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Want your donors to give again and again?

Have an Attitude of Gratitude.

Why is an Attitude of Gratitude Important?

When you sincerely and regularly thank your donors for their gifts, they feel appreciated and connected to your cause beyond the single gift. And they’ll continue to give indefinitely.

What’s an Attitude of Gratitude?

Smart nonprofits involve their entire organization in creating a culture of gratitude.  Everyone plays a role, whether they thank donors directly or get it that philanthropy keeps their cause alive.


To create your organization’s culture of gratitude, ask yourself these six questions:

1. Why do we always need to thank donors?

  • Because without them, nothing happens!

2. Who should be involved in each step of your “thank you” process?

  • Your board. Thank your board for their gifts. Then ask them be part of the “thank you process.” You’re acknowledging them as huge supporters and influencers. And you inspire them to pass the goodwill to your donors.

  • Your team.  Share your weekly gift report with your team and brainstorm ways to ensure every donor knows their gift matters. They’ll come up with real ideas to make heart-warming connections.

3. When do you thank each donor?

  • How often–and how quickly–do you send thank you letters?
  • Do you thank bigger donors faster?
  • Do you thank your donors at other times of the year (like in November or December with special “Thanks-4-Giving” letters)?

4. What‘s your gift acknowledgment policy? Is it in writing?

  • Do you have clear goals for donor acknowledgment? (HINT: Donor trust and loyalty)
  • Is your whole organization involved?
  • Does the gift amount determine the acknowledgment speed? Who the ‘thanker’ is? Or how you thank?

5. Where do you thank your donors?

  • Publicly thank your donors (like on your website, at your service site, on social media, in newsletters). It gets the word out that you have fantastic donors!

6. How do you thank your donors?

  • Be creative in your thank yous. You could
  • Send 3-4 gratitude messages throughout the year.
  • Send “Thank You” videos that highlight program participants.
  • Hold annual donor appreciation events.
  • Tell “how your gift helped’ stories on your web site.

The Attitude of Gratitude that you and your entire organization shows your donors will inspire long-lasting support for your cause.


Each of your prospects gets a donor loyalty score in each DonorSearch screening. 
Thank your most loyal donors well, and they’ll give you more in the years to come.

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