DonorSearch prospect research tools include a unique combination of philanthropic and wealth databases combined with additional informational datasets. We also incorporate links and images that give added functionality and clarity. When non-profits become clients they gain access to the most comprehensive data sets publicly available.

Philanthropic Data

DonorSearch’s proprietary philanthropic database gives you access to foundation, organization and individual giving. Tap into federal and state political giving datasets in order to further enhance your research.

Annual Reports Philanthropy Database

DonorSearch’s Annual Report Philanthropy Database is the largest in the industry, with over 156 million records. It’s also the industry’s fastest growing, with over 300,000 records added every week.
Using both printed and online annual reports and other philanthropic resources, the database includes information from the mid-1990’s to the present day. Many of the physical annual reports are unavailable or very difficult to find elsewhere.

This database is updated weekly.

Have a report you’d like incorporated into our dataset? Contact us at and we’ll be happy to include.

Annual Reports Charitable Donations Database

The Annual Reports Charitable Donations Database was built from millions of non-profit websites and printed documents. This database increases by 250,000-500,000 records per week and is one of the fastest growing independent collection of charitable gift information publicly available. The data includes pdfs of hundreds of thousands of annual reports, so researchers can see more details about the donations.

This database is updated weekly.

Have a report you’d like incorporated into our dataset? Contact us at and we’ll be happy to include.

FEC Political Giving Database

FEC Political Giving Database includes virtually every contribution of $200 or more over the past 25+ years, approximately 72 million records. Federal Election Commission regulatory records can be one of the most powerful predictors of an individual’s future philanthropy when evaluating a prospect’s inclination and capacity to give. Most records also include individual’s occupations or employers.

The database is updated monthly.

State Political Giving Database

The State Political Giving database includes contribution information from all 50 states and is updated regularly.

IRS 527 Political Donors

This database highlights a class of political organizations and the individuals and organizations who donate to them. In the last presidential campaign cycle, IRS 527 organizations received over $741 million in donations, and that total is expected to greatly increase for the current election cycle. This database is updated regularly.

IRS 527 Directors

IRS 527 Directors are often political activists in their community who organized and operate the 527 organizations. The IRS 527 directors are the principal contact persons for learning more about the organization and its finances.

This database is updated monthly.

DonorSeries Charitable Donations Database

DonorSeries Charitable Donations Database, also known as Waltman’s, has over 5 million records collected from printed annual reports, event programs, and other published sources. Many records of donor histories are tracked over the last 10 years or more, and some include data on college graduation years.

Traditional Wealth Data

Unlock key insights for your organization using DonorSearch’s premier analytics capabilities. Whether you want a complete snapshot of the potential within your database using our Executive Analysis or you want to identify a single organization receiving a gift within your screening results by utilizing our Keyword Search, DonorSearch provides you the flexibility you need.


DonorSearch will identify potential ultra-high net worth and high net worth individuals. As part of our partnership with Wealth-X, DonorSearch has incorporated tags identifying U.S. individuals who have assets between $1-30 million dollars as high net worth prospects, as well as tags for individuals who have assets of more than $30 million dollars, identifying them as ultra–high net worth prospects. This partnership has also allowed for DonorSearch to provide a higher wealth capacity of up to $100+ Million.

Real Estate

The DonorSearch Real Estate Database lists the values of over 150 million properties. These are current market values, not tax assessments, making them much more accurate and valuable for researchers. This database is also used to generate mailing lists of major donors, which can be built using many different criteria, such as location and interests.

NYC Co-Op Data

DonorSearch has incorporated Co-Op data from New York City to ensure the most accurate real estate values for the city within the industry. The NYC Co-Op database creates an average value for each co-op building in NYC. When the client presents a prospect at the building address, the co-op building average is included in the profile. Users can also choose to browse the sales used to calculate the average value and select any single sale value instead of the average for the building. This helps eliminate the overinflated real estate values in the city and provides organizations with another accurate resource to determine a prospects wealth capacity.


Database USA includes information on 14.5 million business and 17.3 million executives in the U.S. All information is triple verified for 95% accuracy, making it some of the most accurate business data available anywhere. Information includes names, titles, companies, addresses, industry information and more. This information can also be found in DonorSearch Identification Profiles.

DatabaseUSA demographic information is also incorporated in the DonorSearch Marketing List. This demographic data along with the screened charitable giving DonorSearch data combine to make up the consumer file of over 156 million households within the United States.


OpenCorporates includes data on 45.6 million business in the U.S. and 103.7 million business contacts. This is one of the largest business databases in the world, and it includes more U.S. businesses and business contacts than we’ve ever offered before. Information includes historical and biographical information, such as background and history.

Edgar Online Insiders

Edgar Online Insiders displays SEC insider trader transactions (1986 to present) and current holdings, for stocks, options, and other derivatives as reported on Forms 3, 4, and 5. The information is collected to comply with the regulatory requirements of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). Individuals who are generally the policymakers of a publicly traded company must provide information to the SEC whenever they make a stock transaction. The transactions which must be reported relate to stock only with the qualifying company. Specifics include detailed stock and options transactions.

