DonorSearch’s machine-generated data is 70% accurate, the maximum available without manual verification. Our prospect research specialists can manually review as many records as you wish, raising the accuracy rate to 90%.

Philanthropic Review

Philanthropy, wealth & analytics at your fingertips.

Enter information that identifies a prospect, and Integrated Search will generate a comprehensive report that outlines virtually all of your prospect’s important wealth and philanthropic information.

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Types of Nonprofits Who Use Capital Campaigns
Why choose a capital campaign?

Prospect Generator

find donors who have given to a certain organization or type of nonprofit.

The Prospect Generator is an easy means of increasing your prospect list by highlighting new prospects interested in your cause. Results include identified donors who have contributed to the researched area.

Want to find out more about a donation or an organization? Links to outside information make it easy to do additional research or export data for further analysis or reporting.

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Daily Patient Screening

establish relationships with your best prospects at the time they’re most likely to be grateful patients.

Send us the names of your patients and you’ll have comprehensive philanthropic and wealth profiles waiting for you the next morning, including:

  • Previous philanthropic activity
  • Causes and organizations supported
  • Real estate ownership

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Qualities of a Successful Capital Campaign

See firsthand why hundreds of nonprofits use DonorSearch for their fundraising efforts.

Live Audience Analytics

leverage the power of REALTIME intelligence

Live Audience Analytics from DonorSearch is a brand new, innovative realtime constituent intelligence solution for public broadcasting. LAA identifies the true potential of your audience by recommending a cultivation strategy for each of your supporters, members, and listeners/viewers.

LAA users can submit prospects to DonorSearch and have results delivered hourly, daily, or weekly. After your appeal has moved listeners/viewers to action, DonorSearch will return profiles that rank potential and recommend a cultivation strategy.

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Planned Giving Prospect Identification

find the donors who will leave you a legacy.

Finding donors who plan to make sizeable bequests to your organization is very different from identifying the donors who can make major gifts.

According to surveys, 40% of all planned giving donations come from donors who have not given large gifts in the past and are unknown to the organization’s development officers.

PGID uses sophisticated modeling and analytics to identify the donors who are most likely to support your organization with a substantial legacy gift. 

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Batch Screening

Screen Donors On Your Schedule

DonorSearch’s wealth screening provides the most detailed and accurate wealth and philanthropic profiles in the industry. Our approach of screening for philanthropy and wealth allows you to identify the capacity and inclination of your current donors. With our batch screening service, you can independently submit lists of prospects at any time over your contract term.
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Difference Between Capital Campaigns and Other Fundraising Forms


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