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By julia lindenmon


Even the most experienced nonprofit organizations can use some help and support in regards to forming their fundraising strategies.

Fundraising consultants are experts in their field who can provide you with a diverse range of tools and skill sets to help you accomplish your goals. Plus, since they’re temporary hires, your organization can save funds by only seeking out nonprofit consultants when you need them.

We’ve compiled a list of the top fundraising consultants who can drive impact for your cause!

Let’s learn more about the consultants who can help you!

Donorly is a top fundraising consulting firm for donor research.

Sandra Davis — Recommended for Full-Service Research-Based Solutions

Overview of the consultant

While some consultants specialize in donor research and others specialize in specific fundraising solutions, the team at Donorly does it all!

Sandra Davis is the president of Donorly, a full-service nonprofit consulting firm. Originally a firm that specialized in donor research, Donorly has expanded its offerings to include holistic strategic planning, campaign direction, and more all fueled by the firm’s extensive research and expertise.

Consulting services

You can rely on Donorly for:

  • Donor and prospect research.
  • Capital campaign guidance and feasibility studies.
  • Nonprofit assessment and holistic strategic planning.
  • Development staffing and board enhancement.

Sandra Davis’ team at Donorly recognizes that small-to-medium nonprofits may have wide-ranging consulting needs. Because of this, their team will create custom solutions for your organization.

Explore this fundraising consultant's services.

Why we recommend her

Sandra Davis and her team at Donorly entered the field of nonprofit consulting as donor research experts. However, as the team grew, they realized that comprehensive consulting services were more beneficial in elevating small to mid-sized nonprofits to expand their fundraising capacity.

Donorly combines its expertise in donor research with creativity and collaboration when creating custom solutions for nonprofits. With this firm, you don’t access a distant, third-party consultant but rather an in-house team with an eye for capacity building.

Sandra Davis and the Donorly team will work with you every step of the way.

The fundraising consultants at Donorly are experts in donor research.

Labyrinth is our top fundraising consultant pick for charity registration

Labyrinth – Recommended for State Charity Registration

Overview of the consultant

Not all nonprofits have sufficient time or resources to stay up-to-date with their state’s latest charitable state registration requirements. Failure to register in a timely manner can lead to fines, civil suits, and states revoking the right to solicit contributions.

The expert consultants at Labyrinth resolve this problem by offering end-to-end charity registration services. They handle every aspect of the registration process, so their clients can remain compliant and reinvest their focus in pursuing their missions.

Consulting services

Labyrinth offers a variety of charity registration services, including:

  • Registration form preparation.
  • Applicable extension requests.
  • Fundraising license acquisition.
  • Corporate registration and annual report filing.
  • Reliable registered agents.
  • A number of other services.

The professional team at Labyrinth will work with you to make the registration process as simple as possible. They’ll determine your registration requirements, prepare the right forms, and help you remain compliant with your state.

Labyrinth, one of our top fundraising consultant picks, offers several charity registration services.

Why we recommend them

With more than 30 years of experience, they’ve helped thousands of organizations file their state registrations and refocus their efforts on their missions.

Labyrinth files tens of thousands of state registrations every year, making them the number one charity registration firm nationwide!

Plus, they put a special emphasis on client satisfaction. They take special care in every step of the process, taking the time to learn about your nonprofit’s unique needs and how they can best help you.

Check out this top fundraising consultant's website to learn more about their charity registration services.

Aly Sterling is our top choice for fundraising consultants because she offers expert advice for nonprofits.

Aly Sterling — Our Top Choice for Fundraising Consultants

Overview of the consultant

Aly Sterling, founder of the firm Aly Sterling Philanthropy, is a nonprofit consultant who helps organizations of all sizes build sustainable fundraising solutions. With expertise in strategic planning, leadership development, and even crisis communications, Aly and her team of consultants can help your organization build better fundraising strategies to weather the highs and lows.

Believing in the power of positivity in the face of adversity, Aly Sterling is prepared to guide your organization through even the most turbulent fundraising landscapes. As many nonprofits have seen throughout the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic, the state of fundraising can change dramatically from day-to-day.

When that happens, your organization needs a strong strategy to continue serving your community even while fundraising is difficult. That’s where Aly Sterling steps in.

