DonorSearch vs. iWave Kindsight: Why DonorSearch Is Better

More than 13,000 nonprofits choose DonorSearch over competitors like iWave (now part of Kindsight) for DonorSearch’s accurate donor prospecting results, innovation in responsible AI fundraising, and highly personalized customer service.

Why Nonprofits Choose DonorSearch Over iWave Kindsight

Dynamic, Accurate Prospect Research

DonorSearch boasts the largest prospect research database in the world. It consists of more than one billion data points, with millions of records added and updated weekly. And with DonorSearch’s accuracy rate of above 90%, you can spend less time validating results and more time cultivating donors!

Philanthropy-Focused Insights

Knowing a potential donor’s giving capacity isn’t enough to make a successful fundraising ask—you also have to understand their willingness to donate. Our wealth and philanthropic screening tools provide a complete picture of each prospect’s giving capacity, affinity, and philanthropic history to help you build stronger relationships with them and craft donation requests they’ll say “Yes!” to.

Cutting-Edge, Responsible AI

DonorSearch provides predictive modeling through DonorSearch Ai and DonorSearch Enhanced CORE, AI-generated prospect reports through ProspectView Online 2, and fundraising content generation via our partnership with Momentum. As a member of the Fundraising.AI collaborative, we’re committed to advancing responsible AI use in the nonprofit sector by promoting data ethics, security, inclusiveness, accountability, and transparency.

Seamless Integrations

DonorSearch integrates with more than 40 constituent relationship management (CRM) systems and nonprofit fundraising tools. Your team can ensure your organization’s database is always up-to-date and accurate while saving time on manual data entry.

Personalized Customer Success

Each DonorSearch client has a designated support team member who will respond to nearly any service request or question within 24 hours and work with you to resolve any issues that may arise. Plus, we provide access to a vast library of fundraising guides, webinars, and other resources to help you learn and improve your strategy.

How DonorSearch & iWave Kindsight Stack Up

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