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How to Engage Alumni Effectively | 4 Key Best Practices

If there’s one golden rule of university fundraising, it’s that the key to effectively engaging alumni supporters is making meaningful connections with them year after year.

No matter how long it’s been since graduation, your school always wants to remain a part of your alumni’s lives (and be first on their list when making a charitable gift).

What’s one way to forge a long-lasting relationship with members of your alumni community?

Prospect research is the practice of collecting and analyzing alumni data to better know your community of prospective donors. With the right prospect research in place, your school can leverage this data into more effective engagement techniques and help boost your school’s fundraising success.

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DonorSearch Introduces New Website

DonorSearch has experienced a lot of exciting changes so far in December. Earlier this month, we changed our logo to better reflect our philosophy - combining philanthropy and wealth to produce better data analytics. Now, DonorSearch is happy to release a new, interactive website aimed at providing valuable information about prospect research to nonprofits.