⊕ Consulting services

Aly Sterling’s services include:

  • Donor crisis communications.
  • Fundraising planning.
  • Nonprofit strategic planning.
  • Leadership solutions.

In addition to these services, Aly Sterling offers valuable resources on her website. For example, she’s currently offering a free crisis response toolkit for organizations navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

These are Aly Sterling Philanthropy's fundraising consulting services.

⊕ Why we recommend her

Aly Sterling places communication and relationship-building at the forefront of all of her efforts. Working with rather than for your nonprofit, she creates holistic solutions to strategize effectively while building long-lasting connections to outlast challenges.

She has the experience and knowledge to tackle virtually any problem your organization faces and equip you with the tools to come out stronger on the other side. Whether diversifying your fundraising efforts or helping you communicate during times of need, Aly Sterling has a plan of action.

Visit Aly Sterling Philanthropy's website today.

Carl Deising is our recommended fundraising consultant for nonprofit technology.

Carl Diesing — Recommended for Nonprofit Technology

Overview of the consultant

Carl Diesing is the co-founder and managing director of DNL OmniMedia, a technology consulting firm for nonprofits. He works with nonprofits and their technology to build awareness and streamline online giving.

With Carl’s direction, DNL OmniMedia has worked with over 100 organizations to improve their online marketing. Carl can help organizations build custom tools using leading web platforms like Blackbaud, Drupal, and Salesforce.

Consulting services

He offers services in four key areas:

Additionally, Carl and TeamDNL can work with an organization’s existing CRM to create a strategy that fits their fundraising needs.

Carl Diesing is a fundraising consultant that helps organizations improve their fundraising technology.

Why we recommend him

If your organization is looking for assistance in fundraising and nonprofit technology, Carl is the perfect consultant to work with.

He has experience helping nonprofits — big and small — realize their goals and create a plan that boosts fundraising, outreach, and donor engagement.

For more information, contact Carl and Team DNL today.

Learn more about Carl Diesing on the DNL OmniMedia website.

Grants Plus is a powerful team of fundraising consultants that offers strategic grant seeking services.

Grants Plus — Recommended for Grant Seeking

Overview of the consultant

Grants Plus is the national leader in helping nonprofits secure grant funding. They have developed a proven method for identifying grant opportunities, building better relationships with funders, and writing compelling grant proposals. As a result, their nonprofit partners see an average twelve-fold return on their investment.

With the current financial constraints many nonprofits are facing, now is not the time to stop or even pause your grant seeking efforts. As competition for grants increases, Grants Plus can help you stand out and develop strong relationships with funders so that you can secure the financial support you need.

⊕ Consulting services

Grants Plus offers a variety of strategic consulting services, including:

In addition to these services, Grants Plus offers tailored virtual coaching and can guide you through the current economic challenges. They’re working diligently to help organizations recover and respond to the COVID-19 crisis. They’ve also created and are consistently updating comprehensive grant seeking resources for struggling nonprofits. Dive into those resources and see how Grants Plus can help you navigate any obstacles you may be facing.

The fundraising consultants at Grants Plus offer these comprehensive services for grant seeking.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Grants Plus has a proven track record of success with mission-driven organizations. Since 2007, their expert team has helped nonprofit partners secure more than $155 million in new grant funding by submitting thousands of winning grant requests.

After years of experience, Grants Plus understands the grant seeking process, how to interpret funders’ grantmaking patterns, and how to increase the likelihood of securing funding. This gives clients the competitive edge they need to capture funders’ attention and develop stronger relationships with them.

When the Grants Plus team partners with an organization, they proudly treat their client’s team as their own. They’ll take the time to understand your organization’s situation so that your team can overcome any obstacles it faces when seeking grants. Set your organization up for maximum grants success with Grants Plus on your side.

Explore the Grants Plus website to learn more about their powerful team of fundraising consultants.

Averill Fundraising Solutions offers 75+ years of combined fundraising experience.

Robert C. Happy — Our Top Choice for Fundraising Consultants

Overview of the consultant

As the president of Averill Fundraising Solutions, Robert C. Happy brings more than 35 years of experience to the table

Before he became the president of Averill, Robert Happy was the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of CCS, which he worked with for over 30 years. 

