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DonorSearch is the industry leader in Generative AI solutions tailored for the nonprofit sector. With three leading solutions embedded in Generative AI, we have redefined the donor and prospect engagement and solicitation cycle. Say goodbye to generic outreach and hello to strategic insights, personalized engagement, and strategic and personalized strategies at scale. Experience the future of fundraising with us. 

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“Our ability combine Predictive AI with Generative AI sets DonorSearch even further ahead in this exciting era Precision Philanthropy.”
Nathan Chappell

Senior Vice President of DonorSearch Ai

DonorSearch Predictive AI and Generative AI

We go beyond traditional predictive analytics by seamlessly integrating Predictive AI and Generative AI into our offerings. Predictive AI enables us to anticipate donor behavior and trends, while Generative AI empowers us to generate insights and recommendations that go beyond surface-level data.

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Competitive Advantages

Embedded Gen AI, you enhance your efficiency from drafting emails to summarizing prospect bios.

With DonorSearch Gen AI, you are not just keeping pace with the future of fundraising and engagement– you’re leading the way. 

Grow Your Pipeline

Personalized Fundraising

Enable Fundraisers to curate personalized content for each donor and prospect, ensuring an unparalleled donor experience that fosters deeper connections and maximizes engagement.

Multi-Channel Integrated Outreach

Seamlessly integrates phone, email, and w videos, ensuring personalized donor communication at scale.

Pipeline Building

From donor acquisition and transformational donors, with DonorSearch Gen AI enhance your efficiency from drafting emails to summarizing prospect bios.

Streamlined Reporting

Custom narrative reports with Generative AI that summarize prospect and donor data into actionable insights.

Data Security

Securing Your Trust: Unmatched Data Protection and Privacy

DonorSearch emphasizes the security and privacy of client data through robust measures. Data is kept secure within the United States with SOC 2 Type 1 compliance, which means their cybersecurity practices meet rigorous standards. Their security approach includes advanced encryption, two-factor authentication, single sign-on options, access controls with strict authentication measures, continuous monitoring and auditing, and adherence to data protection laws like CCPA and HIPAA. These layers of security ensure that DonorSearch provides a trustworthy environment for your data needs.


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Ready to revolutionize your donor outreach? Dive into the future with DonorSearch Gen AI. 

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