New to DonorSearch?

Check out these first year experience courses to get a jump start. This webinar series was created specifically for new users of DonorSearch, or anyone who would like to start from the beginning with a recommended training program* 

*These webinars are not required and can be taken in any order.
Coming Soon: Take a quiz to test your knowledge after completing  – pass and you’ll win a gift card!

New Users Pt. 1: Ready to Start Working Your Best Prospects?
Now that you're with us, we'll show you the straight path to the prospects who'll give you your biggest gifts and how to build profiles that power each ask strategy.
Wednesday, Feb. 3rd 3:00 PM EST REGISTER
New Users Pt. 2: Dive into the Data and Power Your Pipeline
We'll guide you to the jumping-off point for a deep dive in your screening data and how to surface with a prioritized portfolio that's ready for action.
Wednesday, Feb. 10th 3:00 PM EST REGISTER
New Users Pt. 3: How to Build Action-Ready Portfolios for Your Major Gift Officers
We'll show you how to fuel your field fundraiser for action with prospect portfolios that target high-capacity prospects who are ready to give to your cause.
Wednesday, Feb. 17th 3:00 PM EST REGISTER

Current Webinars

See a Webinar you’d like to attend? Simply click on the webinar title to register. If you’re interested in attending one of our CFRE-Certified Webinars, check out our MasterMinds Webinar Series here.