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An essential part of any charity auction event, especially online auctions, is the event’s website. Donors look to this webpage to learn more about the event and the nonprofit’s mission so it needs to be intuitive and user friendly while maintaining a professional look.

Now we know what you’re thinking. There are millions of software providers that can create charity auction websites, so where should I start my search? 

Well, don’t stress. We’ve picked out our top 7 charity auction websites to help your search:

  1. OneCause
  2. ClickBid
  3. Silent Auction Pro
  4. WebMaestro
  5. Winspire
  6. eBay for Charity
  7. BiddingForGood
  8. BenefitEvents

If you’re ready to create a stellar charity auction webpage, let’s find the right provider for you!

Check out the top charity auction website from OneCause.

1. OneCause

Charity Auction Platform Overview

OneCause makes sure setting up online campaigns and online auctions is stress-free.

With OneCause, your website will host your item listings and display a countdown clock for the auction. You can even sell certain items at fixed prices.

In addition, you can share your nonprofits’ social feeds on your OneCause online site, which gives your supporters the opportunity to share it on their networks. Add social sharing buttons on bids, too!

Best Charity Auction Website Features

Best of all, OneCause offers PCI compliant and secure payment processing. Their payment processing also provides:

  • Instant email receipts
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Easy account reconciliation


OneCause offers multiple packages to fit any event because they know one size doesn’t fit all.

Take a look at OneCause and see how their charity auction website can help your nonprofit.

See how ClickBid's charity auction website can help your organization host a stellar event.

2. ClickBid

Charity Auction Platform Overview

ClickBid focuses on assisting you in crafting your best auction event yet, so donors walk away with a positive experience.

ClickBid simplifies the bidding process. Guests just need to click a link and they can instantly begin bidding! This means that supporters from all around the world—not just those at your event—can participate in your auction.

Plus, you can even use ClickBid’s Fund-A-Need display to project your total on screen to encourage competitive bidding.

Best Charity Auction Website Features

ClickBid offers helpful features with their charity auction software:

  • Mobile check-in and check-out
  • Mass messaging
  • Customizable event landing page
  • Year-long donation acceptance


ClickBid offers their annual event license at $795.

Take a look at ClickBid's charity auction website.

Check out Silent Auction Pro's charity auction website for nonprofits.

2. Silent Auction Pro

Charity Auction Platform Overview

Silent Auction Pro, a perfect solution for any charity auction, is an internet-based and multi-user charity auction software.

To make your fundraiser both mobile and online, Silent Auction Pro creates a webpage for your nonprofit’s event. On your website, bidders will be able to place bids and scroll through item listings you create in your program guide.

And of course, to follow in suit of your digital auction, donors can receive custom email receipts and thank-you’s.

Best Charity Auction Platform Features

After your event, you’ll definitely want to take a look at your in-depth reports. With Silent Auction Pro, you can:

  • See your overall profit
  • See which item categories made the most
  • Which bidders won which items


Contact Silent Auction Pro for a quote on their software!
See how Silent Auction Pro's charity auction website can aid your nonprofit.

Check out WebMaestro's stellar charity auction website.

3. WebMaestro

Charity Auction Platform Overview

WebMaestro’s software lets nonprofits easily host successful and “fully functional” online auctions.

Plus, their setup is simple that you can do it in just a few minutes. On your site, all you have to do is enter beginning and ending times, select the items you want to auction off, and WebMaestro does the rest.

Your bidders can then submit their bids and you’ll watch your auction collect profit!

Best Charity Auction Platform Features

WebMaestro’s main focus is on your event’s success so they offer features like:

  • AutoBids for donors, a process that ups current bids should they be outbid
  • Automatic outbid emails
  • A “Buy it Now” option for select items
  • Credit card acceptance (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex)
  • Customizable email receipts


Contact WebMaestro for a quote on their software.

See how WebMaestro's charity auction website can help your nonprofit with your upcoming auction event.

Winspire's charity auction website can provide your nonprofit with incredible packages to auction off.

4. Winspire

Charity Auction Platform Overview

Winspire doesn’t let you host your own online auction, but it does allow nonprofits to curate over 200 auction items that range from tickets to major sporting events to international trips.

And it works in 4 easy steps:

  1. Select one unique experience that you think will appeal the most to your audience.
  2. Offer the experience at your event. You can auction it off multiple times since you’ll only buy the ones you sell!
  3. Tell Winspire what you sold. After your event, inform Winspire of how many times you sold the package followed by the names and emails of your winners. Once the payment is received, your winners will receive a voucher.
  4. Once the winners receive their vouchers, they can redeem it and have Winspire book their trip!

Best Chairty Auction Platform Features

The best feature of Winspire’s site is that it’s completely risk free. As mentioned previously, you only buy what you sell, so there’s no upfront cost to your nonprofit!


The only cost is that of the package you decide to auction off.

Take a look at Winspire's charity auction website and their fantastic auction packages.

Take a look at eBay for Charity's charity auction website and see how they can help your nonprofit raise more.

5. eBay for Charity

Charity Auction Platform Overview

It’s eBay for Charity! This bidding site has a dedicated program for nonprofits.

All your nonprofit needs to do is affiliate their eBay user ID with their charity account and then they can create listings and sell directly!

And don’t forget list your organization in eBay’s directory by registering your nonprofit with PayPal Giving Fund. Their verification takes about 1-3 business days.

Best Charity Auction Platform Features

eBay is concerned with making sure nonprofits obtain the most profit as possible, so they aid nonprofits by helping:

  • Buyers to participate in checkout charity
  • Sellers to sell items in support of a charity, also known as Community Selling
  • Nonprofits to sell items for their organization, also known as Direct Selling


The only cost to your nonprofit is a small insertion fee, which is only involved in Community Selling. For Direct Selling, the nonprofit receives all of the profit.

BiddingForGood's charity auction website can help your nonprofit with your next auction event.

6. BiddingForGood

Charity Auction Platform Overview

BiddingForGood built their online auction capabilities as part of their mobile bidding package since the two can go hand-in-hand.

Their mobile-optimized and intuitive site lets bidders search auction event for specific items, browse through open listings, or make additional donations.

They even encourage social sharing! With a “Share This Auction” button on the homepage of their website, it’ll be hard to keep quiet about your auction!

Best Charity Auction Platform Features

Your nonprofit can receive immediate phone and email support to help your organization with any issues you might find with your website.


BiddingForGood starts at $249.

Check out BiddingForGood's charity auction website.

See how BenefitEvent's charity auction website can help your nonprofit organization with your next auction event.

7. BenefitEvents

Charity Auction Platform Overview

BenefitEvents offers their online auction software as a standalone product or as an addition to a live event.

They work with your nonprofit to develop an online fundraising strategy specific to you! By creating an online community and using your website, of course, in conjunction with their marketing expertise, you’ll be able to maximize your profit easily!

Tracking your items as they’re procured, auctioned off, and then won will be a relaxing job for your nonprofit when working with BenefitEvents.

Best Charity Auction Platform Features

With your BenefitEvents website, you’ll be able to:

  • Procure and track items
  • Register bidders
  • Accept bids via their Auction Manager
  • Offer mobile bidding
  • Provide payment processing options


There’s one all-inclusive fee with BenefitEvents, which is 10% of your total online profit up to $25,000 and 5% of bids above $25,000.

Take a look at BenefitEvents' charity auction website.

Now that you have our top 7 charity auction websites, your next auction event should be accompanied by a fantastic website!

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