The Next-Generation Predictive AI-Powered Donor Affinity Solution.

Go Beyond the Traditional RFM Score with DonorSearch’s MLR Score

While other affinity scores just look at previous philanthropy, DonorSearch delivers the most advanced engagement and affinity score by using your real-time data, the largest philanthropic database, and over 800 data points. 

As the significantly boosted “cousin” to the traditional RFM score, or static affinity scores that highlight sector interests, DonorSearch’s MLR score measures an individual’s affinity to your nonprofit by using individual gifts, email, and event data to establish a metric for each of your donor’s relative engagement. This results in precisely knowing who to talk to and those who are most likely to give within the next 12 months.


Predictive AI Modeling

Is the most powerful AI solution, analyzing data to predict future events and behaviors.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

Uses over 800 data points, including email interactions, event participation, and external demographics, for a complete understanding.

Dynamic Machine Learning Model

MLR employs cutting-edge machine learning technology that is constantly learning from your data, giving you an in-depth insight into your donor’s behavior.

Personalized Approach

Tailor your outreach strategies, ensuring higher engagement and responsiveness.

Real-World Success Story


Blue 13 Dance Company didn’t just hope for success; they achieved it by leveraging the DonorSearch MLR score. By employing the DonorSearch solutions and MLR score, they were able to raise over $100,000 swiftly which impacted their overall contributions by 20%, paving the way for their organization’s growth.

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How Can DonorSearch’s MLR Score Help Your Nonprofit?

Segmenting Donors: Our MLR Score allows nonprofits to segment their donors into different groups based on their giving patterns.

Personalizing Communications: By knowing the MLR Score of each donor, your nonprofit can tailor your communication strategies.

Identifying Potential Major Donors: By analyzing the MLR scores, your nonprofit can identify donors who have the potential to give more. This allows you to focus your efforts on cultivating relationships with the right donors.

Improving Fundraising Strategies: By understanding the patterns in donor behavior through MLR analysis, nonprofits like yours can refine their fundraising strategies, allocate resources more effectively, and develop targeted campaigns that resonate with different segments of their donor base.

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Embrace the future of donor engagement with DonorSearch’s MLR Score. Get the essential guide that takes you step-by-step through this groundbreaking technology. Discover how this score will help you segment donors, personalize communications, and precisely identify potential major contributors.

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