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Find out how DonorSearch can elevate your Salesforce toolkit.

As a nonprofit professional, you’re likely already familiar with the importance of using a capable and reliable constituent relationship management (CRM) system. Salesforce has consistently been a leading CRM platform in the nonprofit and fundraising world. This is ultimately due to its flexible nature and access to the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), in addition to other tools via the Salesforce AppExchange. 

While the NPSP includes a core set of free data management tools for your nonprofit, it is still only the base of your nonprofit’s CRM and you’ll likely outgrow its simple functions. Using the various Salesforce-developed tools and partner apps available on the AppExchange, you can build out a whole suite of nonprofit tools and apps. 

Whether you have just downloaded Salesforce as your dedicated CRM platform, or your nonprofit already has a history with Salesforce, it’s a good idea to consider the essential tools your nonprofit needs to further engage its donors and raise fundraising revenue. 

However, the Salesforce AppExchange is vast and offers multiple solutions to similar problems. It can take time and money to research the essentials for your organization, so we’ve decided to review some of the top choices:

  1. DonorSearch 360io
  2. 360MatchPro
  3. Springboard
  4. Soapbox Engage
  5. Salsa
  6. Omatic Software
  7. Fonteva
  8. Brickwork by iATS Payments
  9. OneCause
  10. Qgiv
  11. Cloudingo
  12. Resource Hero
  13. Docusign

Read through the entire article to get the most comprehensive knowledge, or use the table of contents to jump around. Ensure your Salesforce toolkit is optimized and catered to your specific cause. Let’s get started!


Learn more about your donors with DonorSearch, a top Salesforce App for nonprofits

Top Salesforce App for Nonprofits: DonorSearch 360io

Overview of This Essential Salesforce App for Nonprofits

A well-known and dependable solution, DonorSearch gives your nonprofit access to the largest and fastest growing charitable database. Using DonorSearch, you can conduct product research within the Salesforce platform and revitalize your major giving and marketing campaigns.

Learn more about each of your donors and maximize their giving potential. Using both philanthropic indicators as well as wealth indicators, DonorSearch can help you learn more about your supporters and quickly determine those most likely to become major donors, annual donors, or planned gift donors.

When you add DonorSearch to your Salesforce fundraising toolkit, you can leverage its features even more to optimize your prospect research, as data flows automatically into the CRM platform. Here’s what you can do:

  • Compile custom reports. Using the prospect research data from DonorSearch and the donor data from your CRM, you can create custom reports to help you refine your nonprofit’s future fundraising efforts
  • One-click profile generation. Within the Salesforce platform, you can click your DonorSearch button to access detailed donor profiles and conduct further research as needed.

Check out DonorSearch, a top Salesforce App for nonprofits.

Why This Prospect Research App Stands Out

DonorSearch stands out as a prospect research app for Salesforce due to its highly qualified and established philanthropic database. Because it screens for both wealth indicators and philanthropic indicators, DonorSearch is the best prospect research platform that will help you fully determine a donor’s giving potential. You can screen donor records and DonorSearch will provide a dedicated RFM (recency-frequency-monetary) score to describe the donor’s giving patterns.

Check out DonorSearch 360io!

360MatchPro is a top Salesforce App for nonprofits for automating matching gifts.

Top Salesforce App for Nonprofits: 360MatchPro

Overview of This Essential Salesforce App for Nonprofits

360MatchPro by Double the Donation is an automated fundraising tool developed to help nonprofits increase and leverage their matching gifts revenue. With Double the Donation’s matching gifts and volunteer grants database, users can search for their employer and quickly determine whether or not they offer any corporate giving programs

Taking it a step further, Salesforce users can use 360MatchPro to automate this process. 360MatchPro’s tools can screen your donor database, identify matching gift eligible donors, and reach out to them via email. Additionally, you can even customize the content and time the automated email communications to fit with your marketing campaigns. 

Check out 360MatchPro, a top Salesforce App for nonprofits, for matching gift automation.

