• What is Artificial Intelligence?

We use machine learning...

to take huge and complex datasets and automatically predict human behavior (like the motivations for charitable giving), automate processes, and perform tasks.

The term, ‘Artificial Intelligence’...

generally describes computers that can “think” like humans. They can recognize intricate patterns, process information, draw conclusions, and make recommendations.
  • How does AI help Major Gift Fundraising?

It takes millions...

of external and internal data points and identifies high-capacity, high-affinity prospects, and predicts how much they’ll likely give with a high degree of accuracy.  The more data you feed it, the more accurate its ratings and predictions.

AI-Propelled Prospecting Solutions

DonorSearch Aristotle is our new research division that is bringing the power of artificial intelligence to DonorSearch users. With our breakthrough innovations, any nonprofit can target more prospects and motivate their generosity with greater success.

  • DonorSearch Aristotle Health

DonorSearch Aristotle Health...

is the first of our sector-specific major gift models that adapts to the unique fundraising conditions of that vertical.
DonorSearch Aristotle uses a state-of-the-art machine learning platform to combine the millions of data points in DonorSearch’s proprietary prospect information with patient experience data to deliver highly accurate predictions of gratitude giving potential and probability.

Harness the ability to maximize predictive capabilities and increase accuracy like never before