By Ryan Ponzurick

4 Top Software Tools Every School Should Consider

Many of our world’s future Presidents, CEOs, artists, and musicians spend day after day in school. They learn and practice and study to become the greatest they could possibly be in their chosen field. =&0=& Technology is revolutionizing the way schools function. Software companies are developing ways for schools to run more efficiently and effectively as the programs they provide expand beyond traditional academic offerings. =&1=&right fundraising techniques=&3=& The right software will help take many time-consuming administrative duties off your plate. The software that you choose should accommodate your school’s evolving nature and cater to your needs and the programs you support. When you are considering enhancing your operations with school program management software, remember that you need features that will facilitate your administration of:
  • Before and after-school programs.
  • Summer school and camps.
  • School-based registration fees for athletics and clubs, trips, laptop rentals, parking and transportation, and more.
To maximize your efforts in these areas, you should keep an eye out for school program management software that features tools for:
  1. Registration.  
  2. Centralized student information.
  3. Digital attendance.
  4. Tuition management.  
There are plenty of things to worry about as a school administrator, so you should take advantage of software that is designed specifically for school-based programs and makes your job easier. Let’s dive into the tools you should consider as you contemplate incorporating new technology into your school!

1. Registration.

Throughout the year, your school and its faculty are responsible for hundreds (perhaps thousands) of children who participate in various extracurricular activities and summer programs. Your school program management software should offer an easy-to-use online registration tool specifically designed for the needs of your program, like CommunityPass’ afterschool registration software.   Whether a parent wants to enroll his child in the after care program, pay for the laptop rental fee, or sign up for the summer STEM camp, he should have easy access to all the information required to complete the registration process from the comfort of his own device. =&4=&This will ensure your forms contain all the information your school or program needs. Consider offering custom forms for:
  • Medical information and allergy alerts.  
  • Permission slips.
  • Emergency contacts.
  • Waivers.
With the addition of school program management software, you will forget all about the days when you had to keep track of paper forms and worry about updating registration waitlists. Your software will automatically update waitlists and monitor your programs’ maximum capacity limits. =&5=& Your software should prompt users to donate during the registration check-out process and encourage school-centric fundraising. Your users will already have their wallets out, making it the perfect opportunity for easy giving.

2. Centralized student information.

One of the most important features of your software is the ability to provide centralized student information. Your software should offer: =&6=&