His experience with both CCS, one of the largest fundraising consulting companies in the world, and as the leader of Averill Fundraising Solutions has given him a broad and nearly unparalleled level of fundraising expertise and understanding.

⊕ Consulting services

Consult with Robert Happy for:

  • Campaign and annual fund direction.
  • Campaign planning and feasibility studies.
  • Embedded staffing.
  • Leadership learning and executive search.

Averill follows industry-standard ethical practice, so you’re sure to get what you expect — and possibly more

Averill Fundraising Solutions offers a wide variety of services, including leadership learning and executive search.

⊕ Why we recommend him

Robert’s experience includes working with over 2,000 clients and helping to raise over $2,000,000,000. His fundraising and nonprofit expertise combined with his natural leadership and teaching abilities make him a powerful partner for any nonprofit fundraising campaign.

Working with Robert Happy can improve your nonprofit’s fundraising strategies far after his time with your organization is over. 

His ability to think outside the box and create unique, tailored solutions for your nonprofit will prove valuable both during the engagement and long after.

Averill Fundraising Solutions consults across the nonprofit sector, from healthcare to education.

Ellen Bristol is a fundraising consultant that can help your organization with strategy.

Ellen Bristol — Recommended for Strategic Planning

Overview of the consultant

Ellen Bristol is the founder of the Bristol Strategy Group. For her nonprofit consulting firm, she develops all the solutions, manages the marketing, and builds relationships with technology companies in the nonprofit sector.

She has a 3-step process for capital campaigns that helps her and other nonprofit consultants at Bristol Strategy Group determine your nonprofit needs. 

⊕ Consulting services

At the Bristol Strategy Group, Ellen offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Strategic planning.
  • Board development.
  • Audits.
  • Prospect profiling.

Ellen also has written two books on how you can resolve those “pockets of inefficiency” that could be limiting your nonprofit’s fundraising potential.

Ellen Bristol is a fundraising consultant who offers services such as strategic planning.

⊕ Why we love her

Ellen Bristol is the creator of the SMART Way methodology, which is a set of 10 questions that identifies gaps in your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy.

Plus, the resources section on her website has a library full of information to help your nonprofit succeed.

Learn more about the Ellen Bristol's SMART Way approach on her website.

Brian Lacy is a fundraising consultant with annual giving experience.

Brian Lacy — Recommended for Annual Giving Consulting

Overview of the consultant

Brian Lacy is a nonprofit consultant with over 30 years of fundraising and data service experience. He provides wealth screening and data cleaning services, as well as a host of nonprofit consulting insights to advance all kinds of fundraising strategies.

Brian Lacy and his other consultants strive to help your nonprofit reach your donors more effectively and build a base of engaged supporters.

Consulting services

His services focus on building a strong solicitation program in annual giving strategies, as well as specialized solutions to help nonprofits reach a variety of goals.

Brian Lacy’s services include:

  • Annual giving consulting.
  • Audits.
  • Temporary management programs.

Brian Lacy offers awesome fundraising consultant services, such as audits.

Why we recommend him

Brian Lacy and his firm’s nonprofit consultants have helped over 400 organizations raise more than $1 billion in philanthropic contributions.

He is well connected in all types of nonprofit sectors, from religious organizations to higher education.

He has worked with The Art Institute of Chicago and Appalachian State University, among others.

Check out more of Brian Lacy's consulting services on the website.

Jeffery Byrne is a fundraising consultant with plenty of planned giving experience.

Jeffrey D. Byrne – Recommended for Planned Giving

Overview of the consultant

Jeffrey Byrne brings a unique approach to fundraising by connecting major stakeholders to missions.

Jeffrey and his firm’s nonprofit consultants have guided more than 320 organizations through campaigns that have raised a total of more than $1 billion in funds. 

⊕ Consulting services

The services Jeffrey Byrne offers include:

  • Capital campaign planning and management.
  • Donor identification.
  • Communications and marketing.

In addition to these nonprofit consulting services, Jeffrey Byrne has a page on his website with insightful resources to help you reach your fundraising goals.

Jeffrey Bryne offers fundraising consulting services such as donor identification.

⊕ Why we recommend him

Jeffrey is happy to work with any type of nonprofit organization including healthcare institutions, arts and culture organizations, and higher education.

