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You can expand your fundraising toolkit using powerful Tessitura integrations like DonorSearch.

For many, the arts are a fundamental part of what it means to be human. To experience creative works, performances, and history is to engage in our collective consciousness. Each day, arts and culture institutions work tirelessly to share these enriching experiences with the world. But in order to serve this mission, these nonprofit institutions depend on the support of patrons and donors.

Tessitura is an enterprise technology solution designed to meet the unique needs of the arts and culture sector. Since 2001, this powerful software has streamlined fundraising and business operations for museums, theaters, and more. Tessitura is meant to break down the many silos of your organization’s software. In addition to its built-in functionality, there’s a wide range of integration partners that take the platform even further.

Thanks to these capabilities, Tessitura and its integrations can accelerate your institution’s fundraising initiatives. In this article, we’ll address basic questions onTessitura, then explore five of the most useful integrations for fundraising.

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The are several important questions to consider before you can understand the Tessitura integration ecosystem.

What is Tessitura? And Other FAQs

What is Tessitura?

Tessitura is a robust, unified system for the business functions of arts and culture organizations. The platform includes a constituent relationship management system (CRM), fundraising tools, ticketing and membership tools, marketing software, business insights, and education features, among other functions. In addition to the core capabilities built into Tessitura, the platform is compatible with a variety of third-party integrations that enhance the ecosystem.

Who uses Tessitura?

Tessitura can power a variety of arts and culture organizations. The network serves markets including museums, theaters, zoos, educational institutions,

What can Tessitura do for fundraisers?

With Tessitura, development professionals have access to sophisticated tools for effectively cultivating relationships with patrons. Fundraising features include gift processing, campaign management, stewardship tools, acknowledgment emails, and relationship mapping. Integrations like DonorSearch’s wealth screening tool can push these capabilities even further.

How can you expand your Tessitura system?

The Tessitura network is flexible and configurable, allowing each organization to customize it to suit its unique needs. The core features can be augmented through powerful integration partners. Adding integrations to your organization’s base Tessitura system can unlock limitless opportunities for marketing, ticketing, data management, and fundraising. Up next, we’ll explore a handful of the most critical integrations for maximizing your fundraising potential.

There are many useful Tessitura integrations that can propel your fundraising efforts.

Top Tessitura Integrations to Drive Fundraising

DonorSearch is one of the best Tessitura integrations for prospect research.

DonorSearch: Top Tessitura Integration for Wealth Screening

The Basics

DonorSearch is an industry-leading provider of prospect research and wealth screening tools. These tools provide accurate and actionable insights that allow nonprofit organizations to identify and prioritize high-impact patrons.

Tessitura’s DonorSearch integration combines powerful prospect intelligence with the CRM’s core patron management tools. Within Tessitura, fundraising professionals can generate individual profiles and batch screening results and store the results in the system.

Based on key wealth and philanthropic indicators, this prospect intelligence allows arts and culture organizations to identify potential major donors with the click of a button. It’s simple to collect and store data such as the number of gifts and total dollars a patron has donated to other arts organizations. The synthesis of this granular information with Tessitura’s engagement data powers the most reliable prospecting tool in the industry.

Top Features of This Integration

  • Access to the nation’s largest philanthropic database
  • Proprietary matching logic
  • Actionable data analytics
  • Information on your best prospective major gift donors, annual fund donors, and planned gift donors based
  • Free, unlimited training and support


Visit the DonorSearch homepage to learn about the wealth screening capabilities of this Tessitura integration.

Mailchimp is one of the best Tessitura integrations for email marketing.

MailChimp: Top Tessitura Integration for Email Marketing

The Basics

Mailchimp is an integrated marketing platform that focuses on robust email marketing functionality. Every day, more than 600 emails are sent using Mailchimp. Many arts and culture organizations depend on Mailchimp to engage with patrons and to send marketing messages to a wide audience.

With the MonkeyWrench feature, Tessitura data automatically syncs with Mailchimp, making it easy to leverage powerful email delivery and automation features.

Top Features of This Integration

  • Sync Tessitura contact lists with Mailchimp
  • Monitor changes to constituent personal information, purchases, donations, and updates
  • Personalize and segment Mailchimp communications based on key data from Tessitura


Visit the Mailchimp website to learn more about this Tessitura integration.

Donate2 is one of the best Tessitura integrations for online donations.

Donate2: Top Tessitura Integration for Online Donations

The Basics

Donate2 is a streamlined, mobile-friendly online donation form. Patrons can make a contribution to your arts and culture organization from any device in less than 10 seconds. This platform offers convenient options like form customization, digital wallet payments, and the ability for donors to cover processing costs.

Additionally, Donate2 integrates seamlessly with Tessitura so you can maximize the use of the transaction data and patron information. When a donation is made, Donate2 instantly tracks it in the CRM and triggers a receipt. Then, you can see the information alongside ticket purchases, memberships, and other data all in one place to create lasting donor relationships.

Top Features of This Integration

  • Simple donation form removes barriers to giving
  • Donations are automatically populated in the Tessitura CRM
  • Data is easy to reconcile and report without manual data entry


Visit the Donate2 website to learn more about this Tessitura integration.

AccountingWare is is one of the best Tessitura integrations for accounting.

AccountingWare: Top Tessitura Integration for Accounting

The Basics

AccountingWare provides enterprise accounting solutions to a variety of businesses including arts and culture organizations. Their Activity HD ERP system can handle essential business functions including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and more.

AccountingWare’s software solution can scale to any size organization and integrate with Tessitura, so it’s easy to customize to your unique needs. With your accounting and donor information in one place, you can analyze the best avenues for growth and quickly identify areas that need attention.

Top Features of This Integration

  • Powerful reporting and visualization features
  • Products including general ledger, payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable
  • Ability to automate business processes


Visit the AccountingWare website to learn more about this Tessitura integration.

zkipster is is one of the best Tessitura integrations for event planning.

zkipster: Top Tessitura Integration for Event Management

The Basics

zkipster is a comprehensive software solution for managing invitation-only events. Used by event professionals worldwide, zkipster can power galas, premieres, fundraisers, conferences, and many more arts and culture-related events.

zkipster integrates with Tessitura so you can easily manage event invitation and attendance records alongside other core patron information. Having easy access to this engagement data within your CRM will help you cultivate stronger relationships with your supporters.

Top Features of This Integration

  • Supports in-person, virtual, and hybrid events
  • Sends attractive and functional online invitations
  • Manages registration, guest lists, and seating


Visit the Zkipster website to learn about their useful Tessitura integration.

To ensure your arts and culture institution can continue pursuing its mission, you need a solid fundraising strategy. The Tessitura CRM and its integration capabilities will help your team form stronger bonds with patrons and ultimately raise more revenue. With the right integration set up, you can manage key fundraising activities like prospect research or event management directly within the system.

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