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For many universities, Salesforce is the go-to CRM for managing student, alumni, and donor data. While Salesforce has plenty of standard constituent relationship management features to keep your university running smoothly, chances are, you’ll need to expand your CRM’s core functionality to truly encompass all of your operational, fundraising, and stewardship needs. That’s where the right apps and integrations come into play!  Not sure where to start when searching through the extensive Saleforce AppExchange? Never fear! In this post, we’ll run through our all-time favorite Salesforce solutions that can push your university to new levels.
Let’s take a look at each software in more detail to see how these platforms can boost your university fundraising potential, as well as other vital aspects of your institution.

DonorSearch is the top Salesforce integration for university prospect research.

1. DonorSearch: Top Salesforce Integration for University Prospect Research

Salesforce Integration Overview

Prospect research is key to strategic university fundraising. Through prospect research, your development offices can identify vital information about your alumni and use that data to power more effective outreach and engagement tactics. With DonorSearch, you can conduct thorough prospect research and wealth screening to discover valuable insight into your alumni base. Using DonorSearch’s suite of tools, you’ll be able to identify:
  • Alumni’s giving history to your university as well as other philanthropic causes.
  • Alumni’s past political contributions.
  • Alumni’s real estate ownership.
  • Alumni’s business affiliations (as well as their spouses’).
With DonorSearch’s Salesforce integration, all of the information you glean from prospect research will flow into your Salesforce CRM for easy access. That means you’ll spend less time manually inputting data and more time actually using that data to inform your fundraising strategies—read on to learn how!
Using the DonorSearch Salesforce integration can help your university keep track of important prospect data in your CRM.

Using the DonorSearch Salesforce integration can help your university keep track of important prospect data in your CRM.

How to Use This Salesforce Integration at Your University

You can use your prospect data to segment your alumni into groups based on any number of metrics. Then, outline a communications and engagement plan that matches each segment. For example, alumni who have demonstrated major donor potential should receive donation solicitation letters that reflect their likelihood to give big. You’ll want to follow up with these alumni intentionally and personally, so consider giving them a call on the phone rather than sending weekly emails. A low- or mid-level donor, on the other hand, might be better off receiving more frequent solicitation letters that don’t ask for such a sizable contribution, but instead promote how easy it is to give on your online donation form. You might also prioritize sending them invitations to volunteer or attend fundraising events with moderate ticket prices.

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Fonteva Events is the top Salesforce app for university event management.

2. Fonteva Events: Top Salesforce App for University Event Management

Salesforce App Overview

Nearly every office at your university likely plans at least one type of event per year. Whether you’re hosting curriculum fairs, alumni fundraisers, department meetings, or yes, even the all-important classes themselves, event management software can help your team streamline the planning process. As you’re searching for the right event management tool, you’ll need to keep your CRM in mind and ensure that these two systems can work seamlessly with each other. Enter Fonteva Events, an end-to-end event management software that was built on Salesforce, for Salesforce! With Fonteva Events, your university can manage all of the following event aspects without ever leaving your Salesforce platform:
  • Event registration.
  • Event promotion.
  • eCommerce sales.
  • Event reporting.
And because Fonteva Events lives in Salesforce, you won’t have to worry about a costly integration or time-consuming manual data migrations. All of your alumni, student, and donor data will be visible alongside your guest and event data anytime you need to access it.
With the Fonteva Events Salesforce app, your university can launch fully branded event microsites for all the events you plan.

With the Fonteva Events Salesforce app, your university can launch fully branded event microsites for all the events you plan.

How to Use This Salesforce App at Your University

Fonteva Events is versatile enough to provide the event-planning support you need for virtually any event that may come up. Take university courses for example. Fonteva Events offers flexible registration to help your students sign up for classes in a streamlined way. You can offer multiple recurring courses that span a semester, a single one-time session, or a multi-day workshop with separate departmental or curriculum-based tracks.  But if you need to plan other events—say, a board meeting or a prospective student preview day—you won’t have to find another platform. By working with Fonteva, you’ll maximize your event planning options and guarantee that your staff feels confident hosting any type of event that presents itself.

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Salsa is the top Salesforce integration for online fundraising for universities.