IRS 990PF Profiles

IRS 990PF Profiles is a complete list of 100,000+ grant-giving foundations, including assets under management, organization title, and contact information.

IRS 7806 Exempt Organizations

IRS 7806 Exempt Organizations is the definitive list of nonprofits and foundations which have currently certified as tax-exempt organizations. The files are updated monthly to quarterly.

U.S. Coast Guard

U.S. Coast Guard maintains a file of all vessels. Corporate and individual owners are required to register their boats. This DonorSearch report contains the names of the individuals and a summary of the vessel’s highlights in the More Information field. Boat ownership can be viewed as an outward sign of wealth or at the very least disposable income, but statistically, boat owners are less generous than people who do not own boats. The file contains information about recreation and commercial boats and vessels.

FAA Airmen

FAA Airmen is the official name of the file published by the Federal Aviation Administration although it includes the names of all certified pilots, regardless of gender. DonorSearch displays the name, home city, state, and zip and the approved certifications of the individual. Files contain individuals with domestic and foreign addresses.

FAA Aircraft Owners

FAA Aircraft Owners profiles the single and partial owners of aircraft licensed in the U.S. The listing includes a description of the aircraft, a list of all owners and the address of the managing owner. The information captured by DonorSearch includes model, size, speed and more. While aircraft ownership is often viewed as an outward sign of wealth or disposable income, statistically aircraft owners are less generous than people who are not. The file contains information about private and commercial aircraft, including hot air balloons.

Shale Wealth

CorpTech Business Profiles provides detailed information on private technology company executives. This database, exclusive to DonorSearch, includes 130,000 landowners who are receiving or are eligible to receive, payment for the mineral rights to their land from energy companies seeking natural gas deposits in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. These are some of America’s newest philanthropists.

Additional Data Sets

Have complete control over the way you use your account. Enjoy customizable layouts within ProspectView Online to do prospect research on your terms. Or create a master account that you control and customize what others with sub-accounts are able to access. Don’t let your prospect research tools inhibit you from achieving your fundraising goals.

DatabaseUSA Demographics

DonorSearch provides additional luxury asset information and lifestyle information through the consumer and demographic database. The information is presented and editable within the detailed profiles returned. This includes interests such as travel, art collections, financial data like spending, investments, discretionary income, credit cards, and household specifics. Additional information will vary by person but may include phone number(s), email address(es), spouse, and several other data points. This dataset is returned at the household level.

Who Knows Who

Who Knows Who lists the names of thousands of corporate board members, foundation board members, and nonprofit board members when an organization is referenced in a profile. This is an invaluable guide on relationships your board members or donors may have with other potential prospects.

Zip-Codes.Com provides access to U.S. Census data and gives DonorSearch the ability to provide a ranking of prospects based on average income and average home value in the prospect’s community.

Biographical Records Archive

Biographical Records Archive search is a product of our WHY database. DonorSearch gives prospect researchers access to the primary reference of where a prospect is mentioned in relation to a certain nonprofit. Questions such as, “what other committees or charity events have my donors participated in” may now be answered and researched in the Archive Database. The Archive collection is keyword searchable and allows for a full-text lookup of any annual report available in ProspectView online. Currently, clients can search through 20,000,000+ keyword searches. The proprietary database continues to grow daily at a very competitive rate.

DonorSeries Directors Report

DonorSeries Directors Report is the Waltmans Directors data source and provides thousands of entries for individuals and their primary affiliation with corporate boards of public firms, foundation boards, and major nonprofit boards from the arts, social services, education, and health organizations as well as civic boards.

Social Discovery

One powerful tool that enables you to quickly analyze the social media handles, interests, and connections of your prospects and constituents. Easily find a person’s full social profile utilizing email or phone number and capture capacity, philanthropic interests, and professional stability. Learn More

Links and Images

Have complete control over the way you use your account. Enjoy customizable layouts within ProspectView Online to do prospect research on your terms. Or create a master account that you control and customize what others with sub-accounts are able to access. Don’t let your prospect research tools inhibit you from achieving your fundraising goals.

Google Intelligent Links

One-click keyword searches are available in profiles for donor recognition name matches and the recipient nonprofit, D&B executive matches and the associated company, FEC donor matches and the associated employer, and Market Guide executive matches and the associated employer.

Google Earth

Google Earth is also available within the ProspectView Suite. Use this feature to get a first-hand look at the real estate properties your prospects own.

Annual Report Document Library

DonorSearch’s proprietary annual report database includes tens of thousands of links to current, historical, and out-of-print electronic and paper annual reports and donor recognition documents. This database also provides the full text of annual reports and access to photos, original gift listings, and board information.

FEC Source Images

Our FEC data includes one-click access to millions of campaign contribution forms. On these forms, you can see how the campaign listed the gift, including the donor’s name, employer, and street address at the time of the donation.

SEC Source Images

Our SEC data includes one-click access to millions of Securities and Exchange Commission electronic filings. This data includes easy access to narratives and explanations, indirect holding descriptions and connections, and live links to company information.

Million Dollar Donors

A manually assembled file that consists of 65,000+ million-dollar donors collected from a variety of publicly available resources – press releases, annual report, articles, funding reports and more. This data spans 15 years and is updated regularly.