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Check out our top nonprofit web design firm, DNL OmniMedia.

It’s no secret that nonprofit web design can be challenging. There are a million little details that nonprofits have to think about to create a website that’s not only modern and professional, but that also converts donations and other supporter actions.

Not to mention, putting these little details into practice often requires knowledge of tricky coding or a level of tech savvy that many organizations simply don’t possess. Between worrying about prospecting, donor stewardship, fundraising campaigns, and other important day-to-day efforts, it’s understandable that many nonprofits don’t have the expertise and resources required to build the most successful websites possible.

If your organization has encountered a similar scenario, you may need to bring in outside help. That’s where nonprofit web design firms come in!

The consultants who work at these firms are nonprofit web design experts with plenty of experience in both website strategy and creation. They will work with your organization to devise a strategy that will help you reach your website goals and to build out your website so you can achieve a look that reflects your unique brand.

To help your organization choose the web design firm that best meets your needs, we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 nonprofit web design firms, including:

  1. Kanopi
  2. DNL OmniMedia
  3. Morweb
  4. Cornershop Creative
  5. Constructive
  6. Blackbaud Interactive
  7. Mittun
  8. Techtriad
  9. Gravitate
  10. Advocate Creative



Kanopi is a top nonprofit web development company that works closely with its clients to upgrade their web presence.1. Kanopi


Your nonprofit’s website is the number one marketing tool for your organization, but many don’t know how to prioritize it. Kanopi is a web development firm that works closely with nonprofits who use the Drupal, WordPress, or Mukurtu CMS to create stunning websites and maximize fundraising efforts.

When you partner with Kanopi, you have access to the following top services:

  • User research so that Kanopi fully understands your audiences 
  • Content strategy development to align with your mission and your supporters’ needs
  • User persona development and journey mapping to better understand your users’ goals and how your website can direct them towards that
  • User testing to ensure that any new features added go smoothly
  • Customized web design with full web accessibility and compliance

Kanopi understands that a successful partnership with a client stems from genuinely getting to know the nonprofit and what resonates with its audience. This means that no matter what, you’ll have a website that reflects your mission and meets your supporters’ needs.


With years of experience with the Drupal, WordPress, and Mukurtu CMS, Kanopi can partner with nonprofits no matter the stage they’re in with their website development. Kanopi can help the client tackle a new Drupal, WordPress, or Mukurtu CMS, or simply just optimize their current CMS through custom integrations and custom module and plugin development.

Kanopi knows that not every nonprofit organization is the same and that their website should reflect that. Kanopi takes the time to research your nonprofit and get to know your supporters, presenting a proposal that aims to meet all of your needs. They also give clients ample opportunities to ask questions to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the solution is up to full standards.

Even when your website is up and running, Kanopi makes sure to set you up for success with a full website growth plan, continued support services, and even staff augmentation in case you need extra hands on deck. No matter what, Kanopi is there to serve your nonprofit and make your lives easier.


Monthly support starts at $3,000/month, and full website rebuilds (including strategy, design, and development) start at $70k. Make sure to contact them here to learn more.

Learn more about Kanopi’s nonprofit web design firm on their website.

Learn more about Kanopi.


DNL Omnimedia is one of our top nonprofit web design companies.

2. DNL OmniMedia

Nonprofit Web Design Firm Overview

With a full suite of nonprofit marketing, software, and strategic development services, DNL OmniMedia can truly do it all for your organization—including helping you design and implement a stellar website.

DNL offers end-to-end website development exclusively for nonprofit organizations. Since they only work with nonprofits, you can trust that their team of web designers and consultants can provide unparalleled support for your goals and unique needs. 

You can work with DNL to outline your entire web strategy, including:

  • Website architecture and design.
  • Content and domain migration.
  • Website testing, launch, and maintenance.
  • Online marketing consulting and fundraising strategies.

DNL knows that your nonprofit’s online presence should enhance your fundraising potential, so they’ll work with you to develop a website that drives online donations, inspires supporter engagement, and ultimately pushes your mission forward in the most effective, sustainable way. For more information, check out this Team DNL guide to their nonprofit website design process.

