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How Nonprofits Utilize Artificial Intelligence

Explore the New Guide to learn how AI can empower you to:

  • Increase Fundraising Revenue
  • Find and Solicit High-Capacity Prospects Most Likely to Give
  • Streamline Fundraising Operations
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Annual Giving

One of the most important revenue sources for your nonprofit is the Annual Fund.

It’s the regular fundraising you do each year to support your general operations–more importantly, it’s a steady reminder of the importance of your mission.

This guide will:

  • Define annual giving, and give you five reasons why it’s vital.
  • List 8 steps to take in planning your annual giving campaigns.
  • Show you how to identify your donor base’s best annual giving prospects.
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Capital Campaigns

10 Essentials For A Solid Plan

Are you planning a capital campaign so your nonprofit can build that new building, feed families in your community, or just stay out of the red? Here are ten best practices for mounting a successful capital campaign.

This guide will:

  • What a capital campaign is.
  • How a capital campaign works.
  • Teach you the ten questions you need to answer to plan your capital campaign.
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Grateful Patient Programs

Are you ready to unlock the generosity of your patient prospects?

Most successful hospitals and health systems establish Grateful Patient programs to identify potential donors from among their patients and cultivate them for support.

This guide will:

  • Give you an overview of Grateful Patient programs.
  • Why they’re essential.
  • The steps to setting up a successful program.
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Major Giving

Major gifts are the most significant gifts an organization receives and the majority of funds collected altogether.

While they’re the most important slice of the fundraising pie, major gifts come from just a small number of a nonprofit’s donors (10-15%).

This guide will:

  • Give you an overview of Major Giving.
  • The importance of a major giving program.
  • How to find the best prospects for a robust major giving program.
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Planned Giving

Planned Giving enables donors to make bigger gifts to nonprofits than they could make from the average income.

Planned Giving programs are unique in the world of fundraising. The process of setting up a planned gift involves long-term efforts to build relationships with donors and manage the legal and financial details of the gift.

This guide will:

  • Define planned giving.
  • Identify the three main types of planned gifts.
  • Cetegorize factors for planned giving prospects.
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Prospect Research

Sustainable fundraising is all about meeting donors where they are.

Your ask gets a ‘YES’ when your donor feels that you understand what they care about and what they have to give and that their gift will be impactful. The best way to get the feeling across is to let prospect research guide your actions.

This guide will:

  • Explain how prospect research helps?
  • How do nonprofits do prospect research?
  • How to choose the best prospects to screen?
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New to prospect research or maybe need a refresher?

Industry Guides

These guides cover the basics to help get you up to speed or use as a refresher to help plan and execute your way to fundraising success.

Find the guide tailored to your role or related to your industry.

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