Delivering Your Best Donor Prospects Instantly.

ProspectView Online 2 from DonorSearch is your lightning-fast, all-inclusive solution for effortless donor prospecting. Our cutting-edge platform allows you to uncover, assess, and prioritize your top fundraising opportunities. Step into the future of prospect research with ProspectView Online 2—Instantly Unveiling Your Best Donor Prospects.

ProspectView Online 2 Competitive Advantages

Enjoy a visually optimized interface for seamless exploration of search features, boosting prospect navigation efficiency.

Generate custom narrative reports with Generative AI that summarize DonorSearch data into actionable insights, saving you precious time

Access concise summaries of prospect scores, demographics, and wealth insights for intuitive understanding.

Easily manage and edit prospect profiles with an expandable navigation bar, boosting workflow productivity.

Use keyword-based search for quick access to relevant profile information, streamlining analysis, and decision-making.

How It Helps you

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Smart Analysis for Strategic Fundraising

Unlock the potential of your donor base with smart analysis tools. PVO2’s Most Likely To Respond Score evaluates donor engagement, guiding you to those with the greatest loyalty and giving potential. Incorporate relationship mapping to harness the power of networks and delve into specialized scores for major gifts and annual contributions. With PVO2, planning your solicitation strategy becomes an exercise in precision, ensuring every fundraising effort is as effective as possible.

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Generative AI: Your Efficiency Partner

Our embedded Generative AI revolutionizes the creation of prospect reports. It’s not just about saving time; it’s about enriching your engagement with data-driven insights that scale with your campaign’s needs. Whether preparing for donor meetings, stewarding events, or scaling outreach initiatives, our AI empowers you to do more with less, streamlining your strategy for maximum impact.

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Collaborative Tools for Collective Impact

Break down silos and foster a culture of collaboration with our organizational master tool. Leadership gains a bird’s-eye view of account activities, permissions, and usage, making it easier than ever to share information and insights. This unified approach amplifies the impact of your fundraising efforts, turning individual achievements into collective success.

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Customized Fundraising Experiences

PVO2 adapts to you. Personalize your Hero Dashboard and adjust prospect portfolios to fit the unique demands of your role. This level of customization empowers you to approach fundraising in a way that aligns with your individual strategy and goals, making your experience as efficient and effective as possible.

Data Security

Securing Your Trust: Unmatched Data Protection and Privacy

DonorSearch emphasizes the security and privacy of client data through robust measures. Data is kept secure within the United States with SOC 2 Type 1 compliance, which means their cybersecurity practices meet rigorous standards. Their security approach includes advanced encryption, two-factor authentication, single sign-on options, access controls with strict authentication measures, continuous monitoring and auditing, and adherence to data protection laws like CCPA and HIPAA. These layers of security ensure that DonorSearch provides a trustworthy environment for your data needs.