3. Salsa: Top Salesforce Integration for Online University Fundraising

Salesforce Integration Overview

Online fundraising is central to almost every modern day organization, whether that’s a local nonprofit or a large university. With Salsa’s comprehensive online fundraising solution, your development team will be able to rest easy knowing you have all the best tools to build a successful digital fundraising strategy!  Salsa offers best-in-class online fundraising software that can work hand in hand with Salesforce to provide your university with:
  • Custom, mobile-ready online donation forms.
  • Social fundraising features for promoting your cause on Facebook, through email, and other popular channels.
  • A powerful matching gifts integration to support corporate giving.
  • Automated gift acknowledgements.
And since Salsa syncs with Salesforce, you can reap the benefits of their fundraising platform without needing to switch from your current CRM!
With Salsa's Salesforce integration, your nonprofit can view all of your fundraising campaign progress within your CRM.

With Salsa’s Salesforce integration, your nonprofit can view all of your fundraising campaign progress within your CRM.

How to Use This Salesforce Integration at Your University

So much of what we do on a daily basis takes place online, and fundraising should be no different. Salsa’s fundraising software allows your university to capitalize on the convenience and popularity of the internet and reach your alumni wherever they are. With Salsa, you can build out an online donation form that fully matches your university’s brand and website. That way, your alumni will trust that their gift will go exactly where they want it to—their alma mater!  Plus, you can customize the giving experience to fit your university’s needs. Offer recurring giving options, custom fields, and set giving levels, all without any need for coding knowledge. Salsa makes it easy for all universities to drive more donations online thanks to their simple form-builder and intuitive online marketing and fundraising tools.

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4. 360MatchPro: Top Salesforce Integration for University Matching Gift Fundraising

Salesforce Integration Overview

Universities, like other large organizations, can see a significant increase in donations by harnessing the power of matching gifts. But the larger your alumni base, the more matching gift data there is to keep track of. The 360MatchPro Salesforce integration can make sure you never miss a dollar of matched gift money! 360MatchPro automates the matching gift process from start to finish, helping your university manage your corporate fundraising efforts with features such as:
  • Automated matching gift tracking.
  • Email domain screening to match donors with the companies they work for.
  • Matching gift marketing tools, including one-off and batch email management.
  • Comprehensive (and customizable) matching gift analytics.
Think of 360MatchPro as the matching gifts CRM you need to store, manage, and use your most important corporate giving data. 360MatchPro's Salesforce integration enables universities to set unique email templates based on specific donor criteria, simplifying the matching gift communication process.

How to Use This Salesforce Integration at Your University

By keeping track of your alumni’s employer information in a centralized location, you can send them tailored communications regarding their matching gift eligibility, submission requirements, and any deadlines they need to be aware of. Even better, 360MatchPro can automate your matching gift communication process by enabling you to create templates based on company, eligibility, and more.  And because 360MatchPro understands that you’ll interact with some donors differently than others, they allow you to opt major donors or other list segments out of the automated communication process. That way, you can flag those supporters as needing personalized attention!

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OneCause is the top Salesforce app for managing university fundraising auctions.

5. OneCause: Top Salesforce App for University Fundraising Auctions

Salesforce App Overview

University fundraising can take a lot of shapes, but one of the most tried-and-true ways to engage with alumni while inspiring significant donations is the classic silent auction event. And if you’re looking for a way to amp up your next auction, look no further than OneCause. OneCause brings the time-honored silent auction into the modern age with their auction fundraising and mobile bidding software.  With OneCause’s innovative technology on your side, your team can streamline the auction planning process and better engage your alumni attendees on the big night. This revolutionary software’s features include:
  • Paperless bidding on any smartphone.
  • Online auction management.
  • Auction item procurement tracking.
  • Event ticketing and sponsorship management.
The best part of OneCause’s solution? All the data you collect before, during, and after your auction will be instantly tracked in your Salesforce CRM thanks to their trusted Salesforce app.
The OneCause Salesforce app enables you to host auctions on your event site, and store donor and item data in your CRM.

The OneCause Salesforce app enables you to host auctions on your event site and store donor and item data in your CRM.

How to Use This Salesforce App at Your University

OneCause can help your university push donations higher by simplifying the bidding process and giving you new ways to connect with silent auction guests. For example, you can keep your auction open longer thanks to a streamlined registration and checkout process made possible by OneCause’s mobile bidding tools. Since guests can pre-authorize their credit cards, they can quickly process their payments for items they’ve won or purchased. Plus, not only can you offer additional donation opportunities through the mobile bidding app; you can also host raffles, wine pulls, sign-up parties, and more, all with the help of OneCause’s fundraising software.

