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Museums house artifacts from the past, but who’s to say your operations have to stay there, too?

By implementing museum software, you can get smarter about fundraising, membership management, and collections.

Of course, all museum software is not created equal, just like all museums have different missions and operational structures. Art galleries will require different fundraising event features than natural history museums, for example, and every museum has a different budget.

Sound intimidating? Don’t worry! We’ll go through the top 9 software solutions that can ease your museum operations, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your work.



Keep reading to find the perfect museum software for your institution!

DonorSearch museum software helps you find major donors in your membership database.

1. DonorSearch — Top Prospect Research Museum Software

Museum Software OverviewCheck out DonorSearch's museum software top features.

For any kind of museum, chances are you rely on major donors for a significant portion of your fundraising revenue.

Next time you launch a fundraising campaign, take the guesswork out of major gifts with DonorSearch.

DonorSearch offers prospect research services to identify major donors by their wealth markers (Do your donors have enough money to give?) and philanthropic indicators (Are your donors likely to give charitably?). You can submit an existing list of individuals, like your membership list, or request DonorSearch generate a list of prospects for you.

Why We Love This Museum Software

It’s not just major gifts that sustain museums — planned gifts make a huge difference for collections and special projects. So in addition to major donor screening, DonorSearch also screens for planned giving prospects among your membership base.

With DonorSearch's museum software solution, museums can find major donors in their membership base.


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Doubleknot museum software facilitates your institution's membership and special programs reservations.

2. Doubleknot — Top Event and Membership Management Museum Software

Museum Software OverviewCheck out Doubleknot's museum software top features.

No matter how expansive your staff, building, or programs are, Doubleknot can help you manage your operations smoothly and effectively with integrated software solutions.

If you’re hosting special events, you can sell tickets, register guests, and even collect donations with a secure POS solution through Doubleknot software. Plus, by integrating your membership list, your members will see their benefits automatically applied at checkout.

It’s not just one-time events that are easy to manage with Doubleknot — you can also coordinate summer camps, classes and lecture series, and complex, multi-day and multi-track conferences to bring supporters to your museum.

Why We Love This Museum Software

Doubleknot is so much more than an event management software; it’s also a membership management solution and a targeted communications platform. You can seamlessly integrate your membership profiles with your event planning efforts, making it easy to update your museum members via email, view analytical reports, and apply automatic member benefits like discounted admission or early registration.

If you're hosting large or small events, Doubleknot museum software can help.


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Double the Donation incorporates matching gifts into your museum software solution.

3. Double the Donation — Top Matching Gifts Museum Software

Museum Software OverviewCheck out Double the Donation's museum software top features.

For any fundraising effort, you can make the most of your supporters’ donations through matching gifts.

And with Double the Donation‘s matching gift software, you can empower your donors to follow through with the matching gift process!

You can add Double the Donation’s matching gift plugin to your donation form, a designated matching gift page on your website, and even your donation confirmation emails.

Why We Love This Museum Software

Matching gifts are such an easy way to boost your fundraising revenue, but sometimes, the process can seem intimidating to your supporters. Double the Donation guides your museum members through guidelines and forms to help them make their gift go further!

To include matching gifts into your museum software solution, Double the Donation is the top choice.


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For crowdfunding, Fundly is the best museum software for you.

4. Fundly — Top Crowdfunding Museum Software

Museum Software OverviewCheck out Fundly's museum software top features.

We get it — not all museums have the capability to organize complicated fundraising campaigns or hire consultants to help them out.

Fundly, a free online crowdfunding platform, makes it easy to host a fundraiser no matter what kind of manpower or time you have to spare.

It’s also easy to market your Fundly campaign, not just to launch it. You can sort your campaign on Fundly to make it easier to find, and social media integration allows your supporters to share your crowdfunding website with their family and friends.

Why We Love This Museum Software

Crowdfunding is a web-friendly fundraising strategy that runs itself. All you have to do is set it up! And with Fundly, you have access to easy-to-follow guidelines, mobile-optimized crowdfunding websites, and secure payment processing to help you out.

Fundly museum software facilitates crowdfunding campaigns.


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OneCause's museum software solution helps cultural institutions host charity auctions and other events.

