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Reaching your fundraising goals is now more effortless with DonorSearch. DonorSearch’s tailored solutions identify donors who are not just aligned with your cause, but also most likely to contribute. By integrating wealth data, donation history, and their engagement level with your organization, we provide strategic insights on whom to approach, the optimal time for outreach, and the potential donation size.



DonorSearch Ai Results

First and Only Ai Solutions Proven to generate more revenue and drive growth for nonprofits

Mature DSAi clients have experienced an 85% increase in response rate, and a 20% increase in average gift size.

DSAi clients benefit from finding repeat donors with 81% accuracy when using our custom AI scores.

Following DonorSearch’s advice, DSAi clients find repeat donors with 5X-10X average gift size with our custom AI models.

DSAi clients are getting Major Gifts donors through the moves management process 17% faster.

DSAi clients find donors with 20X greater lifetime value when selecting prospects from our custom AI scores.

DSAi has analyzed and prioritized 2,131 gift officer portfolios (ALT: This is a 4-hour process per gift officer, monthly)

Unlock the power of Data and AI for Fundraising

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Let’s Connect: Discover how DonorSearch can revolutionize your donor engagement and fundraising strategies. Reach out to explore how our solutions can help you attract more donors, raise more funds, and foster enduring relationships.

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Industries & Sectors: Tailored Solutions for Diverse Missions

Empowering All Sectors: Our commitment at DonorSearch transcends sectors. Our platform and solutions are designed to adapt to each sector’s unique challenges and opportunities. By providing access to rich, actionable data, we enable nonprofit organizations of all types and sizes not only to meet, but surpass their fundraising goals. Let us be your partner in making a bigger impact and nurturing lasting relationships with donors as passionate about your cause as you are.

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