Some of the clients he has worked with include SkillsUSA, Parma Hospital, and Kansas City Ballet.

Learn more about Jeffery D. Byrane's planned giving services on the website.

Don Souhrada is a fundraising consultant and senior vice president of Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt.

Don Souhrada— Recommended for Fundraising Counsel

Overview of the consultant

Don Souhrada is a fundraising consultant that provides creative solutions to organizations’ biggest fundraising challenges. He has 20 years of experience working with organizations of all shapes and sizes, including public and private universities, large membership associations, and national hospitals.

Don is also the Vice President of Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt where he continues to provide top-notch services to organizations.

While Don has extensive experience providing counsel to organizations, he also has a background using wealth screening tools to identify major donors and craft a plan of action.

 Consulting services

Don provides various services to organizations but focuses his expertise in:

  • Executive search and leadership planning.
  • Research and analytics support.
  • Nonprofit fundraising counsel.

Recently, Don has provided counsel to organizations like the Rainbow Association, National PKU Alliance, and Lake Bluff Public Library.

Don Souhrada is a fundraising consultant that can help organizations with fundraising counsel.

⊕ Why we recommend him

Through Don’s experience, he has worked with organizations to help them raise millions of dollars, and he provides nonprofits with a unique take on how to solve their most pressing challenges.

Learn more about Don on the Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt website.

Nonprofits can use the fundraising consultant Jennifer Filla at Aspire Research Group.

Jennifer Filla — Recommended for Prospect Research

Overview of the consultant

Jennifer Filla is the woman behind Aspire Research Group, a prospect research consulting firm with a personal touch. This nonprofit consulting firm will guide organizations through prospect research or simply offer products and tools, depending on the amount of in-depth training that a nonprofit needs.

Jennifer is committed to their 8 core values, which focus on building deeper donor relationships, growing your program, and using your frontline fundraisers’ inherent strengths and quirks.  

Consulting services

Jennifer Filla offers flexible nonprofit consulting services that can be adapted to fit your organization’s specific needs and goals, from custom solutions to more generalized products.

These services include:

  • Prospect identification (both within and outside of a donor database).
  • Cultivation and solicitation strategies (with basic training, per request).
  • Relationship and prospect management.

Additionally, she provides downloadable prospect profile templates, a free research directory, and how-to publications.

Jennifer Filla provides extensive fundraising consultant services.

⊕ Why we recommend her

Since Jennifer’s services can be customized to your organization’s needs, larger nonprofits can simply purchase the products that can benefit them, while smaller nonprofits can receive training to walk them through the prospect research process.

With the versatile options that Jennifer offers, your organization can more easily identify the right prospects, ask for the right gift amounts, and meet your major gift goals!

Prospect research and wealth screening are the most popular consulting services at Aspire Research Group.

Bond Lammey is a fundraising consultant with years of donor stewardship experience.

Bond Lammey — Recommended for Donor Stewardship

Overview of the consultant

Bond Lammey is a Managing Associate at Bentz Whaley Flessner. She specializes in prospect development and donor relations.

Bond has worked with organizations that focus on humanitarian and conservation causes as well as higher education institutions and medical centers.

⊕ Consulting services

Bond’s fundraising consultant specialties include:

  • Donor, alumni, and grateful patients relations.
  • Online and social media promotion.
  • Board engagement training and counsel.

Additionally, she works with nonprofits to identify prospects and create plans to cultivate major donors.

Bond is a fundraising consultant that offers many services to nonprofits.

⊕ Why we recommend her

Bond Lammey has worked with larger organizations to improve their donor relations using prospect research and online engagement.

She is also active in the nonprofit world, serving as the treasurer of the Apra International board and an instructor for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at Rice University Center.

Learn more about Bond Lammey and the fundraising consultants at Bentz Whaley Flessner on the website.

Anthony Gwiazdowski is a fundraising consultant and executive vice president of Greater Mission.

Tony Gwiazdowski — Recommended for Church Consulting

Overview of the consultant

Tony Gwiazdowski is a fundraising consultant and Executive Vice President of Greater Mission, a fundraising consulting firm for churches. With over 39 years of experience in development, strategic planning, and leadership training, Tony understands how to help churches raise millions of dollars to further their mission.

