot of exciting changes so far in December. Earlier this month, we changed our logo to better reflect our philosophy - combining philanthropy and wealth to produce better data analytics. Now, DonorSearch is happy to release a new, interactive website aimed at providing valuable information about prospect research to nonprofits.