5. OneCause — Top Museum Auction Software

Museum Software OverviewCheck out OneCause's museum software top features.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for online donations, fundraising events, and mobile giving, OneCause is the software provider for your museum.

Especially if you’re a larger museum hosting charity auctions to benefit your institution, OneCause’s mobile bidding and auction software can facilitate those complicated events.

With OneCause, you can get rid of paper bidding sheets in favor of a medium your donors are guaranteed to have with them: their smartphones. You can also view detailed records after your event and generate customized thank-you messages to those who attended and donated.

Why We Love This Museum Software

Many cultural institutions like museums host charity auctions, but just because they’re common doesn’t mean they’re simple. In fact, when you take into account registration, item procurement, bidding software, and onsite logistics, you have lots to worry about! When you implement OneCause, you don’t let the technology add to your stress. Instead, the reliable system handles the hard part — the bidding — for you.

Plan charity auctions with OneCause's museum software.


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Membership management and event planning are easier with Salsa Labs' museum software solutions.

6. Salsa Labs — Top Membership Management Museum Software

Museum Software OverviewCheck out Salsa Labs' museum software top features.

Museums and other arts and cultural institutions of all kinds can keep track of their members with Salsa Labs, a membership management software that integrates with the full suite of Salsa Labs products.

With Salsa Labs, museums can build comprehensive member profiles that guide smart, multi-channel marketing efforts.

Plus, fundraising events are easy to organize with Salsa Labs’ online ticketing and registration features.

Why We Love This Museum Software

Because Salsa Labs offers an entire suite of interconnected products, you don’t have to worry about your donor data from fundraising campaigns getting lost as it migrates to your membership management solution. Instead, everything within Salsa Labs is compatible with everything else.

Salsa Labs museum software supports membership programs and fundraising events.


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Giveffect museum software helps museums keep track of their museum members.

7. Giveffect — Top Communications and Marketing Museum Software

Museum Software OverviewCheck out Giveffect's museum software top features.

Your museum membership base makes up a huge proportion of your fundraising support. As such, you need a reliable membership management solution that’s also a CRM in its own right.

With customizable membership levels, automatic renewal email notifications, and customizable online donation forms, Giveffect should earn one of the top spots on your list.

Those features aren’t all you get. Because Giveffect is sold as one software with many different modules you can implement, you can also track member payments, pre-authorize credit cards, and monitor donor and volunteer information all within the same software solution.

Why We Love This Museum Software

Membership management is crucial for museums, and Giveffect makes it easy to keep up-to-date with your members. But beyond that, Giveffect software can also help with event planning and marketing.

Giveffect museum software helps cultural institutions keep track of membership.


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NetX is a sleek, nontraditional museum software for asset management.

8. NetX — Top Multimedia Archiving Museum Software

Museum Software OverviewCheck out NetX's museum software top features.

Searching for a nontraditional collections management software? NetX asset management software might be the solution for you.

With three different viewing options, NetX offers sleek presentation and cloud storage for on-the-go viewing and managing.

And if you have any problem on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, the Seattle-based company promises personalized support via online documentation, a 24-hour support portal, and a support phone line. Plus, you can sign up for training and onboarding help during the setup process.

Why We Love This Museum Software

With NetX, collections aren’t just for you, the administrator. Your supporters can upload their own assets to your collection, adding a note justifying their addition for administrative approval.

For asset management, NetX is a top museum software option.


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For help with collections, check out PastPerfect's museum management software.

9. PastPerfect — Top Collections Management Museum Software

Museum Software OverviewCheck out PastPerfect's museum software top features.

Collections management software doesn’t get much more all-inclusive than PastPerfect, with the ability to log more than one million items into your collection.

Your museum can implement software solutions to take care of condition reports and loans for your current artifacts as well as accessions for future artifacts.

It’s not just your museum items you can track with PastPerfect — you can also log information about your donors and their contributions, both financial and otherwise.

Why We Love This Museum Software

PastPerfect might seem intimidating for smaller museums, but don’t worry! You purchase the base software and then each add-on independently, so you can scale PastPerfet to fit your institution’s specific situation.

PastPerfect is a museum software solution for collections.


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Top 9 Software Solutions to Take Your Museum to the Next Level