It begins with the right relationships. Relationships with members, parishioners, worshipers, and other supporters.

Build your house of worship.

Community supporters of your faith-based mission have an especially strong connection to your institution. DonorSearch can help you translate that conviction into financial support, and increase the constancy of your existing donors.

Using wealth, philanthropy, and other databases, along with our proprietary algorithms and manual oversight, DonorSearch can help you:

  • Identify the individuals within your congregation who have a tremendous capacity to give major gifts, but haven’t.
  • Identify who has made large gifts to similar community organizations.
DonorSearch delivers accurate results efficiently, at a reasonable price with a FANTASTIC support team. When choosing a vendor, you aren’t just choosing a product, you are choosing a partner. Make the best choice by partnering with DonorSearch!
Sarah Richards – Dynamic Catholic

Make it easy to give back.

Keeping track of believers who will support your initiatives, and keeping relationships strong, is the challenge– especially at sometimes understaffed religious establishments. The solution: DonorSearch can help you discover who your most devoted members are, what they’re doing to spread their faith, and how to approach them for support.

DonorSearch can also help you strengthen your development and fundraising efforts, utilize your resources more efficiently, and enhance/extend your in-house research capabilities.

DonorSearch can tell you: