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By DonorSearch

A multitude of nonprofits are responding to the unprecedented needs arising from the COVID-19 crisis by following the lead of the GivingTuesday organization in holding a global day of giving and unity today (May 5th).


And our fellow citizens need little prompting.  As these times of uncertainty have unfolded, we’ve seen ground-shaking, revolutionary generosity, in both financial support–$9.5 Billion in Grants alone–and selfless acts of kindness at ground level–like feeding needy children and their families, caring for the elderly and disabled, serving first responders, and much, much more.


GivingTuesday is our opportunity to both harness the concern for so many dire circumstances and to demonstrate that we are coming together as a society to fight the good fight.


Nonprofits have a special obligation to express unprecedented GRATITUDE for the unprecedented GENEROSITY we’re seeing across the globe.  These heroic donors of time and treasure need to know that their donations are truly appreciated, and they need to see the impact of their gifts.  It will buoy their spirits, and fuel the momentum of the movement.


The extraordinary demonstration of gratitude should also extend to those who supported our causes even before the pandemic. Many organizations report that they’re contacting their donor prospects and asking how they’re doing–they end not with an ask, but a ‘Thank You’.  The response has been tremendous.  They are glad to know they’re seen as more than just a checkbook.


Through personal engagement and an expression of gratitude, we are fostering a world where generosity is part of everyday life.