Why This Matching Gifts Automation App Stands Out

It’s not uncommon for nonprofits to gloss over corporate giving programs. Whether this is due to a lack of knowledge or lack of capability, your nonprofit is missing out on a huge revenue opportunity. Corporate matching gift programs can potentially double your donor’s gifts without them having to do much extra work. 

360MatchPro stands out for matching gift automation because it has access to the largest corporate giving database, ensuring your nonprofit doesn’t miss out on any opportunities.

Check out 360MatchPro!

Springboard is the top Salesforce app for digital engagement.

Top Salesforce App for Nonprofits: Springboard

Overview of This Essential Salesforce App for Nonprofits

Springboard by Jackson River is a Digital-First engagement solution that provides nonprofits with powerful, flexible digital tools to build supporter engagement, increase donations and convert more one-time donors to sustainers. The top-tier Salesforce integration means that Springboard works seamlessly with your CRM platform and with your other Salesforce-integrated tools. 

Springboard’s features include personalized donation forms; peer-to-peer fundraising; an advocacy platform; powerful multichannel marketing and sophisticated reporting and analytics to track, manage and optimize every campaign.

Demo Springboard to see this nonprofit Salesforce app in action.

Why This Digital-First Fundraising App Stands Out

Springboard is an exceptionally flexible engagement solution. While many all-in-one solutions contain features and tools that you may never use, Springboard offers an ecosystem of integrated solutions, and you can select the modules that meet your needs. The pricing model is based on transaction volume and which modules are used.

Check out Springboard!

Soapbox Engage is a top Salesforce app for nonprofits for fundraising tools.

Top Salesforce App for Nonprofits: Soapbox Engage

Overview of This Essential Salesforce App for Nonprofits

Soapbox Engage is one of the top app providers for Salesforce, offering a range of different tools to help your nonprofit make a larger impact. It’s easy to begin building your Salesforce fundraising toolkit with access to these Soapbox Engage apps:

  • Donations. Accept, process, and record online donations easily.
  • Events. Provide online registration and ticketing tools for future fundraising events.
  • Forms. Create any type of form you want, whether it’s surveys or volunteer applications.
  • Shop. Easily sell merchandise, subscriptions, membership plans, and more with a Salesforce-integrated store.

Soapbox Engage is a top Salesforce App for nonprofits.

Why This Fundraising App Stands Out

Soapbox Engage stands out among Salesforce apps for nonprofits due to the range of specific fundraising tools it offers. For nonprofits that are just starting out or smaller nonprofits trying to grow,  Soapbox Engage provides the basic tools you might need. As your nonprofit continues to grow, you can add other Soapbox Engage apps to your Salesforce toolkit with confidence, knowing that each tool is integrated and can work seamlessly together. 

Check out Soapbox Engage!

Salsa Engage is a top Salesforce App for nonprofits for supporter engagement.

Top Salesforce App for Nonprofits: Salsa Engage

Overview of This Essential Salesforce App for Nonprofits

Salsa Engage is an extremely useful tool for nonprofits that want to increase engagement with their donors. Using its nonprofit marketing tools and peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising platform, your nonprofit can easily increase supporter engagement by personalizing your communications as well as more directly involving them in fundraising campaigns.

With a Salsa Engage and Salesforce integration, your data will flow seamlessly between the platforms, updating around every 5 minutes. This means that your marketing tool can segment your audience in order to personalize and target your messages with more accuracy.

Check out Salsa Engage for a top Salesforce app for nonprofits.

Why This Supporter Engagement App Stands Out

Salsa Engage can really empower your nonprofit’s supporters and raise fundraising revenue with its P2P fundraising software. P2P campaigns are already an engaging fundraising idea, but Salsa takes them a step further by offering dedicated individual and team fundraising pages for each of your volunteers. You can then easily track how your volunteers are doing and determine who your top fundraisers are!

Check out Salsa Engage!

Omatic Software provides the top Salesforce app for nonprofits to effectively integrate data.

Top Salesforce App for Nonprofits: Omatic Software

Overview of This Essential Salesforce App for Nonprofits

Omatic Software is a top provider to help your nonprofit’s Salesforce system work in congruence with the rest of your organization’s software. It ensures all of the data coming in from different systems is organized and labeled in a way that makes it easy for your organization to use to inform your organization’s strategy. 