Why Nonprofits Love This Web Design Firm

Because they know nonprofits so well, Team DNL understands that a well-designed website is only one part of your organization’s online strategy.

That’s why they offer a lot more than just web design services, including:

  1. Technical strategy support. Your online fundraising strategy depends on your constituent relationship management (CRM) software as well as other software solutions. DNL can help you see how these systems can work together to inform all of your efforts. They’ll provide guidance during software implementation, integrations, and data migration.
  2. Blackbaud software consultationAs experienced Blackbaud partners, Team DNL can give you the skills you need to make the most of your Blackbaud software, whether you’re brand new to the products or in need of a refresher course. They can provide integration help, customization and development, and personalized training paths.
  3. Social media and communications strategy. A strong web presence is vital for communicating with constituents. DNL can help you design a well thought out social media strategy and work with you to map out your plan for other forms of online communication and marketing, including email campaigns, content marketing, and more.

Pricing for Their Nonprofit Web Design Services

Contact DNL for a price quote that matches your specific web design and consulting needs.

See how DNL OmniMedia's nonprofit web design services can enhance your online presence.


Learn more about DNL OmniMedia.

Learn more about Morweb, a top nonprofit web design firm.

3. Morweb

Nonprofit Web Design Firm Overview

In the nonprofit world, there’s not always the time and resources to spend hours creating a website. With Morweb, your team can produce a functional and effective site in no time.

Using their intuitive CMS, organizations can build informative websites that tell the story of their cause and inspire supporters to get involved. With a full suite of web design features, there’s no limit to what your nonprofit’s website can accomplish.

Morweb offers the following  web design features:

  • Live editing directly on your page.
  • Mobile-friendly web pages.
  • Customizable fundraising pages.
  • Shopping carts for product fundraising.
  • Events pages and event registration tools.

Not only does Morweb’s CMS offer these useful features, but their platform doesn’t require any coding knowledge. This means that no matter your team’s web design experience level, you can create a stellar nonprofit website.

Why Nonprofits Love This Web Design Firm

Morweb stands out from other web design firms because they place a priority on user experience. In addition to making your websites easy to use, they make website creation a breeze.

Since most nonprofit professionals don’t have a background in technology or design, your team can rest assured you’ll still have time to focus on fundraising.

Further, because Morweb’s platform gives nonprofits more bang for their buck, there’s no need to worry about diverting fundraising revenue to invest in complicated design software. With Morweb, your nonprofit can have it all: a striking, effective nonprofit website and a great ROI.

Pricing for Their Nonprofit Web Design Services

On top of offering robust CMS features and expert web design consulting, Morweb is an affordable web design platform with pricing packages as low as $99/month.

Morweb is a flexible nonprofit web design firm for all kinds of organizations.

Learn more about Morweb.

Explore the services from Cornershop Creative, a leading nonprofit web design agency.

4. Cornershop Creative

Nonprofit Web Design Firm Overview

Cornershop Creative offers full-service web design, development, and support services for nonprofits of all sizes, making them a great choice for your next project.

Focused exclusively on nonprofits with extra expertise in the small to mid-size grassroots sector, the team at Cornershop understands what organizations need from their websites to boost engagement, functionality, and revenue.

Their full range of services includes:

  • Custom, user-centric web design
  • Specialized WordPress support
  • Web development for custom functionalities
  • CRM integrations between your site and database
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

With an emphasis on relationship-building and user experience, Cornershop creates beautiful, highly-functional websites for their clients.

Why Nonprofits Love This Web Design Firm

Cornershop Creative’s approach gives nonprofits the best of both worlds: advanced technical solutions and human-centric design.

This firm really stands out for a few reasons:

  1. Fully-customized projects. No matter the size of your organization or your web design needs, Cornershop Creative takes the time to fully scope out a custom solution. This means no one-size-fits-all or piecemeal fixes just because you’re a smaller nonprofit.
  2. WordPress expertise. As a legacy provider for the nonprofit sector, WordPress is a top choice for building your website. Cornershop’s relationships with WordPress and their extensive background working with the platform make them a smart move for nonprofits that need beautiful, robust, and easy-to-use websites.
  3. A full suite of intuitive plugins. Cornershop Creative also offers their own technical products, plugins for WordPress. These include easy-to-use tools for cleaning up your media library, building eCard campaigns, populating user-specific legislator contact information, and more.

Pricing for Their Nonprofit Web Design Services

Prices vary for Cornershop Creative’s customized services, so reach out to ask questions or request a quote.

Cornershop Creative is a leading nonprofit web design firm for all types of organizations.

Learn more about Cornershop Creative.

Constructive offers a range of web design and related services to nonprofits and educational institutions.
5. Constructive

Nonprofit Web Design Firm Overview

According to their website, Constructive‘s mission is to help “social change brands deepen trust, expand influence, and increase impact.”

They work with all types of nonprofits—educational institutions in particular—to provide a comprehensive range of web design and related services, such as:

  • Website strategy and creation.
  • Branding, messaging, and logo design.
  • Content strategy and copywriting.
  • Web development, CMS development, and integrations.
  • Print media design.

Basically, Constructive is a full-service agency that can do it all!

Why Nonprofits Love This Web Design Firm

Constructive’s services go beyond web design to help your organization build a larger strategy that also includes content, branding, and print.

Relying on one firm for all of these services can help your organization create a cohesive, multichannel presence that will stick with your supporters.

Additionally, Constructive uses multiple content management systems, including Drupal, WordPress, and even their own CMS distribution, to build out their websites. Their expertise in multiple CMS allows them to choose the solution that can best achieve your nonprofits’ goals and fit your level of technical proficiency.

Pricing for Their Nonprofit Web Design Services

Since services can vary so significantly, you’ll need to contact Constructive for an individualized quote.

Start working with Constructive to design your nonprofit website today.

Learn more about Constructive.

Along with other fundraising tools, Blackbaud offers nonprofit web design services meant to help organizations improve their online fundraising.

6. Blackbaud Interactive

Nonprofit Web Design Firm Overview

Blackbaud offers a suite of fundraising tools, geared mainly toward large nonprofits with an established online fundraising strategy and web presence.

One of their many offerings is Blackbaud Interactive, a web design branch that provides multiple services, including:

  • Graphic and user experience design.
  • Content strategy.
  • Fundraising strategy and analytics.
  • Web development.

One aspect of Blackbaud’s services that make them unique is their focus on interactive design. Their developers can work with your organization to create interactive elements on your website that will keep your donors engaged for longer.

Why Nonprofits Love This Web Design Firm

Since their services can be pricey, Blackbaud Interactive is excellent for nonprofits who’ve already taken the leap into online fundraising and who are looking to push their websites further to make them more engaging.

Blackbaud also takes a unique, relationship-focused approach to web design.

They attempt to optimize website conversion at every stage of the donor-nonprofit relationship, from initial engagement and acquisition to advanced stewardship, to help nonprofits build a more invested base both online and off.

Pricing for Their Nonprofit Web Design Services

Contact Blackbaud for a personalized quote.

Try out Blackbaud's nonprofit website design services to build (or enhance) your site.Learn more about Blackbaud Interactive.

Mittun is a web design firm whose clients include nonprofits.

7. Mittun

Nonprofit Web Design Firm Overview

Mittun provides products, services, and support when it comes to all things web design.

Beyond website consultation and design, they also offer out-of-the-box solutions, like custom WordPress plugins, website migration, and more.

Mittun has plenty of experience in nonprofit web design; the firm has a range of partnerships with nonprofit organizations, attesting to their dedication to furthering social good through design.

Why Nonprofits Love This Web Design Firm

Mittun’s motto is: “Your website problems, solved. (This is all we do.)”

In other words, their mission is to help your organization achieve the perfect website, regardless of what they need to do to get you there.

That’s why Mittun doesn’t only offer typical web design services; they also perform website re-designs, migrate content from one domain to another, develop their own plug-ins, and more to help their clients get to the quickest solutions.

Pricing for Their Nonprofit Web Design Services

Contact Mittun for a quote. They’ll have you fill out an in-depth survey on your website’s target demographic, ideal look, and overall goals.