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Fundly is the top Salesforce integration for universities raising money through crowdfunding.

6. Fundly: Top Salesforce Integration for University Crowdfunding

Salesforce Integration Overview

Crowdfunding is a popular fundraising method for individuals and nonprofits alike, so why shouldn’t universities get in on the fun? With Fundly, anyone can raise money for any type of cause. And thanks to Fundly’s simple, straightforward platform, it’s easier than ever to start a crowdfunding campaign for your school that surpasses expectations. You can take advantages of features such as:
  • Campaign page photo and video gallery.
  • Built-in sharing tools to get the word out via social media.
  • Blog-like updates to share campaign progress and thank donors.
  • Free mobile app for fundraising on-the-go.
The Fundly Salesforce integration helps ensure that all the data you collect during your crowdfunding campaign is filed in your CRM for easy access later. Since crowdfunding campaigns have the potential to quickly spread across your supporters’ networks and bring in gifts from brand new donors, you’ll want to make sure all of that data is accounted for so that you can follow-up with thank-you notes and other communications in a timely manner.
Fundly's crowdfunding platform provides built-in promotional tools for your university fundraising campaign.

Fundly’s crowdfunding platform provides built-in promotional tools for your university fundraising campaign.

How to Use This Salesforce Integration at Your University

Your university can raise money through crowdfunding in a variety of ways. While it’s possible for your entire college to use crowdfunding to raise funds for your capital campaign or another specific project, you can also promote crowdfunding as an option for your school’s clubs and organizations. For example, Greek organizations have found major success using Fundly’s platform for their philanthropy fundraising and other needs. The best part of using Fundly is that it’s lightweight enough for any user but powerful enough to guarantee you hit your goal. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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MobileCause is the top Salesforce integration for peer-to-peer fundraising at universities.

7. MobileCause: Top Salesforce Integration for University Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Salesforce Integration Overview

Want to inspire some friendly competition among alumni, students, or other supporters of your university? With peer-to-peer fundraising, you can empower your school’s most loyal fans to become fundraisers, and MobileCause is the perfect platform to help you out. MobileCause offers a wide range of fundraising solutions, but their peer-to-peer fundraising software is one of the strongest products you can have in your arsenal to engage donors and raise money fast. Standout features include:
  • Branded peer-to-peer donation pages for your university and individual fundraisers.
  • Options to become a fundraiser or volunteer on behalf of your school.
  • Built-in text giving options.
  • Individual or team fundraising options.
Plus, since MobileCause has designed their peer-to-peer solution with universities in mind, you can trust that you’ll have access to all of the must-have resources for a successful campaign!
This example campaign shows how MobileCause can help you build a custom peer-to-peer fundraising page.

This example campaign shows how MobileCause can help you build a custom peer-to-peer fundraising page.

How to Use This Salesforce Integration at Your University

With the MobileCause Salesforce integration, you’ll be able to keep track of individual and overall campaign progress in real-time. With that data on hand, you’ll be able to communicate with your fundraisers in the most appropriate, effective way. For example, if you see that certain alumni are far exceeding their personal fundraising goals, you can make a note to give them a shout-on your university social media pages. Alternatively, if you filter your fundraisers list by those who haven’t raised much money at all by the mid-point of your campaign timeline, you can take action by sending them personalized motivation emails with tips for maximizing their campaigns. Either way, by showing your fundraisers that you care about their involvement in can encourage them to promote your campaign even more.

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@Pay is the top Salesforce app for text-to-give fundraising at universities.

8. @Pay: Top Salesforce Integration for University Text-to-Give Fundraising

Salesforce Integration Overview

Chances are, your alumni are as stuck-in-their-smartphones as anyone else these days. Make the most of mobile usage by launching a university text-to-give fundraiser with @Pay! @Pay’s text giving software is so easy that any nonprofit can use it for a dedicated text-to-give campaign or a year-round fundraising channel. And while there are plenty of text giving vendors to choose from, @Pay stands out thanks to features like:
  • Unique two-step giving process that reduces donation form abandonment.
  • No donation amount limits.
  • Automated gift receipts.
  • Recurring donation capabilities.
Since @Pay offers a seamless Salesforce integration, your university can automatically access text donations within your CRM, making the donation process just as easy for your staff as it is for your supporters.
The @Pay Salesforce integration allows your university to collect mobile donor data in your CRM.