This helps automate the transfer of data from one solution to another, which is extremely useful for configurable solutions like Salesforce. Omatic software can help your nonprofit with: 

  • Automating data transfers between various software solutions
  • Running multiple solutions on different platforms at the same time
  • Ensuring no data is lost or misinterpreted in the transfer process

Learn more about Omatic Software's top Salesforce app for nonprofits.

Why This Data Integration App Stands Out

While many Salesforce apps and integrations only focus on ensuring their data can be used on the Salesforce platform, Omatic Software ensures all of your data and information is accessible on the right platforms sans errors and duplicates.

Check out Omatic Software!

Fonteva is a top Salesforce app for nonprofits for managing members.

Top Salesforce App for Nonprofits: Fonteva Membership

Overview of This Essential Salesforce App for Nonprofits

Fonteva is a top provider of Salesforce apps that are designed specifically for associations and other member-based organizations. If your nonprofit has an extensive membership program, it is extremely beneficial to consider tools to help you facilitate and encourage engagement.

Fonteva Membership can help Salesforce users develop relationships with their constituents as well as measure their engagement with your programming. Within the Salesforce platform, you can maintain a complete view of members by:

  • Viewing member engagement scores. 
  • Managing chapters, communities, and groups.
  • Providing self-service capabilities and group collaboration options.
  • Creating custom reports with drag-and-drop.

Check out Fonteva, a top Salesforce App for nonprofits.

Why This Membership Management App Stands Out

Fonteva stands out as a membership management app because it is 100% native to the Salesforce platform. This means that it was built specifically to be run on Salesforce, getting rid of any lengthy and costly integration or configuration process. Fonteva Membership works seamlessly with your CRM, helping you oversee data and engagement with sure accuracy.

Check out Fonteva Memberships!

Brickwork by iATS Payments is a top Salesforce App for nonprofits for payment processing,

Top Salesforce App for Nonprofits: Brickwork by iATS Payments

Overview of This Essential Salesforce App for Nonprofits

Created by iATS Payments, Brickwork is a nonprofit payment processing app that you can utilize to your advantage. Since your nonprofit depends on the Salesforce CRM platform, adding Brickwork to your toolkit can help you seamlessly process and manage all of your donations.

Having an integrated payment processor for all of your nonprofit’s gifts and donations ensures that your donors’ financial transactions are protected and secure. If you don’t invest in a tool like this, you’re likely going to have to send your donors to a third party site or default to other methods of donations like mail, over the phone, and in-person.

Check out Brickwork by iATS Payments, a Salesforce App for nonprofits.

Why This Payment Processing App Stands Out

Brickwork by iATS Payments is a top payment processing app because it is a nonprofit-specific tool. This means that all of its internal processes are specifically catering to your organization’s needs. Additionally, with your payment processor integrated with your CRM and other fundraising tools, your entire donation management process will be streamlined. 

Check out Brickwork by iATS Payments!

Contact DonorSearch and learn about this top Salesforce App for nonprofits.

OneCause is a top Salesforce App for nonprofits for fundraising events.

Top Salesforce App for Nonprofits: OneCause

Overview of This Essential Salesforce App for Nonprofits

You may have heard of OneCause as the pioneer of mobile auction technology, but they have since expanded to offer other event management solutions. If you want to increase your fundraising event potential, the OneCause Salesforce app can streamline the event planning lifecycle.

When you add OneCause to your Salesforce toolkit, your CRM contacts will immediately show up in your OneCause fundraising processes. Planning events consists of multiple processes and data flows, so the Salesforce CRM integration is your best bet. Easily facilitate registration and online ticketing while knowing that essential fundraising and donor data is centralized and accurate. 

Check out OneCause as a top Salesforce App for nonprofits.

Why This Fundraising Event App Stands Out

OneCause has revolutionary mobile bidding and auction tools, ensuring that it stands out as an event planning app in the Salesforce AppExchange. Empower your donors to place and automate bids by just using their mobile phones. 

