A stack of 200 million dollar bills would rise 13 miles, or about twice as high as commercial jets fly. If laid out like a carpet, those bills would cover 8 square miles, roughly 500 acres.
With a charitable giving database of 200 million records, DonorSearch covers a lot of ground as well. As the fastest growing charitable giving database in the industry (increasing by 500,000-700,000 records per week), DonorSearch offers you information and insights you won’t find anywhere else.
The benefits of one of the industry’s largest charitable giving databases
More records make DonorSearch even more useful to you and your cause. Every record we have means you are closer to finding a major gift donor that can make the difference for your constituents. One hundred million records means we have identified two hundred million gifts that philanthropists across America have given to groups just like yours. It’s two hundred million opportunities to find new text books for your students, to fund years of medical research, and to make a difference for your constituents.
Here’s what 100 million means to you:
  • A more complete view of your donor’s history sets you up for success
  • Your researchers are more likely to find that critical piece of data they need
  • Find more relationships between your donors and major gift prospects with Inner Circle
  • Find more organizations that share a significant number of your donors to identify potential collaborations
DonorSearch starts the research process with proven philanthropy
What sets DonorSearch apart in the research industry is our focus on past major gift giving, and this gives you a huge advantage. DonorSearch ran a study and found that previous philanthropic giving was a much stronger predictor of future giving than wealth. The impact of a donor’s past giving can be measured with more confidence when you have more data to search against. The more gifts we can search against, the better the metrics we can get on your donor.