In addition to helping churches, Tony has experience working with Catholic high schools, hospitals, social service agencies, and universities.

⊕ Consulting services

Tony Gwiazdowski can help your church with:

  • Capital campaign strategy and planning.
  • Legacy and major giving counsel.
  • Mission advancement planning.

Tony and the rest of the consulting team at Greater Mission also provide a service called “With All Your Heart”. This is a multi-year consulting service that helps guide your church in acquiring new members and building better community engagement.

Tony is a fundraising consultant that provides capital campaign and major giving counsel to churches.

⊕ Why we recommend him

Tony is experienced in developing and managing capital campaigns for churches, helping them raise money to further their cause.

Learn more about Tony Gwiazdowski on the Greater Mission website.

Helen Brown is an expert consultant for relationship mapping.

Helen Brown — Recommended for Relationship Mapping

Overview of the consultant

Helen Brown is a prospect research consultant who strives to set herself apart from the competition with 3 key governing pillars: a dedication to fundraising ethics, yearly staff training to foster continuous education and growth, and incredible value to clients.

She founded the Helen Brown Group, a nonprofit consulting firm, in 2002, and since then her team has worked with over 500 organizations in a variety of philanthropies worldwide.

⊕ Consulting services

Helen Brown offers both part-time and full-time nonprofit consulting services.

Her services include:

  • Dedicated research support.
  • A la carte wealth and philanthropy reports.
  • Wealth screenings.
  • Analytics and relationship mapping.

Helen Brown also offers a free resource library for members. Simply create an account to gain access to prospect research links and information!

Helen Brown provides fundraising consultant services such as wealth screenings.

⊕ Why we recommend her

Though Helen Brown may be more expensive than other fundraising consultants, she is dedicated to providing the most valuable experience possible to her clients. Her staff stay up to date on the latest technological developments and fundraising techniques so that your organization can stay ahead of the curve.

Plus, she ensures that your nonprofit’s reputation is protected by securing constituent data and following ethical guidelines during research.

The Helen Brown Group can conduct expert relationship mapping for your organization.

Steve Beshuck is a fundraising consultant with key experience in endowment building.

Steve Beshuck — Recommended for Endowment Building

Overview of the consultant

Steve Beshuck, the Vice President of Benefactor, has over 16 years of nonprofit experience under his belt. He has worked with leading nonprofits, large universities, and community-based organizations.

Steve strives at creating excellent work for his clients and focuses on building strategic plans for long-lasting results.

⊕ Consulting services

At Benefactor, Steve and the rest of the fundraising consultants provide services such as:

  • Capital campaign planning.
  • Executive search and development.
  • Endowment building.

He has provided counsel to clients like the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Art Institute of Chicago.

Steve is a fundraising consultant that helps organizations with capital campaign planning and endowment building.

⊕ Why we recommend him

Steve has hands-on experience in the nonprofit industry through nonprofit management, direct marketing, planned and major giving research, and event planning.

Learn more about Steve Beshuck on the Benefactor website.

Margaret King is a expert wealth screening consultant at InfoRich Group.

Margaret King — Recommended for Wealth Screening

Overview of the consultant

Margaret King is the founder of InfoRich Group, a nonprofit consulting firm which offers a variety of prospect research services to fit all kinds of budgets and goals.

Her extensive but affordable prospect profiles allow nonprofits to select the level of depth that’s right for their mission.

⊕ Consulting services

Her services include:

  • Prospect identification and list development for wealthy community members, corporate executives, and philanthropic leaders.
  • Wealth screening for 500 – 7,500 donors.
  • Individual and corporate foundation profiles of varying levels (full, mini, and asset).

In addition to prospect research consultation, Margaret provides fundraising and training services.

InfoRich Group provides extensive fundraising consultant services.

⊕ Why we recommend her

Margaret King and her nonprofit consulting firm are great assets for smaller nonprofits on a tight budget!

With access to over 25 proprietary, subscription-based databases, InfoRich hosts a wealth of information that can help you identify the top prospects in your donor pool and in your community at large.

Find out more about the wealth screening consulting services at InfoRich Group.

Brenda Asare is a fundraising consultant at Alford Group.