Additionally, OneCause facilitates other fundraising streams like peer-to-peer functionality and a text-to-give platform!

Check out OneCause!

Qgiv, a top Salesforce App for nonprofits, can help you with online donation.

Top Salesforce App for Nonprofits: Qgiv

Overview of This Essential Salesforce App for Nonprofits

Qgiv is a flexible online giving platform that Salesforce users can take advantage of and access. With Qgiv, you can easily build online donation forms and then customize them to your specific fundraising event or campaign. Ensure supporters have every fundraising opportunity, as Qgiv offers peer-to-peer fundraising, text-to-give, fundraising event management, auctions, and more!

When you add Qgiv to your Salesforce suite of nonprofit apps, you can seamlessly ensure that all of your donor data from each of your online donation forms and fundraising campaigns are centralized within your Salesforce CRM.

Check out Qgiv, a top Salesforce App for nonprofits.

Why This Online Donation App Stands Out

With Qgiv, you can easily customize and brand each part of your fundraising campaign to your specific mission. Make sure your brand is recognizable on your year-round donation forms, peer-to-peer campaigns, text-to-give campaigns, and more.

Check out Qgiv!

Cloudingo is a top Salesforce App for nonprofits to help with data cleaning.

Top Salesforce App for Nonprofits: Cloudingo

Overview of This Essential Salesforce App for Nonprofits

If you’ve ever had problems with data accuracy or often run into duplicate donor profiles in your CRM system, you may benefit from using Cloudingo to help clean up your database. With Cloudingo, your nonprofit can perform manual or automated deduplication and data cleaning. Additionally, Cloudingo won’t just look for duplicates, but it will also import and migrate data from your other fundraising apps to ensure that all data has been accounted for. 

Many nonprofits on Salesforce use Cloudingo to give them a clearer picture of their donors and their engagements. Don’t bog down your vision with the wrong information and instead ensure that your strategies and insights are based on accurate data.

Check out Cloudingo, a top Salesforce App for nonprofits.

Why This Data Cleaning App Stands Out

Built specifically for Salesforce, Cloudingo works seamlessly with your CRM platform. Start cleaning up your data immediately and don’t worry about any necessary integrations!

Check out Cloudingo!

Resource Hero is a top Salesforce App for nonprofits project management.

Top Salesforce App for Nonprofits: Resource Hero

Overview of This Essential Salesforce App for Nonprofits

As a nonprofit professional, you likely have had moments where you’re juggling multiple projects at once. Particularly during the end of year giving season, it’s common to have more than one fundraising campaign to target your different donors. Resource Hero is a Salesforce app for nonprofits that can help your team better manage its time.

Using real-time feedback and data from your Salesforce CRM, Resource Hero can help increase profit margins as well as optimize your workload. Within the Salesforce platform, your staff can view their upcoming schedules with resource utilization, as well as determine current production efficiency to determine the best way to balance their workload.

Check out Resource Hero, a top Salesforce App for nonprofits.

Why This Project Management App Stands Out

Resource Hero is another 100% Salesforce native tool. You can customize the Resource Hero interface to your nonprofit’s needs, and since Resource Hero is built for your CRM, you know that the tool is working based on accurate data.

Check out Resource Hero!

Docusign is a top Salesforce App for nonprofits for managing documents.

Top Salesforce App for Nonprofits: DocuSign

Overview of This Essential Salesforce App for Nonprofits

DocuSign is software that makes signing contracts and managing other documents easy and streamlined for nonprofits. When you add DocuSign to your Salesforce fundraising toolkit, you can easily distribute the right documents to the right audience. 

Eliminate human error and digitize your document management. With DocuSign integrated into your Salesforce CRM, you can:

  • Generate documents from data in your CRM.
  • Locate documents from any device with a tagging and searching system.
  • Automate your document review and approval processes to ensure workflow continues.

Check out Docusign, a top Salesforce App for nonprofits.

Why This Document Management App Stands Out

DocuSign stands out as it centralizes your nonprofit’s most important files. Never worry about which form to send out or if your documents are inaccurate with DocuSign and your Salesforce CRM integrated. 

Check out DocuSign!

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