The @Pay Salesforce integration allows your university to collect mobile donor data and store it seamlessly in your CRM.

How to Use This Salesforce Integration at Your University

Text-to-give is easy to fit in among your other fundraising strategies, and since @Pay is one of the simplest text giving platforms around, it’s even easier than ever! For example—planning an alumni fundraising event? Bring text donations into the mix by promoting your university’s text-to-give number during your live appeal. For bonus points, have a development chair, student representative, or even a university official do a live demonstration of your software! You’ll also want to place easy-to-read signage throughout the event venue explaining the steps to giving via text. Your alumni should have no problems understanding the process, but have volunteers on hand to walk them through it just in case.

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Glider Grants is the top Salesforce app for grant management at universities.

9. Glider Grants: Top Salesforce App for University Grant Management

Salesforce App Overview

For grant-giving universities, Glider Grants can be the all-in-one grant management software you need to stay on top of every stage of the grant cycle, from defining your programs to accepting and assessing applications, all the way to program evaluation and reporting. Because there are so many moving parts in the grant management process, Gilder seeks to simplify each step through their practical features, including:
  • Online application portal with customizable forms.
  • Automated approval processing engine.
  • Point-and-click configuration.
  • Scalable cloud-based interface.
Grants can be complex, so Glider enables your university to easily adjust your processes according to each grant’s unique criteria. When you use their Salesforce app, all of your grant data will stay up-to-date in real-time, so you’ll never need to worry about inaccuracies.
With the Glider Grants Salesforce app, your university can monitor every stage of the grant process.

With the Glider Grants Salesforce app, your university can monitor every stage of the grant process.

How to Use This Salesforce App at Your University

The Glider Grants Salesforce app can be a life-saver throughout the entire grant life-cycle. You can use Glider to create custom grant programs and set up important details for each grant within Salesforce. With custom grant IDs, fields, performance indicators, and milestones, you can even build out unique business rules that vary with each program. Then, use Glider to support you as you receive and review applications. You can even set up multiple application rounds to ensure best practices across the board!

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Clicktools is the top Salesforce app for universities to send surveys across all departments.

10. Clicktools: Top Salesforce App for University Surveys

Salesforce App Overview

As is the case with any organization, in order to come up with the most effective fundraising strategies, you need to know what’s worked well (and not so well) in the past. And what better way to find out than by simply asking your supporters? With Clicktools, you can do just that! Their simple survey platform enables your university to reach out to alumni and other prospects while instantly recording their feedback in your Salesforce CRM. Take advantage of their full set of features, including:
  • Role-based views for any and all university departments.
  • Advanced reporting and dashboards.
  • Automated and scheduled surveys.
  • Two-way communications with donors.
A highly flexible solution used by a number of different industries, Clicktools can meet more than just survey needs. With this tool, you’ll be able to tap into your constituency’s feedback in an actionable way—and that can make all the difference!
The Clicktools Salesforce app offers extensive reporting features directly in your CRM.

The Clicktools Salesforce app offers extensive reporting features directly in your CRM.

How to Use This Salesforce App at Your University

While the most obvious way to use Clicktools surveys at your college might be to gauge alumni engagement, there’s really no limit to the types of surveys you can send out. Students, staff, faculty, parents, and even prospects can all provide feedback that you can use to better your programs in every department. If you do use Clicktools for university fundraising, consider sending out surveys after a major campaign, fundraising event, or alumni engagement initiative. For example, you might ask alumni what they thought of your new giving channel. Was it easy to use? Did it inspire them to give more than they normally would? When you have their answers on file in Salesforce, you can determine exactly whom to target if you decide to use that type of fundraising software again. Simply segment your list by responses, and voila—your next fundraising campaign just got much more effective!

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Now that you know what to look for in a smart Salesforce solution, it’s up to your university to put it to good use. Learn even more about the best fundraising software your university can use by checking out these helpful additional resources:
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  • Best Salesforce Apps. Need more Salesforce solutions to choose from? You’re in luck. Fonteva has put together a list of 15 amazing Salesforce apps that any organization would find useful. Each one has been thoroughly tested and reviewed, so you can trust they’ll work great for your university!
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Top 10 Salesforce Apps and Integrations for Universities