Brenda Asare — Recommended for Organizational Strategy

Overview of the consultant

Brenda Asare is the President and CEO of Alford Group since 2014. As a consultant, she has helped organizations push their mission forward by raising over $2 billion dollars through her strategic planning and counsel.

With a background in nonprofit management, Brenda is all about helping organizations build a solid foundation in the form of a successful fundraising strategy.  

 Consulting services

Brenda can help organizations with a wide range of services, including:

  • Nonprofit planning and strategic visioning.
  • Campaign and feasibility counsel.
  • Major and planned gift support.
  • Strategic planning for corporate giving programs.

Chicago Community Trust, The Great Milwaukee Community Foundation, and Habitat for Humanity are just some of the organizations she’s worked with in the past.

The fundraising consultants at the Alford Group help nonprofits with strategic planning and campaign feasibility.

⊕ Why we recommend her

Brenda focuses her time on solving old challenges in new and unique ways. Her goal is to help organizations reach their goals, whether that means through strategic planning, leadership training, or prospect research.

Learn more about Brenda Asare and the consultants at Alford Group.

Tom Ahern is a fundraising consultant that can perform nonprofit audits.

Tom Ahern — Recommended for Fundraising Audits

Overview of the consultant

With a solid background in copywriting, Tom Ahern is a capital campaign nonprofit consultant who can help you through the extensive process of planning your campaign.

He believes in providing solutions to a nonprofit that are based on research and careful planning. 

 Consulting services

He can help your nonprofit:

  • Create a case for support for your capital campaign.
  • Perform an audit to evaluate the state of your current communications.
  • Write donor appeal letters.

Tom also offers workshop and speaking engagements that focus on topics such as training your staff and leadership.

Tom Ahern provides fundraising consultant services such as writing donor appeal letters.

⊕ Why we recommend him

Tom Ahern has helped nonprofit organizations like Boston Animal Rescue League, Center for Constitutional Rights, and The Anchorage Museum.

Additionally, his email newsletter provides nonprofits with valuable fundraising insights.

Tom Ahern can conduct fundraising audits and other consulting services for your organization.

Steve Jankiewicz is a consultant with years of experience conducting advanced assessments for organizations.

Steve Jankiewicz — Recommended for Advanced Assessments

Overview of the consultant

Steve Jankiewicz is a fundraising consultant at J.F. Smith Group. As directer of client services, Steve manages the technical aspects of the consulting firm as well as help nonprofits with donor databases and prospect screening.

He has experience working with more than 33 clients of all different shapes and sizes to perform key assessments to help improve their fundraising potential.

 Consulting services

Steve Jankiewicz offers a variety of services, including:

  • Campaign management.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Advanced assessments.
  • General counsel.
  • Electronic screening.
  • Board and staff training.

He also has a background in management, training, and administration.

Steve Jankiewicz is a fundraising consultant that provides a plethora of fundraising consultant services such as campaign management.

⊕ Why we recommend him

Steve Jankiewicz focuses on the mathematical side of nonprofit consulting. He works with organizations to calculate fundraising goals and make assessments based on campaign reports.

He also looks at current fundraising trends to find the best solutions for his clients.

You can find a whole host of fundraising consultant services on the JFSmith website. 

Scott Lange is a fundraising consultant at Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners with experience in feasibility analysis.

Scott Lange — Recommended for Feasibility Analysis

Overview of the consultant

Scott Lange is a fundraising consultant that helps organizations in areas like prospect management, strategic planning, and major gift fundraising. Currently, he is the CEO and Executive Partner of the consulting firm Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners.

With over 30 years of experience as a major gift officer, software entrepreneur, and consultant, he helps organizations create successful plans to raise money.

 Consulting services

Scott Lange can help organizations with: 

  • Case statements and feasibility analysis.
  • Prospect research counsel.
  • Research evaluations and development audits.

His focus is on nonprofit development. He breaks down complex information from reports and builds actionable plans that help organizations pursue their goals.

Scott Lange offers a whole host of services to organizations in campaign development.

⊕ Why we recommend him

Scott Lange has helped organizations like the Cleveland Clinic create a major gift program, the University of Missouri-Columbia solicit its first two endowed chairs, and the Parkland Foundation prepare for their capital campaign.