Contact Mittun to learn more about their nonprofit website design services.

Learn more about Mittun.

Techtriad offers web design solutions to nonprofits and other types of clients.

8. Techtriad

Nonprofit Web Design Firm Overview

Techtriad is a web design firm that works with all types of clients, nonprofits included.

The firm uses WordPress to help nonprofits build out affordable websites. Organizations can choose from a range of pre-designed templates that Techtriad will then mix, match, and tweak to come up with a customized solution that reflects your brand and meets your needs.

Additionally, they offer basic online donation tools so that nonprofits just starting out with online giving can begin accepting donations through their websites in no time. Or, in Techtriad’s words, nonprofits can begin transforming visitors into donors!

Why Nonprofits Love This Web Design Firm

Although Techtriad doesn’t work exclusively with nonprofit clients, they’ve shown their dedication to charities and other groups working toward social good.

Understanding that many nonprofits struggle with budgetary limitations, the company strives to make their solutions as affordable and inclusive as possible.

They offer free website hosting and discounted design services to most nonprofits registered as 501(c)(3) organizations. Techtriad even gives away a free Extreme Nonprofit Makeover package—including website and logo design, technology upgrades, and social media strategy—to one Greensboro-based nonprofit organization each month.

Pricing for Their Nonprofit Web Design Services

Contact Techtriad for a personalized quote.

Work with TechTriad to build out your nonprofit website.

Learn more about Techtriad.

Gravitate is a web design firm and digital marketing agency that helps nonprofits and other types of clients build more successful websites.

9. Gravitate

Nonprofit Web Design Firm Overview

Gravitate is equal parts digital marketing agency and web design firm.

That means that not only does Gravitate help their clients build out beautiful websites, but their designs are backed by an actionable strategy that will drive results and bring your website more visibility in online search.

Unlike many other companies on this list, many of Gravitate’s designs are coded by a developer, instead of built through a content management system (although they do use WordPress, too).

This approach is beneficial in that your organization won’t have to worry about getting your hands on web design or learning a new platform. However, the downside is that you’ll have little, if any, internal control over adjusting and updating your website once the design is done.

Why Nonprofits Love This Web Design Firm

With their primary focus in digital marketing, Gravitate is a firm that drives results.

Since they’re experts in search engine optimization (SEO), user experience, and other digital marketing concepts, this firm can really work with you to realize the important website goals your organization sets out to achieve.

The one major downside is that Gravitate’s services aren’t specialized to nonprofits. While they have plenty of experience in digital marketing and design, they’re not as in-tune to how websites can be optimized for the unique needs of nonprofits.

Pricing for Their Nonprofit Web Design Services

Contact Gravitate for a quote.

Contact Gravitate to learn more about their nonprofit website design and digital marketing services.


Learn more about Gravitate.

Advocate Creative is a web design company dedicated to working with groups who further social good.

10. Advocate Creative

Nonprofit Web Design Firm Overview

Advocate Creative is branded as a “creative agency for change agents.”

They offer nonprofits a wide range of communications services, including:

  • Website design, both custom development and WordPress.
  • Branding strategy and execution.
  • Video production.
  • E-mail newsletter templates.
  • Print design (flyers, brochures, event invitations, etc.).

Website design is just one component within Advocate Creative’s approach. They take this (very important) piece of a nonprofit’s digital presence and build a larger, multichannel strategy around it so that all of the organization’s communications are covered.

Why Nonprofits Love This Web Design Firm

With an increasing number of sites on the web, visually engaging elements are only becoming more crucial for capturing visitors’ attention and keeping them on the page long enough to get your message across.

With Advocate Creative’s video production expertise, your organization will be well-equipped to do just that.

The firm can help you convey your message in a unique way that’s proven to keep website visitors engaged!

Pricing for Their Nonprofit Web Design Services

Contact Advocate Creative for a quote.

Reach out to Advocate Creative to propose your nonprofit website design project.

Learn more about Advocate Creative.

Hopefully your organization has settled on the web design firm that’s the perfect fit. We hope you achieve all of your website goals!

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