Learn more about Scott Lange on the Jerold Pannas, Linzy & Partners website.

Carole Rylander is a fundraising consultant that is experienced in board governance.

Carole Rylander — Recommended for Board Governance

Overview of the consultant

Carole Rylander has over 30 years of experience in the nonprofit industry and frequently speaks in seminars about staff leadership and board engagement. She is also the founder of the Rylander Associates consulting firm.

She works hard to serve her clients, helping them reach fundraising success through developing strong leadership positions and helping donors with prospect research. 

 Consulting services

Carole Rylander offers services such as:

  • Campaign strategy, design, and implementation.
  • Board assessments and training.
  • Strategic visioning and planning.

She has worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes to help create a plan that allows organizations to reach their goals.

Carole Rylander helps nonprofits with campaign strategy, board assessments, and so much more.

⊕ Why we recommend her

In addition to her years as a consultant, Carole has experience in business development as well as documentary film production. With her experiences, she brings in a creative approach to fundraising that can be valuable to nonprofits looking for a unique solution to their challenges.

Learn more about Carole Rylander and the other consultants at Rylander Associates.

Angela White is a fundraising consultant that specializes in pre-campaign planning.

Angela White — Recommended for Pre-Campaign Planning

Overview of the consultant

Angela White is a senior consultant and CEO at JGA with over 20 years of nonprofit consulting experience. She helps manage the day-to-day operations of the consulting firm as well as provide strategic planning for her clients.

Healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and faith-based nonprofits are just some of the key types of organizations Angela has helped over the course of her consulting career. 

 Consulting services

Angela offers a wide range of consulting services to organizations, including:

  • Pre-campaign planning and development.
  • Fundraising audits and assessments.
  • Board and staff training.

Using data analysis, Angela works with nonprofits to come up with strategic plans to help increase an organization’s fundraising potential.

Angela White and the fundraising consultants at JGA help nonprofits with campaign development, fundraising assessments, and leadership training.

⊕ Why we recommend her

We recommend Angela White because her goal is to create long-lasting strategies that help organizations grow and raise the money they need to succeed.

Learn more about Angela White on the JGA website.

David King is a fundraising consultant for major gift consulting.

David King — Recommended for Major Gift Consulting

Overview of the consultant

Currently the President and CEO of Alexander Haas, David King has years of nonprofit development experience helping organizations reach their goals. He has helped over one hundred clients that focus on areas like higher education, healthcare, and human services.

In addition to helping clients at Alexander Haas, David often presents lectures on fundraising strategies and has published two books on the topic.

 Consulting services

David has experience in a wide range of services, including:

  • Capital campaign strategic planning.
  • Endowment counsel.
  • Annual fund assessments.

He also helps organizations with prospect research and major gift planning.

David King and the fundraising consultants at Alexander Haas provide services in capital campaign planning and annual fund assessments.

⊕ Why we recommend him

Before becoming a consultant at Alexander Haas, David worked as Development Director for the United Negro College Fund. Since he has worked in the nonprofit industry, he knows many fundraising best practices that can benefit organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Learn more about David King and his consulting services on the Alexander Haas website.

Chris Looney is a fundraising consultant at CCS fundraising that specializes in leadership development.

Chris Looney — Recommended for Leadership Development

Overview of the consultant

As Principal and Managing Director at CCS Fundraising, Chris Looney works with a wide range of organizations and manages the firm’s operations in Southern California. Chris has around 20 years of experience consulting organizations to help build awareness and raise money.

Chris is a member of the CCS Training Institute and speaks at conferences around the country to help train and develop other CCS Fundraising staff. 

 Consulting services

Chris helps organizations with:

  • Interim guidance and management.
  • Development of major capital and endowment campaigns.
  • Fundraising evaluations and strategic planning.
  • Data analytics and research.

Helping clients enhance their mission and improving the outcomes of the people and communities they serve is Chris’ number one goal.

Check out the fundraising consulting services available at CCS Fundraising.

⊕ Why we recommend him

Chris is passionate about fundraising both professionally and personally. In addition to consulting nonprofits, he also is involved in the Southern California chapters of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and was previously on the board of the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy.

Learn more about Chris Looney and the fundraising consultants at CCS Fundraising.

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